Roping Energy

Beloved finished putting the last few items in his bag and looked around to see If he had forgotten anything.  The four-footed one climbed up next to his bag as if to say don’t forget about me.  But she was staying back with me,  he was only going away for a few days for some work.  While this all makes sense to humans, it probably did not make sense to her.

He, who recently had been the one to take her for walks, and play hide the toys and chase the bag, was her current favorite person.  I was a decent human for resting against and snuggling against since the past few days have kept me mostly prone.  Between a respiratory illness and lupus I haven’t foun the energy to do much of anything.  And the four-footed one is a girl of adventure and burst of energy.  Clearly the things I currently am not.

So compromise or common ground or something would have to be found.  One that would not leave me in worse shape but also not leave her bored and full of energy.  So before he left, Beloved found the compromise with some of her rope toys.  Which is why there are ropes near the bed, the coach and the comfy chairs.  Maybe next time I will him sneak her into the bag, she’s small enough!


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