Harmlessly Potential

Beloved’s sister assured her daughter that the dog was harmless.  I know she did I  because the dog is basically family and he is awfully cute, but I wanted to tell her not to tell the child that.  It’s a lie.

okay so the dog hasn’t ever bit anyone, he hasn’t actually done anything horrible,  it there is always the potential.  Thankfully Beloved stepped in and told his niece that no animal is ever totally harmless.

The dog has a serious underbite, which to Beloved means he can get a bigger bite.  I’m not sure about that.  But the dog does have one weapon he uses regularly….doggie gas.  This stealth weapon is nearly lethal most of the time.  He releases it without any warning, it sneaks up on you when you are innocently sitting there minding your own business.  It’s a low hanging, long-lasting gas.  This is the stuff of chemical warfare.  But how do you explain it to a small child?  Beloved opted to let her experience of on her own, after reminding her  not to tease the dog or play rough with him.

aft twenty minutes she came to us, tears in her eyes stating that “the is something spoiled in the puppy’s tummy”.  I think we all ended up with tears in our eyes laughing at that.

I know some will judge us for not reassuring the child that the dog was harmless and she had nothing ton ex afraid of.  But I’d sooner that  the child learn that everything has the potential to harm when it feels the need to protect itself.  And no I’m not referring to the gas attacks, that’s a whole other story!

Magic, Gifts and Wonderment

Sometimes in life we are given a glimpse  into the childhood of someone we only know as an adult.  These past few days have been pure magic for me in regards to this and so much more.

ive watched Beloved play in the floor  with young children, pushing toys with them, making sounds of a car and so on.  I’ve watched him build towers and snap together Lego with kids.  And best of all I’ve seen him amid a pile of children, all engrossed in a book he is reading!  This is pure magic!

I’ve  also watched him learn how to ride a toboggan, snorkel and scuba dive.  These are things that he wanted to do when he much younger, but there wasn’t the money or the resources, or trips to do so.

This is a gift that you cannot wrap up, but lasts long after you are finished opening it!  It  gave me the joy of seeing him do things with child-like wonder and amazement!

Silly Goose

He had decided to cook a goose, a whole goose.  For four people.  I’m not a real goosey kind of person, well unless it comes to being a silly goose that is! 😉  Beloved sees goose as a real tasty treat so finding a recipe for a whole goose was something that was just meant to be.

I decided to simply stay out of the way, which wasn’t hard to do considering that lupus and a final exam left me exhausted.

He spent the bulk of the day preparing the goose, side dishes and such.  He hummed and sang  as he worked in the kitchen, no and then popping in to check on me and make sure I was still okay for company.  I had decided that if I spent the bulk of the day doing a whole bunch of nothing I should be okay for an evening with friends.

The goose looked beautiful and golden.  The veggies looked lovely and he had set the table elegantly.  He had carved the goose, plated things to perfection and we sat down to a lovely looking meal and laughter.

Land did we laugh because goose is, well there is no other way to put this, its greasy.  Greasy enough to leave a person’s plate when she tries to put her fork in it.  Greasy enough that when a man tries to cut a piece, it decides to prove here is still a bit of flight left in it.  I’m glad Beloved could laugh at it.


The dog was less than pleased  with me.  He let me know it by completely ignoring me.  I’ve decided that then of is really a toddler wearing a dog outfit.  I’m pretty sure this toddler never ages but instead scours the Internet to come up with new was to ignore me or show his displeasure.

He used to just go off to his area and flop down on the floor for a little while and hen all would be right between the two of us.  I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with him being displeased with his humans because living with us isn’t easy always.  And I  am not saying he should always do exactly what I want him to do either because he is stubborn and his own individual.

Frankly when he started just turn his back on me and pretending like I wasn’t there, I thought it was somewhat cute.  But it didn’t stay that way.  He escalated to finding my stuff and rolling on it, or dragging it through out the house as well as ignoring me.

Now he happily ignores me by acting like im not around and doing exactly what I’d rather he not do which means not just dragging stuff throughout the house but also deliberately spreading water from his water dish wherever he can.  I think he’s going for quantity rather than distance, which is a good thing! 😊

Beloved will deny the dog does this with him, but I’ve witnessed it.  I’ve seen Beloed grab a treat to tempt then of near him when the dog is in ignoring mod.  Much to our surprise, the dog wasn’t tempted in the least.  Who know a pug could be so stubborn?

Now I know dogs behave similar to human toddlers,  it I honestly think mine has taken it just a bit too far!  Is it time for a nanny?

A Walk On The Beach

Beloved took himself down to the beach for a few hours while I talked with a friend.  He came back looking like he saw a bit too much sun, but he didn’t complain about hat.  When he complained about was sand.  Sand, he declared, was the root of all evil.  I had to bite the I side of my cheeks to stop from laughing as he carried on about sand and evil ways.

You see, friends, Belved sat on a rock part way through his walk because the “evil” sand was hot in his delicate feet.  Given that man almost never walks barefoot and tends to have well cushioned shoes, his feet tend to run to the more delicate side.  (No pun intended!)

Anyway Beloved sat for a bit and walked some more and finally came back complaining about sand.  The sand hurt his feet as it was sharp and felt like a million blades slicing into his flesh.  And let’s not forget the wee matter of derma-brasion.  Not only did it remove the top, dead layer of skin, it also went to the soft new skin, the kind that doesn’t want  to be rubbed raw!

Hours later he was still carrying on about the evilness of sand, now having moved to the fact that a few grains seemed to have multiplied.  Sand kept showing up in the most inconvenient of places, such as in between his toes.

as a child he played in sand without any issues from what I’ve been told.  He would sculpt it and mold it into places of fancy and whims.  Family has assured me he has spent hours in the sand without issue.  It seems that as he has aged, he has becomes allergic to sand.  Or is it that the sand has taken end revenge on his control of it all those years ago?! 😉

I guess we won’t be walking in the beach any time soon, not since he is still pulling grains  of sand out of his shoes!

Labelling The Lizard

I’ve been labelled many different things in my life:  daughter, friend, God-mother, lover, best friend, lupus patient, employee, student, teacher, facilitator, mentor, experimenter, complainer, sarcastic, significant other and so on.

there are some labels I just hate, hate with a passion.  Sometimes because they hit too close to the mark and sometimes because they seem to be a mile wide.  Other times I feel I will never live up to it or it rubs me just wrong.  But there are some I enjoy.

Probably my favorite label is “fire-breathing she-dragon”.  Of course im a she-dragon because, well, I’m a female,  and let’s face it, any dragon worth his/her salt better be able to breathe fire.  If it can’t, well the its just an oversized flying lizard right?  Or a defective dragon!😉

Why I embrace that label is not a simple answer.  I earned it when I was teaching a particularly challenging class.  I earned it because every day I fight lupus.  I earned it because my dreams and hopes make me fly, well soar with ambition at any rate.  I earned it because I don’t do cold well!  And those are just a few of the reasons why I earned it.

But a defective dragon I am not!  Not ever!  Call me that and I may smother you with smoke!  Still I’m pretty enamoured with this label, I wear it proudly almost like a cape, well pair of wings I mean!

What your favorite nickname and what’s the story behind it!

Best Of The Worst or Worst Of The Best

It’s was the best of times, it was the worst of times….to borrow some words for Charles Dickens.  I mean it’s always the best of times and the worst of times at once because we don’t have the same perspectives and experiences.  What is the worst day of one person’s  life can Ben he best day of another person’s life.  It is time, distance and experience  that define how we see things.

frankly I like to think at old Mr. Dickens just wanted to sit on the fence that day! 😉

but I do get what he meant, because while one person is getting the best news of her life, another is getting the worst news of his life.  If you don’t believe me, go to a hospital in any day.  These are places where deaths and births happen, where people hear the most traumatic news and outcomes as well as where people hear and learn of the marvels of medicine.  It all matters what end of the deal you happen to be on and how you look at it.  And you just never know when it will happen to you.


Magic In The Air

Normally by this time I’m cooking and cleaning like a nut.  I’m not sure why other than that it’s a tradition, starting back at the dawn of  for my mother’s family!  Okay maybe not exactly back that far, but you know what I mean! 😉

Beloved sees no logical reason for all this rushing around.  After all the house is normally clean anyway, and we aren’t short of food that I need to be cooking like a mad person!

I think for Beloved its a reminder if his mother’s insane schedule to make the magic happen for her children no matter how little money there was in the house.  The real magic is that she was able to make the magic exist and continue to exist for her children.  How she managed that, working three jobs and taking care of an ill spouse is magic to me.

As he grew up, Beloved tried to make some of that magic exist for his mother too. I see him now doing the same for me when he can.  He assures me that magic doesn’t need floors scrubbed ever week, magic doesn’t need six course meals at least twice a week.  Magic, he tells me, just requires that you believe it’s possible because magic is always in the air!

Enduring Procrastination

Around this time of year, every year no less, I promise myself that the next year will be different.  I promise that I will not leave things until the last-minute and then of course that’s exactly what I go and do! 😉

The sad truth is, friends, I’ve got a million and one justifications for why I can’t do something right away.  I need to think about something, or I have to finish something else first.  Oh there are so many reasons why something can’t be done right now.  And I’m an expert at using those reasons! 😉

This little characteristic of mine is, of course, soe,things tat endures me to Beloved.  Oh how it thrills him as I cut things right to the edge.  He just has a very odd way of showing it!  😉

But next year, well things will be different because I’ve decided going forward not to try to go against my nature.  I know, Beloved will be gutted,  it all in all I think this is better!  He will just have to find another enduring characteristic! 😊

Flying Like A Kite

When I was a little girl my father would hold my hand tight on windy days.  He swore that if he didn’t,  the wind would pick me up and fly me around like a kite.  There was always a part of me that hoped Id manage to get my kite ride.

Now, looking back, I wonder how my father holding my hand prevented any part of me from being lifted up into the air.  Surely him holding my hand would have acted like the string to the kite and my body would have acted like the kite.

Beloved laughs when I hold his hand on windy days and hope for kite moments.  He assures me I’d need a hurricane type wind to become airborne.  I’ve assured him that this isn’t the nicest of things to say.  I’ve reinforced this with a swift kick to the shin.  The reality is I hurt my foot kicking him….

Knowing my desire to be airborne, Beloved has treated me to helicopter rides, which are lovely.  And well I may want to be a kite, I don’t think I’d be all that successful at it.  But I still need Beloved to keep my anchored to the ground as I rush headlong into the breezes of academia!