Under Cover

The four-footed one has taken to needing a soft blanket on her when she’s going to go to sleep.  She also needs a soft blanket to make a nest with, but without that blanket covering her she will fight sleep, no matter how tired she is.

This is a fairly recent discovery and/or trend with her.  One that may last  only during the cooler weather periods of the year.  And then again it may be her mimicking now we sleep at night, under covers in our beds.

So far she hasn’t asked for a pillow, or has she tried to make her own.  I guess if she moves down the path of pillow seeking I will have a more concrete answer about her sleeping habits.

It hasn’t caused me any concern, it’s just something new that she’s decided to do.  The vet has no clue why four-feet is doing this.  She said it could be along the theory of her Thunder Jacket, where its offering a nice secure weight sort of like a hug.  And then again it could just be something she now does.

Who am I to judge given at I have my own strange quirks?  As long as it isn’t causing her harm or such I will let her have her wee blanket on her when it’s time to sleep.  Besides, there are times we all need to crawl under the covers to be comfortable.


And Now Four

We have acquired a new family member.  No we didn’t get another four-footed friend, I don’t think the four-feet would tolerate another dog in the house.  I also know she doesn’t like cats so there are no cats in the house.

no instead this new family member has two legs and a thing for shiny objects.  Two-feet as I call her (I think it’s a her) also has two wings and a penchant for hopping on the window sills.

We had noticed this one magpie staying near our house roughly a week ago.  When we are sitting near the windows she likes to hop on the sill and look inside where we are.  When we place birdseed outside she flies down from the tree branches and hops over to the pile of seed.

Before she eats the seed she makes a series of what I call happy noises.  And when she is done she flies back up into the trees.  She doesn’t seem to want to join the other magpies that flock around from time to time.  Sure she flies off now and hen but as far as we can tel the same magpie keeps coming back to our house.

The four-footed is used to her now so she has stopped barking every time the magpie perches on the window sill.  And so we now have a new family member, one that stays outside and garbled happily when we give her seed.


According to at least one expert I have a water hand. This is distressing to me because I’m not a water baby. The expert who assessed my hands informed me in a most dismissive way that I had water hands, deformed, but water hands all the same.

I’m not sure if I’m more distressed by them being water hands or if it’s that she said they were deformed water hands. Perhaps it is most distressing because my hands do not match up with my zodiac sign which is why my hands are deformed and I’m distressed. Who knows.

Of course, this same expert also told me that I lived happily with three children, a wonderful husband and was into all things natural. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that there are no children, nor is there a wonderful husband and I tend to have a black thumb, brown at the best.

Instead I allowed myself to be distressed by it, on a very light level mind you and left her and her expert opinion in the booth where I found her. Well okay a mildly light level because after all no one wants to hear that they have deformed hands of any sort.

It did get me to thinking though, if signs in your palms do not match your zodiac sign and neither of those matches up with other readings, does that mean that you are fated to a crazy life? If so, I’m well on my way apparently.

Sleep On It

Some people drive in their sleep. Some people walk in their sleep. Some people cook, and others eat while sleeping. And some people, well, some people plot or hatch plans while they sleep. Others simply dream.

And then there is Beloved. He does not drive, walk, cook, eat or clean in his sleep. I could handle it if he decided to clean in his sleep. Imagine waking up to a fully cleaned house, all fresh and sparkly? Rather than trying to get that done along with all the other daily stuff that needs doing? But instead Beloved wrestles in his sleep.

He isn’t picky about who he wrestles either. It can be the four-footed one, a pillow or even me. And each morning he cannot understand why his pillow looks like it’s been decimated or why the four-footed one and I keep him at a safe distance. Over his morning coffee he will innocently ask what he did to deserve the 20-foot pole treatment.

Save your breath though. He won’t believe you if you tell him. He claims the video footage he has seen has been altered to make it look worse than it really is. Because of course the first thing I’d do after a night of rubbish sleep is get on my computer and edit the video without touching up other aspects of the footage.

So if anyone needs to practice their wrestling moves, I am willing to sell sleeping time with Beloved. He won’t remember or be aware of it, so I won’t have to split the profit with him. Yeah, sure, it’s exploitation, but when he won’t believe it what’s a girl to do?


I’ve been to a lot of places all around the world and I’ve met a lot of people, and the one thing I’ve come back with is that just when I think I have things figured out, I realize I haven’t the slightest idea what’s really going on. There are so many undertows and currents to get caught up in it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s just teasing you.

Sometimes even veterans of a certain place will be unsure of how serious something is. It’s just the nature of the beast; the world needs balance which means sometimes everything is unbalanced. It’s what keeps us guessing and at the same time teaches us that not every dance is the same steps. Life long learning I guess.

To be honest I’m grateful for this because it means that not all of the stories have been told yet. There are still things to explore, mysteries to uncover and boredom is hard to find unless you are happy to stay where you are doing the same things with the same people. That’s just not for me.

The one thing I do know is that when I am stumped for answers and find myself confused with things, there is one thing that holds true: the best luck I ever found is in Beloved. He has the same curiosity and desires to be going around to different places, meeting different people and stilling come back to dance that awkward to watch dance that works for the two of us.

Clear As

While researching software for work, I came across one company’s explanation for why they had made changes to the way the software interacted with Windows. The company explained it as follows: our goal has always been to provide a functional tool that allows our customers to be effective and efficient in…” Within the next paragraph the documentation moves on to say that “feedback from some of our customers has been that the software, while allowing people to be effective has not been all that usable so to this end we have moved to creating usable software…”

This got me to thinking, if you paid big money (this isn’t a small or unknown company) for a product and have now been told that while it’s functional it isn’t usable what would your reaction be? I would be seeking a refund, and a different solution to my needs. There were also several typos in the documentation which did not reassure me that they cared all that much about this document. And naturally if they don’t really care about this document, what else don’t they care about?

A quick online chat with the company showed that they did not think, nor did their customers think, that the software was not usable in the past. They meant it wasn’t as intuitive as it could be. They made changes to the interface to make it more user-friendly. That is completely different from saying something isn’t usable, yet functional.

According to “Jill” I was the first person to question the documentation so either I have a comprehension issue, or people simply didn’t read it. At any rate, even after the lovely explanation, I opted not to go with that line of software because “Jill” did not seem to think it was a big issue. And if clarity isn’t a big issue, what really is? Yes I want something that allows me to be productive, effective and efficient and sure I want it to be functional and easy to use. But I also want the company to be responsive and show passion for their product. I guess I’m weird that way.

How I Know

There are poinsettias on the mantle.  A Christmas fern peeking out here or there.  A tiny holly plant in a bursting out of a snow mans’ stop hat and a Christmas cactus just ready to bloom on the table.

Soon there will be touches of Crimson on the tables,  and swatches of green here and there.  Eventually tiny white lights will be added to a tiny tree with silver balls and crystal ornaments.   And if he gets his way, somewhere in a door way Beloved will hang  some silly piece of greenery to meet the tradition of mistletoe.

Birdseed will be sprinkled outdoors, and branches will be smushed lower into the ground because that’s something he has always done.  Puddings and cookies will be planned and cooked. Presents will be wrapped, stockings stuffed and drinks mulled.

And I, well I shall not get too caught up in any of it.  I never do.  Some cookies I will bake.  Decorating I will leave for him.  I haven’t wrapped a present in years and won’t begin now.  (Gift bags are a blessing for those with joint damage!)  Instead I shall watch as the smile that starts to fill his face grows a little bigger with each task until he simply cannot contain it anymore.  That’s when I shall out presents under the tree and watch his glee turn him back into a small child if only for a few moments.  That’s when I know Christmas is here.