A Dog Of An Excuse

The four-food one is not a fan of homework.  She also isn’t a fan of housework, but that’s a whole other story.

Now the four-footed one does not eat homework.  She doesn’t shred it or dig a hole to hide it in.  Which is a huge relief because the homework I have is marking students papers and assignments.  I’m not sure how well it would go over if I told my students that I wanted to grade their work, but the dog ate it all.

What the four-footed does is try to demand my attention every time she notices I’m reading papers.  If m trying to submit marks or comments online, she will happily step between my laptop screen and face.  Yes I know, we may have an obedience problem.

So I’ve started to be sneaky about things, getting one of those food puzzle things for her to do.  However the only time I dig it out is when I’m marking, grading or commenting on papers, assignments etc.  Or I give her a special treat, he that will last her a relatively long time so I can get on with what I was doing.

This may, or may not, be a smart thing to do on my part, but for now it works. And it lets me do my homework without needing to provide a dog of an excuse!



Now and then we just know something well before it is can be proven.  Call it intuition, inner wisdom or just knowing.  Some how we just know it and when someone provides us with the proof it is just a simple confirmation.  Or a validation of things.

Some folks are better or more in touch with their intuition.  Some people never can trust themselves and thus are always surprised and taken a back by the news.  Even though a part of them suspected what is being told to them.

Sometimes we cannot actually identify what is wrong, just that something isn’t right. When someone is able to pinpoint the exact issue, we may feel relief, or perhaps a sense of knowing it was validated even if we couldn’t describe it.

I’ve had friends insist they had cancer, they just knew it.  And then had a doctor verify what they already knew.  I get knowing something is wrong, but to know what type of cancer you have?  That amazes me.  And apparently more than one oncologist.

So when a friend confided in me that she was certain she had cancer, after all she had been having issues for months and doctors couldn’t really pinpoint things.  I didn’t dismiss her.  When her self diagnosis of cancer was confirmed by an oncologist, I also wasn’t completely surprised.  I had hoped she would be wrong, but she is one of those people who is very in touch with her intuition.

Now I  wondering, if it would be better to know before its confirmed or to be blissfully ignorant and full of hope, but shocked when diagnosed.


Bailing And Blessings

My father once told me that my friends would be the people who stuck with me during the worst of times.  Getting stuck in a bind which required some helping hand would show me who my true friends are.  Not that he recommended that I do that and thankfully I haven’t been in that far of mess yet.  (I’d say hopefully ever, but I know me too well!)

A true friend, my mother told me, was someone who didn’t care if you won or lost something. If you were clean or dirty. A true friend, my mother insisted, would be someone would pitch in and get dirty right along with you.  Because a true friend wouldn’t care about the mess, just letting their heart help you out as best they could.

Both my parents assured me that no one has a lot of true friends. Fair weather friends who are along for the good times?  Sure you will probably have a lot of those if you are blessed, they told me. But the ones who’d be stuck in the pouring rain with you, or bail you out of jam? Well you’d be truly blessed if you had one or two of those in your life.

And my parents assured me I would know who these people are compared to the others in my life.  Which is true, I do.  And I’m blessed to have them although I never tell them enough how I much I love them.  And I take them for granted at times, not meaning to, but it happens because I’m a jerk that way.

Do you know who you can count on to bail you out–whether it’s from jail or a flooded boat?  If you do, make sure you let that person or people in your life know what they mean to you.

Fruits Of Passion

When I turned eighteen, thought I would have all the answers and do what I was passionate about.  When I turned twenty-one I realized I didn’t have all the answers, but I was much closers to knowing what all I needed did my passions would be set.

When I turned twenty-five, I knew I was on the path to having many things as I kept my passions and dreams at the fore front of things. I was so certainly that hanging onto what I thought were my passions and  dreams wold give me everything I wanted.    What I was holding onto were my parents ideas of passions and dreams.  And what felt like it was burning bright was really just an idea repeated over a million times.

When I turned thirty I decided to explore what I really wanted and how to get it.  A bit like getting to know myself all over again.  And I realized I didn’t want of feel the same things my parents once held.  I was carrying the ghosts of my parents’ dreams and passions.

When I turned thirty-five, I understood what it was to try to grasp your passions and feel the white-hot glow of something so brilliant you cannot even describe it.

Now that I’m older I get that the idea isn’t to necessarily achieve all of this for stability.  After all stability can be overrated and is only what you make of it.  The trick is to always grasp for and try to reach these dreams and passions, on matter here they take you.  And no doubt when I turn seventy-five, if I reach that number, I will have a different idea of what a passion is

Virtually There

A coworker was commenting on how amazing it is that she can knock off so many errands without leaving her house. She loves the idea of banking, buying groceries and other items not just from the comfort of her house, but in the comfort of her pyjamas.

She said if not for having to see the Doctor, eye doctor, dentist and registry office and church, the only thing she really leaves the house for these days is work.  And she’s looking at working remotely via online classes for next year.

Of course you can get medical advice online these days, although if you have something serious or something that equites treatment you still have to leave the house.same goes for eyes and teeth.

Apparently now you can attend church via the wonders of virtual reality.  So you could do church and then using virtual reality take a hike on the Alps right after without having to deal with a flight etc.   And speaking of flights, there is talk of ever seat on the plane get a virtual reality window.

As for the registry office, that’s probably going to be a bit longer in coming due to the nature if what they handle there.  Besides I’d hate see people awarded real driver licenses for doing virtual road tests.

But the bigger question to all of this, is are we not in some ways making it easier to stay home.  Easier to not have face to face connections with others?  Do we lose community and a sense of being a part of a larger human group this way?  (Is not part of the whole aspect of church belong to a community, a fellowship?  Does that get alters if you never physically show up?)

The Good Life Of Napping

It would seem that the secret to a good life, at least according to the dog, is making sure you get plenty of naps in each day.  She has perfected the art of napping to ensure she gets maximum nappage time while still ensuring she’s present with her cute factor for attention as well.

I was tempted to check if she was wearing a watch or had an alarm clock set up somewhere after witnessing this napping routine of hers. She never exceeds an hour on a nap and she manages to get two naps in before lunch time.

Granted the poor thing is up by 330 every morning and ready with walks and food followed by play.  So naturally around 8 she needs a nap for a half hour to an hour.  After that she’s good for whatever adventure awaits her.  She gets a nap in again around 11 and is ready for her lunch at noon.  By 3 she’s set to nap until 4.

Just to give you part of her day and nap routine.  Granted she does play hard too and loves going for walks that not only include running, but also tend to be long and challenging.  In other words she tires herself out both in need of a nap to refuel her energy as well as food to get more energy.

I May Have Said That Before

The four-footed one likes to watch out the large window sometimes.  She will spend hours just watching.  Sometimes I don’t even know what she’s looking at out there.  I guess it’s the same as when Beloved or I plop down in front of the television and just watch it.

Soemtimes, once we sit down and start watching something it leads to another something and after a while I wonder what we are watching or even why.  But it’s easy to just sit there and stay doing what we are doing.

Sometimes you need to just sit and watch, or mindlessly let your time go for a bit.  The key is not to stay in those moments for too long.  And yet, yet, somehow I can suddenly lost an hour or two or five.  Hey it happen!

Maybe I should take up looking out the window instead, even though the four-footed companion seems to spend longer than that at the window.  I somehow don’t think I’d be spending the same amount of time at the window.  Because there isn’t enough to keep me that occupied, but then again I may have said that about television shows Beloved started watching as well.