Yard Work

The four-footed one decided to help with yard work today.  Not all of what was being done, just the things st struck her fancy.  Such as raking the leaves.  And pulling up of plants.

She started by running around and playing with her ball.  She ignored the work being done as well as the workers.  It wasn’t until the plants were being pulled up that she became interested.  I think it was the noises Beloved was making at first that caught her attention.  The smells of freshly uprooted plants probably kept her attention.  And watching the dirt fall, the worms wiggle and such had her fully immersed in wanting to help.  And by help I mean she wanted to jump into the holes that were made.  She also was interested in help move the plants.  She happily grabbed them to drag throughout the yard.

She was having a ball with this, until  she discovered raked leaves.  In a pile.  Waiting to be picked up.  A pile that cannot be ignored.  A pile that must be investigated and rolled through.  A pile that could not be picked up fast enough to avoid being spread back all over the ground.

With each stroke of the rake to gather up the spread leaves, she would go back through those leaves.  Tossing some of them up in the air, letting others get caught in her fur.  Suddenly raking was taking three times  as long and frankly I was wondering if there would be an end in sight.  There was, when she grew tired and decided to curl up in the weak sunshine and have a nap.

She slept through the rest of the raking and pulling.  She slept through the bags being tied and placed by the bin.  She slept through the putting away of shovels and rakes. She woke up when all the boring work was done, ready to go in and have a treat.  Because yard work is hard work.


Making The Bed

My mama always insisted I make  my bed once I woke up.  She was deaf to the logic I applied, one that went something like this:  why make it just to take it apart hours later to go to bed.  The only time my mama allowed me to leave my bed unmade was if I were sick.

To this day, unless I am very sick, I make my bed once I get up.  Beloved was raised them same way, only his Mama insisted his bed tucked in tight so a coin could be bounced off it.

No matter how hard we try, the four-footed one doesn’t seem to want to leave her beds nice and neat.  I just spent the last half hour putting dog bed mattresses back into the beds, straightening blankets and such.  Not because she has that many beds, but because once one bed was tidied up and I moved to the next, she tore the tided bed apart.

She grabbed one of her mattresses and decided to pull it into the bathroom.  As if to say she might need to crash there at some time!  It isn’t so much I want her to make her beds, but I’d like to not have to retrieve mattresses and such from various parts of the house.

The other day Belved found her mattress with his shoes.  She carried it down five stairs and through a narrow doorway.  Just to place it on his shoes.  When he went to put it back she pounced on it and refused to let him remove it.  (He was able to move it a few hours later, by that time she had another mattress somewhere else.)

And here is the kicker, she rarely sleeps or naps in her beds!  Yep they become play things.  Because she has our bed, and when she needs to nap there is either a welcoming lap or some feet to curl up on.  Because she’s, well,our four-footed one!

Mind Games

Beloved decided he would fix up the garden all on his own.  In one day.  Because he got up early and looked out the window and decided that the garden needed to be fixed up.  Of course Beloved also believes he still has the strength and stamina of an in shape twenty year old male.

Beloved has since been reminded that he isn’t twenty years old nor in excellent shape.  Beloved has also been reminded that the garden is more work than he thought, especially for one day.

He woke up the next day barely able to move and not sure which part of his body was in more pain.  So he opted to try and stretch out all the tight, sore spots.  This did not work.  Probably because his muscles were in knots.  So he went for a massage.  Followed by some stretching.  Apparently his therapist was waiting for Beloved’s next attempt at doing too much al at once.  In all fairness though most of us feel capable,of doing more than our bodies will let us.  We don’t feel any older, weaker, sicker etc.  We feel young and strong in our minds; we basically lie to ourselves.  Until reality kicks in, typically in the form of pain from overdoing it.

Plants Get The Best Of Me

The tomato plants have reached their end, the season is growing to a close, so I decided to pull them out today.  The tomato plants had other ideas.  Oh not about their season coming to and end.  They just didn’t want to be removed from their pots.

Now I know some of you are thinking how can a tomato plant get in the way of its very removal.  I don’t really know except to tell you that when I pulled it, it did not budge.  Not even a little.  So I dug out a shovel and tried to loosen it out of the soil.  And that didn’t seem to do much of anything either.

A neighbor came by either taking pity on the plant or myself, I’m not sure which.  He was made aware of my battle with this last tomato plant no doubt through my cursing of said plant.  With a quick tug of his arm the whole plant gave up its grip in the soil.  (My struggle may have pre-loosened it for him!). He also broke it down and put it in the garbage with no problem whatsoever.

He told me some beings will clung to the very last bits of life, even when it knows the time has come, just in case.  Because, as my neighbor said with a knowing grin, the weather always changes and hope rides in on even mildly warmer air. And as long as there is hope, there is a need to cling to life as long as you can.  I’m not sure if he was talking about the tomato plant or my health.

At any rate, I do believe plants always have the upper hand when t comes to me.

Squash, Pumpkin, Oh My

Today:  Squash, Pumpkin the sign proclaimed as the car drove by the neatly lettered black sign with a cheerfully sketched pumpkin at bottom.  A nice drive out in the country is what Beloved had in mind so we were on some back roads enjoying the sights and sounds of the rural areas.

We weren’t in a hurry and no specific destination in mind when we set out. We simply gathered up items and the four-footed one and headed out to the car.  Beloved opted to drive and I was content to simply belong for the ride.

We stopped to let the four-footed one stretch all four of her legs.  We stopped for Beloved to take pictures of the landscape.  We stopped to listen to the cows and horses in the fields.  We stopped when a small animal darted across the road in front of us.  And we stopped to visit the squash and pumpkins.

Actually we initially stopped because Beloved was in the midst of being awestruck by the landscape, scenery and red barn that was just off to the left of the road.  He had just started to drive on when he noticed the sign and decided we should stop for squash and pumpkin.  Although to be honest part of me suspects he wanted to tell the people squash and pumpkin is all the same.

We slowly drive up a long, gravel and mud filled drive, past some goats and a few cows.  We stopped at bit back from a shed of some type and Beloved clipped the four-footed one onto her leash.  He reasoned that she needed to stretch again and what dog wouldn’t want to check out a farm.

After a tea with the lovely older couple who own the farm, three types of squash and two small pumpkins we headed for home.  The four-footed one did not enjoy the farm as per say because like myself she is a city being.  She is, however, fascinated with the produce we brought home.  And while I rest up from today’s little trip, Beloved is eyeballs deep in recipes to try with his “lovely” find!

Rude Awakening

The four-footed one decided she shouldn’t have to get out of bed this morning.  I get it.  Other than food, a walk and play time she has nothing pressing to do.  And let’s face it, those of use who have more added to our lives also have moments where we just want to stay in bed.

Unfortunately for the four-footed one she had to get up and get going because her humans needed to get going.  It didn’t mean she had to like it, it didn’t mean she couldn’t protest, but it did mean she had to get started with her morning.

Normally the four-footed one wakes up happy and ready to start her day so naturally we assume something was a little off for her.  Turns out she had no desire to walk through horrible weather.  It was blustery and chilly early in the morning.  Ah yes, nice warm bed versus cold wind in your face.  What would you decide?!

To be fair, Beloved took her for a walk this morning because he wind and cold was too much for my own body this morning.  I had warned Beloved, long before the weather people did that the weather was changing. He doubted me.  But when he came back from his walk he said he didn’t know why he doubted me.

Of course me handing him a warm coffee may have had something to do with that too!  And the four-footed one spent the afternoon resting on the bed, beside me.  Because by noon I could no longer handle the over-the-counter pain meds for my pain.  And I was tired.  Chronic pain can be exhausting and tiring.  And if a cute four-footed creature wants to curl up beside you, all the bettering!

Balance, Four-Footed Style Or Monkey See And Monkey Do

Beloved was head down into research on Martin Luther when the four-footed one decided to lash him with her monkey.  Actually it was probably more a case of he got in her path of playing even though he was stationary on a chair.  The monkey is long and flat.  The four-footed one adores running and flinging this monkey throughout the house.  She also enjoys whipping it around side to side and woe be those in her path.

Beloved abandoned his research, even though he was appropriately at a part of research where Luther physically punishes himself to relieve the guilt, to be a good person, to chase the four-footed one and the monkey.  Because sometimes there is a monkey that must be chased or thrown around for a little while.

If you were to ask the four-footed this should happen regularly and research should be given to just bits of time here and there.  The four-footed one believes we do not have enough play time in our lives and so she attempts to create a balance, at least in her mind, between work and play time.  The fact that play time should be at least two-thirds of the time versus sleep, work and eat time makes no difference to her.  I isn’t her fault, it’s in her nature.  And since we share life with her, it fills into our lives and slowly becomes a part of our nature to some degree.