On Fire

I may have mentioned that I was cold, chilled to the bone.  I may have let that slip, more than once.  I’m not sure how else to explain why Beloved decided to start a fire for me.  A fire in my mouth.  Because who doesn’t want to have a fire in her mouth when she feels cold?

Oh, yes, this girl.  That’s who.  She doesn’t want to have to drink a whole cow’s worth of milk just to tame the fire in her mouth.  Heaven knows what that fire is going to be like in her tummy or elsewhere as time goes by.  I mean some people might like that kind of thing.  It might be a sign of love for some. But for this girl…well no not exactly.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love the fact he cooked for me.  I love that he made something different from the usual meat and potatoes.  I rather enjoyed the rice, chicken and veggies.  And I don’t mind me a bit of spice.  To be fair I like more spice than he does.  But there comes a point, usually the point where your taste-buds are burnt off, that the spice is too much.

The lyrics, “Baby don’t hurt me, any more” comes to mind even know hours after the meal of fire was consumed.  What also comes to mind is the lines “you always hurt the ones you love the most”.  So maybe that’s where Beloved was going with this.  Right now though, my mouth is not a burning ring of fire.  Nor is the rest of my body feeling hot.


Team Coffee

A new coffee place opened up around here.  It into  we have a shortage of them as there are some two stores away from each other.  Bu this one is slightly different.

What makes it different is that not only do they roast and grind their own beans,  but they only use heavy cream.  Want a latte?  It’s made with heavy cream.  Take cream or milk in your coffee?  Have a splash of heavy cream.  Oh yeah they also don’t serve any food.

It’s probably a good thing they don’t serve food.  I mean think of all the calories from using heavy cream!  Naturally we had to check this place out.  And naturally it’s become Beloved’s idea of a coffee place.  Because heavy cream is an all time favorite of Beloved’s.

Thankfully this shop isn’t that close to the house otherwise Beloved would be popping by all the time.  And of course I’m c flicked because I love coffee, but I don’t want Beloved to have too much in the way of heavy cream because of his age.

So I guess this will have to be one of those places we go to only for special moments rather than turn him from team tea to team coffee.  Although I know this would easily switch him over!

What Time Is It

Don’t tell me dogs can’t tell time.  The four-footed one is very talented at telling time.  Especially if it’s based around meal time.  She knows that Beloved and I eat at basically the same time every day.  Five minutes or so before that time, she is ready for joining us in meals.

But the four-footed one can also tell time based on when people should be coming home from work etc.  Again roughly ten minutes before Beloved should be home she’s pacing between the door and the window.  As the time gets smaller to when he should come through the doors, she get some more excited.

The minute he comes home, she greets him and hen is done.  Ready to move onto something new,  I mean he came home right?

Bed time is a different deal.  She kind of decides she’s ready to go to bed and that’s that. It doesn’t matter what time it is.  When she’s ready for bed, she doesn’t care if we are or not.  If we don’t go to bed when she wants, she pouts,  yes pouts.

Heaven forbide if you don’t stick to the time schedule she expects either.  All heck will break loose. Because after all, she can tell time.

Secret To A Good Life

The four-footed one decided that today was a day of rest, play, eat and exploration.  It started with sleeping in.  As in we didn’t get up until 530 this morning rather than 230-300 each morning.

After we got up, it was important to go outside and heeding the call of nature before returning into the house to okay with a pink dinosaur, a purple dog and green egg.  Great fun was had for at least 45 minutes before the court–footed one decided she needed to be fed.  Yep just like that play time was over.

Now technically I may have gotten things a bit mixed up in that after she was done eating, and begging didn’t get her anything from our food, she needed a rest.  While she rested we got some work done and when she woke up, she was ready to go exploring.

Exploration, as a long walk in an area we hadn’t visited in a while.  Chasing some ducks and rabbits before heading home, happy and pleased with herself.  Naturally at a short rest was called for.  Followed by food.  And play time.

Land after playtime, another adventure was called for.  Thankfully after that, we returned home and she rested while we finished getting things done.  I really need to live my dog’s life!


At some point a whirlwind went through the house.  It picked up the dog’s toys, her blankets and even the pillow out of one of her beds and scattered the debris throughout one room.  It also got the towel I normally use for drying the dog out of the clean laundry and moved it into the room with the rest of the items.

The whirlwind was none other than the four-footed one herself.  And the reason for such activity?  I had been working and resting too much which means not playing enough with her.  So she had to remind me how much fun it is to play with her.  And if, as an added benefit, it means I have to clean up the mess too, well so be it.

I don’t mind her idea of play time.  I don’t mind when she and Beloved play hide-and-seek with toys and other items throughout the house.  I also don’t mind when Beloved and her move the toys throughout the house.  I just wish that they’d both figure out a way to get the toys back where they came from.  Well actually there is no excuse for Beloved, he knows better.  But he always has something to do right after playing so some how he just magically gets out of picking it up.

As for the four-footed one, well I think she’s more of a play and leave them kind of girl.

Toss It

I watched a young child toss something away from himself in a fit of frustration and thought ‘I bet that feels good’.  The fact is, I was having one of those days myself.  Oh sure it did not start out that way.  But by the time I had come across the young lad, I was right there with him.

Granted as an adult, it isn’t an ideal thing to throw something out of frustration or anger.  It’s also not looked upon in a favourable light to drop on the floor and start to kick your feet or scream at the top of your lungs.  Sure you can imagine doing it, but to carry that act out would be a large no no.

So I threw items in spirit with that young lad as I mused how technology which was supposed to make my life so much easier had created nothing but a series of massive screw ups most of the day.  And as I thought about al the things that had gone wrong to the point of watching this child do what I wish could have, I imagined myself throwing a mouse and keyboard, elegantly tossing a monitor and spinning a laptop into oblivion.  Sure it wasn’t as satisfying as I suppose actually doing those things might have been.  But it was also less costly and far more safe.


The four-footed one is great for letting us know when something out of the ordinary is happening outside any of the windows.  She is always on patrol and ever alert.

We may have to work on how she lets us know things are happening though.  A panicked bark for a stranger approaching the door is one thing, but that same bark because there is a rabbit where she can see it?  Not so much.

Sure I know I need to get my steps in and all that stuff, but I’m also pretty sure running from the kitchen (or insert any other room here) to where she is to discover it’s a false alarm isn’t really the type of steps they are referring to.  I mean I could be wrong.  Maybe they don’t care that much.  I, however, care a great deal because today with all the to and fro due to bunny alerts and branches in the wind, I feel rather dizzy.  (Okay truthfully I feel a bit like a hamster running nowhere on a wheel, but hey!)

Now I can appreciate a bunny outside the window.  I really can!  And I can admit to being startled by a branch moving when I take a quick glance out a window.  I just can’t keep running back and forth for everything.  So we need to,work on her alerting or something.