Under Cover

The four-footed one has taken to needing a soft blanket on her when she’s going to go to sleep.  She also needs a soft blanket to make a nest with, but without that blanket covering her she will fight sleep, no matter how tired she is.

This is a fairly recent discovery and/or trend with her.  One that may last  only during the cooler weather periods of the year.  And then again it may be her mimicking now we sleep at night, under covers in our beds.

So far she hasn’t asked for a pillow, or has she tried to make her own.  I guess if she moves down the path of pillow seeking I will have a more concrete answer about her sleeping habits.

It hasn’t caused me any concern, it’s just something new that she’s decided to do.  The vet has no clue why four-feet is doing this.  She said it could be along the theory of her Thunder Jacket, where its offering a nice secure weight sort of like a hug.  And then again it could just be something she now does.

Who am I to judge given at I have my own strange quirks?  As long as it isn’t causing her harm or such I will let her have her wee blanket on her when it’s time to sleep.  Besides, there are times we all need to crawl under the covers to be comfortable.


And Now Four

We have acquired a new family member.  No we didn’t get another four-footed friend, I don’t think the four-feet would tolerate another dog in the house.  I also know she doesn’t like cats so there are no cats in the house.

no instead this new family member has two legs and a thing for shiny objects.  Two-feet as I call her (I think it’s a her) also has two wings and a penchant for hopping on the window sills.

We had noticed this one magpie staying near our house roughly a week ago.  When we are sitting near the windows she likes to hop on the sill and look inside where we are.  When we place birdseed outside she flies down from the tree branches and hops over to the pile of seed.

Before she eats the seed she makes a series of what I call happy noises.  And when she is done she flies back up into the trees.  She doesn’t seem to want to join the other magpies that flock around from time to time.  Sure she flies off now and hen but as far as we can tel the same magpie keeps coming back to our house.

The four-footed is used to her now so she has stopped barking every time the magpie perches on the window sill.  And so we now have a new family member, one that stays outside and garbled happily when we give her seed.

Appearances, Seriously

One of my doctors is away on vacation.  In his place is a substitute or locum to be al technical. I knew this was going to be the case, but still when the locum popped in to “see  how (I) can help”, it was a bit disturbing. Mostly because this doctor is hard to take seriously with his appearance.

He was wearing sparkly shoes, hounds tooth patterned pants in a shade of bright blue and shocking pink, this was then topped by a yellow shirt and finished with a red bow tie,  I mean it didn’t scream out profession, but hey I was only there for a prescription to be written out.

Most locums simply fill out the request and send me on my way.  But not this man.  He told me that I did not look my best.  I could stand a little in brightening up my skin.  He suggested a laser treatment.  And while we are at it, he suggested filling in that line I get by my eyebrows when I frown.  Which I was doing as he prattled on about how I “just don’t look (my) best” and “who doesn’t want to look her best”.

When he filled out the request he handed me a business card for is dermatological and cosmetic services, not that my lupus rash was not all that lovely to look at. Thanks for that, it’s not like I’m unaware of it.  It’s also not like I try to hide it under makeup and such.

Just before I left I asked the receptionist to make a note on my file, one that said if he was filling in for my regular doctor I wanted to see someone else because I have enough to deal with health wise and dont need to be reminded that I don’t look my best.  She nodded and told me I look fine.

Sleep On It

Some people drive in their sleep. Some people walk in their sleep. Some people cook, and others eat while sleeping. And some people, well, some people plot or hatch plans while they sleep. Others simply dream.

And then there is Beloved. He does not drive, walk, cook, eat or clean in his sleep. I could handle it if he decided to clean in his sleep. Imagine waking up to a fully cleaned house, all fresh and sparkly? Rather than trying to get that done along with all the other daily stuff that needs doing? But instead Beloved wrestles in his sleep.

He isn’t picky about who he wrestles either. It can be the four-footed one, a pillow or even me. And each morning he cannot understand why his pillow looks like it’s been decimated or why the four-footed one and I keep him at a safe distance. Over his morning coffee he will innocently ask what he did to deserve the 20-foot pole treatment.

Save your breath though. He won’t believe you if you tell him. He claims the video footage he has seen has been altered to make it look worse than it really is. Because of course the first thing I’d do after a night of rubbish sleep is get on my computer and edit the video without touching up other aspects of the footage.

So if anyone needs to practice their wrestling moves, I am willing to sell sleeping time with Beloved. He won’t remember or be aware of it, so I won’t have to split the profit with him. Yeah, sure, it’s exploitation, but when he won’t believe it what’s a girl to do?


I’ve been to a lot of places all around the world and I’ve met a lot of people, and the one thing I’ve come back with is that just when I think I have things figured out, I realize I haven’t the slightest idea what’s really going on. There are so many undertows and currents to get caught up in it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s just teasing you.

Sometimes even veterans of a certain place will be unsure of how serious something is. It’s just the nature of the beast; the world needs balance which means sometimes everything is unbalanced. It’s what keeps us guessing and at the same time teaches us that not every dance is the same steps. Life long learning I guess.

To be honest I’m grateful for this because it means that not all of the stories have been told yet. There are still things to explore, mysteries to uncover and boredom is hard to find unless you are happy to stay where you are doing the same things with the same people. That’s just not for me.

The one thing I do know is that when I am stumped for answers and find myself confused with things, there is one thing that holds true: the best luck I ever found is in Beloved. He has the same curiosity and desires to be going around to different places, meeting different people and stilling come back to dance that awkward to watch dance that works for the two of us.

What Do You See And Hear

When you hear hoof beats do you start looking for horses or zebras? My medical team seems to think in terms of zebras when it comes to my health, but honestly that isn’t their fault. I am not the easiest person to work with in general and with a messed up immune system to match a slightly sarcastic and cynical view-point it just gets harder. For all I know they may be better off looking for mythical or extinct creatures.

We are, to some degree, a sum of our experiences and dealing with my health issues lead me to believe that I’m a bit like a platypus. Sort of a mishmash of various pieces that don’t seem to go quiet right together and yet somehow it all works in some way. Of course, platypus do not make the sound of hoofbeats, but if you saw just the bill out of the water you’d think it was a large waterfowl, and if you saw their back in the water you might think it was a water mammal of sorts, such as a beaver.

To some degree we are all a zebra and a horse, it just depends upon the situation. Each one of us can be a beaver, a duck or a platypus to different people, we just can’t be a zebra and a platypus at the same time.

The Best, The Worst, It Is The Times

The four-footed one has decided that this may be the best time of year after all. The mailman keeps coming to the house as do other delivery people, so it has added variety to the people she sees and meets. And yes, being she is a dog, it has added a whole new dimension of greeting people.

As much as she has decided that this may be the best time of year, she has also decided it is the worst time of the year because it means she is put in her kennel more than normal. Or trapped in the bathroom with the door closed and all the fun (her idea not mine) is happening without her. The fun she is worried about, deliveries being signed for or brought into the house. She feels she is missing out and believe you me if she wasn’t so curious and prone to giving into her curiosity she would not be held away from the fun. I’d let her paw print for the parcels. And I’d let her show the delivery people where to place the heavy stuff. But she can’t be trusted with either of these.

It’s the best time of the year for her because she is getting more treats than normal from the various visitors in our house or when she comes with me on outings. And let’s face it, treats are always going to make things better, whether you are four-footed being or a two-footed one.

It’s the worst time of year for her because sometimes she isn’t allowed those treats that people are offering her. Hey if I let her, she’d eat twenty dog bones in one sitting and not care that she would be sick shortly thereafter. Someone has to watch out for that. And that someone just happens to be the same person who cleans the floor. And that person is me. I have no desire to be cleaning the floor as often as I would need to based on the treat offerings.

Mostly thought it is the best time of the year for her because Beloved is home and spends enormous amounts of time with her. Letting her play as she wants; taking her for long walks and then setting himself up in a char so that they two of them can nap as they need.