When stuck in a tight situation, people will do whatever it takes to get out of it. Recently Carlos Ghosn managed to leave a country without anyone knowing how he managed to get out until after he was somewhere else. Ingenuity or creativity came into play as he managed to escape hidden in a musical instrument case.

Now, Beloved’s experience wasn’t as dramatic as Mr. Ghosn’s. However, a bit of creativity had to come into play for him to make his getaway recently. You see, he went into the cafe on his own and started chatting with a couple of very nice people. People who had a lot to share with him. People who didn’t share the same concept of time as he did.

He couldn’t slip away while they were chatting. They didn’t take any of the visual hints, such as looking at his watch repeatedly or glancing at the door. They even ignored the “I must be off” and “oh is that the time” statements he made.

So he did the only thing he could think of. He pretended someone called him or rather called out to him. Yes, he was that bold with his escape plan. And as he walked to where the imaginary person was who had called him with their imaginary voice, he carefully walked out the door, as if he was heading out to chat with someone. And then he ran. Home. Because he’s an adult that way.

Solutions or Confusions

These days we have solutions for everything from clothes getting wrinkled from sitting to pans that are so nonstick you can melt hard candies in them with no mess. Don’t like the smell of your dog? No worries, there are sprays and shampoos for that. Stale odors lingering in your car? They can fix that.

Every day you find a new solution for a problem or annoyance you are unaware of even having, that is until the solution is offered to you. Or maybe that’s just me.

Today while the television was on in the background, I suddenly realized that my life wasn’t complete because I had not tried the latest and greatest chicken sandwich. The ad assured me that this chicken sandwich was unlike any of the others, and once I tried it, I would never eat another type of chicken sandwich again.

Okay, so maybe I was hungry when this came on the television. Regardless, for a few moments, I needed this chicken sandwich, and not just because I was hungry. I needed this sandwich so I would know, for myself, that I had tried the best sandwich there was.

The feeling past almost as quickly as it arrived. This may have been due to Beloved arriving with some delicious pastry. Pastry I didn’t know I wanted, but once I had it in my mouth, I knew I needed it.

I’m sure the chicken sandwich will rattle around in my brain again when I’m hungry. But for now, it’s a solution I do not need.

Age-Old Relationships

A subtle swaying of the hips, a slightly arched back, and a simple yet sultry walk was how she made her entrance. Not that we needed to see her confidently make her way across the sun-dappled ground. Oh no, the four-footed one took care of announcing her arrival as no one else can!

Every day around the same time this confident cat decides that our garden is her ideal stalking ground. She sashays her way into the open spaces without a care in the world. She struts around the edges of the garden with the confidence of a girl who knows her heart.

All the while, the four-footed one goes crazy in the house. She shakes with excitement and something else while she watches the cat invade the space. We keep four-feet in the house because the cat, while beautiful, is mean. We just aren’t sure what the two of them would do to each other if they got together. We also aren’t in a hurry to find out what the outcome would be.

So the four-footed one watches and announces, while we try to keep the barking to a minimum. Is this a case of an age-old relationship playing out daily in the garden? Or is this a case of the dog simply not liking the cat upon sight?

I Just Won't Do It

I won’t eat green eggs and ham. I also won’t eat a goat. I know that makes me a picky eater. However, there are some things I simply will not do, and as you can see, I have provided some simple examples.

I will dance in the rain (with the right person). I will try new experiences and foods. However, like most people, I have limits to what degree of adventure I will experience.

So when Beloved came in with long, dark rectangular items after a trip to the market, I was curious. To be fair, I didn’t think they were food. They looked more like a fuel source to my uneducated eyes. Beloved said they were chicken. Fresh chicken that has been pounded into a paste, seasoned, and then cooked over an open fire.

Beloved put away the rest of his shopping and returned to the unusual chicken presentation. He said they felt like bark, looked a bit like pieces of bark as well. They were dry and slightly crumbly.

Before I knew it, Beloved took a healthy-sized bite out of the meat. Of course, he ran to the think and spat it out right away before getting a huge drink. He proclaimed it too dry and too seasoned for his delicate palate.

Later on, while talking with some locals, we discovered you are supposed to re-hydrate this chicken and put it in a stew or a soup. The problem is, for Beloved, that chicken is now ruined to the point where he cannot see himself trying it in anything. I guess there are things he won’t do as well! How about yourself?

A Strong Man I Am Not

A strong man would feel weak in the still heat of the day, but Beloved is t that kind of man.  When it gets hot, he wilts and melts into a puddle of limp humanity.  That’s why I was up at the bluffs on my own.  There is something to knowing your limits, not that I would let Beloved know that.  It is akin to letting him know he is right.  Letting him know he is right makes me feel somewhat smaller in a way I’d rather not feel it.

So I was up on the bluffs on my own, imagining what it would have been like to walk with Beloved up here.  I’ve been a few times, feeling the wind blow in a variety of ways.  But I’ve made those walks alone because the heat is too much for Beloved, not to mention the sun.  The four-footed one isn’t permitted along this path and they check to ensure no dogs are on it.  They say it is to protect their natural wildlife and I can accept that.

The bluffs let you see only so far, despite how far you climb up them.  The land is very much a series of high places and deep valleys so you end up seeing only as far next night place.  The elders assure me that if I walk along the path which basically follows the jagged ridges, I will reach a place where it clears to a steep climb.  If I climb the sacred mountain, I will be able to see as far as the sky and the sea blend into one and I smaller than I could ever be.  

Each time I arrive on the bluffs, the winds swirling this way and that, I wonder what it would be like to take that journey.  I fear I waited too long to take that up taken trek.  Maybe, with the right magic of sorts, I will make that trek once.  The show back in town would go on regardless of where I go.  Beloved would wait, as he always does, for my return.  

He watches me walk off in cold dawns alone, knowing I am heading here, and no idea when I will return.  I’m sure the locals judge this behavior, both his and mine,  he will wait his turn so to speak, while I rush into things.  And I rush up to the bluffs, the swirling winds, and the passage of unnoticed time.

I never rush back.  I am not a strong man, and the still heat of the day hits me as I step back from the jagged edge to make my way to town.  I imagine myself oozing  down the path, slowly slipping and sliding down the path.  I will slip undectected  into the house so I can’t hear the “I told you so” in Beloved’s look.  Of course I don’t really ooze back.  I slowly make my way back, stopping for a refreshing drink and some local talk.  This way when I come throughthe doors  I am neither stumbling nor am I looking like a melted mass of myself.  Instead of the speech Beloved is waiting to deliver , he settles for asking me when I will learn to not do this to myself.  And I answer, with a smile, when I become a strong man! 

Lessons Of Childhood Times

I’ve said it a million times if I’ve said it once, I cannot relate to Beloved’s childhood. It isn’t the age gap between us (there is one, we don’t notice it that often). It isn’t that he grew up in a different country than I did, although that is a part of it in a roundabout way. Mostly it is how he grew up in poverty whereas I grew up in financial comfort.

Everyday things will often highlight the differences in our childhoods, such as talking about swimming lessons. Swimming lessons cost money. They also require time.

When you work several jobs to ensure there is money for food on the table, you tend not to have a lot of spare time to take a child to swimming lessons. If you were to ask Beloved, he was happy to have the money spent on food.

I recall the joy and excitement of my first bike. I had mastered riding without training wheels and had grown a bit too big for the borrowed bike. It was time for a new bike, one that would be my

Priceless Thank You

It is easy, so utterly easy, to take things for granted when you don’t feel well. You take for granted the medical people who work to get you well again.  You take for granted the people who run the labs and fill the prescriptions.  Instead you just focus on getting well and don’t give much of a thought to how it is possible.

If not for a large group of amazing people, there is no way I would have the life I currently have.  To be blunt, I cannot say for sure I would even be alive today without these amazing and talented people.  And I remind myself every day how much they do for me and all the other patients. 

It is just as easy to forget about those amazing people when you feel well.  Let’s face it, when you have a chronic illness, it is deligtful to feel well enough to just be like everyone else.  Again there is no way for me to feel that way without an incredible team behind me.  A team that is a step ahead at times, or at least in sync with me.  And these people plan how to best help me, in spite of myself.

I don’t take them for granted because without them, I’m not here. Thank you seems insufficient for what they do, mostly bcause what they do is priceless to me.