The four-footed one decided today was good for nothing more than resting.  She wasn’t really interested in going for any of her usual walks, playing with her toys or seeking out a new adventure.  It may be because she has found a favorite blanket.

Yesterday I was given a nice, micro fleece blanket as a gift.  I brought my gift home and tossed it on a chair, planning to move it later on.  The four-footed one had other plans.  First she sniffed the new item.  After a few sniffs she planned on testing it.  For softness and comfort.  And somehow that testing plan resulted in a whole day of quality control work on her part.

Yes it’s true dear friends, my four-footed friend, in the name of ensuring I’d have maximum comfort sacrificed a whole day to rigorously testing out my new blanket.  The one I haven’t been able to touch since putting it on the chair.  Which I guess is the sacrifice I made.  Which in light of all she has given up today (walks, playing with her toys, adventures, running around the house and barking at anyone who dares to come near the house) seems like nothing.  Except it’s my blanket and I haven’t even got to use it yet!


Making The Bed

My mama always insisted I make  my bed once I woke up.  She was deaf to the logic I applied, one that went something like this:  why make it just to take it apart hours later to go to bed.  The only time my mama allowed me to leave my bed unmade was if I were sick.

To this day, unless I am very sick, I make my bed once I get up.  Beloved was raised them same way, only his Mama insisted his bed tucked in tight so a coin could be bounced off it.

No matter how hard we try, the four-footed one doesn’t seem to want to leave her beds nice and neat.  I just spent the last half hour putting dog bed mattresses back into the beds, straightening blankets and such.  Not because she has that many beds, but because once one bed was tidied up and I moved to the next, she tore the tided bed apart.

She grabbed one of her mattresses and decided to pull it into the bathroom.  As if to say she might need to crash there at some time!  It isn’t so much I want her to make her beds, but I’d like to not have to retrieve mattresses and such from various parts of the house.

The other day Belved found her mattress with his shoes.  She carried it down five stairs and through a narrow doorway.  Just to place it on his shoes.  When he went to put it back she pounced on it and refused to let him remove it.  (He was able to move it a few hours later, by that time she had another mattress somewhere else.)

And here is the kicker, she rarely sleeps or naps in her beds!  Yep they become play things.  Because she has our bed, and when she needs to nap there is either a welcoming lap or some feet to curl up on.  Because she’s, well,our four-footed one!

Monkeying Around

There is a monkey hanging from an overhead light in my bedroom. I have no clue how it got there, and I’m really not sure I want to know how it got there or how I managed to sleep through the events that brought it to this point.

For the record, I don’t normally have monkeys, either living or stuffed dog toy varieties in my bedroom.  I don’t typically have dog toys in the bedroom.  But Beloved has no qualms about bringing in the four-footed one’s toys and tossing them on the bed if he plans on reading in bed late at night.  Evidently he also has no qualms about allowing the four-footed one to jump and walk on me.  (He forgot that with my medication I bruise very easily and so I have bruises the size of her paws on my body.)

Did I mention that this light, the one with the monkey hanging from it is rather high up from the bed?  Beloved’s answer to my raised eyebrow was that the four-footed one was playing with the monkey.  As if she just threw it up there all on her own.  Next he will be telling me she jumped up there all on her own!

Right now neither Beloved nor the four-footed one are talking.  And the monkey, while he’s just silently hanging around.

Ice Cold Fun

Who knew ice cubes could be so amazing?  Sure they cool your drink on a hot day.  And yes they can help make jello thicken faster with their magic cooling power.  And let’s not forget about their numbing effect when placed, after being wrapped up, on a bruise or swollen body.

But until,today I had no idea that one, simple ice-cube could be so amazing. The four-footed one decided today was the day to avoid her water dish.  It also happened to be very warm.  So I decided to give her an ice-cube. I placed it in her water dish, which evidently was the wrong thing to do.

She fished it out with her paw and proceeded to get push it all over the ground with her nose.  Now and then she would lick the ice-cube before pushing it  bit more.  Soemtimes she licked up the melted puddling bits off the ground. When it became a very small fraction of its former self, she picked it up in her mouth and happily crunched it up.

The one ice-cube had not only given her liquid to drink, but a toy to play with while she got exercise.  And she practiced her fishing skills too!

Childish Things To Make Your Heart Sing

We have a large box filled with an assortment of Lego.  We do not have children in our house so the Lego may seem a little odd.  We also have a mat to go on the floor, a mat  with cushion in it for the times Beloved feels like creating with Lego.

I was surprised to encounter an adult, Beloved, who was not aware of Lego beyond it being some toy beyond his reach.  As he got older Lego was simply not an interest, until one of his nephews received some for a gift.  At which point he became interested in Lego.  Interested enough to buy himself some, under the guise that his nephew may come to visit and would need something to play with.

Somehow despite his nephews and nieces growing up into adults, he still buys Lego now and then.  For himself.  For those moments when he is puzzling over something and needs to step away from it and let things just happen.

We have a bottom shelf on one of our bookcases dedicated to children books.  Because sometimes you need to revisit the stories of your childhood. In other cases because you never got to read those books when you were a child.

What we did not have, until this weekend was coloring hooks and pencil crayons.  Apparently these help relax the mind.  Only I ended up stressing out over choosing the color to start with so maybe I will leave mine for Beloved.

Rough Play

I’ve had to set up a triage system in my house to ensure those in the worst shape get attended to first.  I cannot say it has ever been a dream, wish or desire of mine to set up a triage of any sort in my house, because up until today the idea of an in-house triage never crossed my mind.

Unfortunately one, at least this one, cannot ignore the wounded in the house.  I challenge you to ignore the elephant who’s tusk is hanging by a thread, wiggling around like a loose baby tooth.  Perhaps you are cold enough to turn a blind eye to the meerkat with a badly tattered ear.  And only someone with no heart at all could look beyond the teddy bear with the hole in his tummy.

And so I set up a triage in the house to deal with this t all. Oh there are other walking wounded who need tended to as well, but all in good time.  At this rate all of the animals in this house will be stitched, patched or what have you thanks to their encounters with the four-footed one.  Well perhaps not all of the animals, the dinosaur, dragon and alligator seem to be of tougher stuff.  They may just survive the blitz of teeth and violent shaking that is known as play in the four-footed one’s world.  And now for a squeaker-dectomy for the chipmunk…

A Wee Something Just Because or Do The Spoiled Slope We Go

I will not deny that the four-footed one is a bit on the spoiled side, just a touch mind you, but spoiled all the same.  I’ve no one to blame for this except myself.  It’s a slippery slope where you think we’ll she could use a stuffed dinosaur and that’s about it.  But then she loves the dinosaur so much and it survives her most destructive behaviours so surely she needs the dragon from the same company as well.

Yes my dear friends it really is that slippery and it happens that quickly.  And it’s not just stuffed toys with delightful (if you are her) squeaky noisy things in them.  Oh no, it becomes a few different treats for training, which at some point slide into a treat because I’m having a human treat.

Of course we aren’t on this journey alone.  Oh no Beloved comes along bringing new toys all the time as “just a little something for the wee pup”.  And the training food/occasionally treat suddenly becomes a means to ensure she comes to him.  Which pretty much means that currency she believes everyone should be carrying treats in their pockets for her.  She has been known to pout upon encountering someone who is lacking in the treat department.  (This whole thing puzzled Beloved until we accidentally washed a small plastic bag full of treats when his jeans went in the wash.  Up until this moment he seemed oblivious to the fact he always has dog treats in his pockets.)

Needless to say I currently cringe when people come for a visit because my spoiled, and much-loved pooch is anticipating “just a wee something”.  So we have to work on this, when I get the energy to do it.