At some point a whirlwind went through the house.  It picked up the dog’s toys, her blankets and even the pillow out of one of her beds and scattered the debris throughout one room.  It also got the towel I normally use for drying the dog out of the clean laundry and moved it into the room with the rest of the items.

The whirlwind was none other than the four-footed one herself.  And the reason for such activity?  I had been working and resting too much which means not playing enough with her.  So she had to remind me how much fun it is to play with her.  And if, as an added benefit, it means I have to clean up the mess too, well so be it.

I don’t mind her idea of play time.  I don’t mind when she and Beloved play hide-and-seek with toys and other items throughout the house.  I also don’t mind when Beloved and her move the toys throughout the house.  I just wish that they’d both figure out a way to get the toys back where they came from.  Well actually there is no excuse for Beloved, he knows better.  But he always has something to do right after playing so some how he just magically gets out of picking it up.

As for the four-footed one, well I think she’s more of a play and leave them kind of girl.


How The Dragon Lost A Whisker

I’ve never been a fan of obstacle courses.  Not even the ones I’ve made while in a hurry and dropping stuff on the floor.  The four-footed one,however, adores obstacle courses.  She adores them so much she makes them daily.  Repeatedly.

Now I know some people will say she is bored.  Others will say she is spoiled with toys and stuff.  But at no point have I ever said to her to please create obstacle courses in the house.  And certainly not using my shoes, or bags.  And under no circumstances have I asked her to use toilet tissue to create an obstacle course.

Still today, I have removed several obstacle courses which run from the kitchen to the hallway and into the den.  Clean it up?  And she creates another one.  Scold her?  She wags her tail and demands that you admire her skill.

So after what felt like the millionth time of putting dinosaurs, salamanders, elephants, vultures and one dragon all back where they belong I decided to just leave it.  Yep that’s right.  I left the obstacle course of squeaky toys.

I mean what’s the worse that could happen?  Multiple squeaky things being stepped on one right after the other right?  Wrong.  The worst that can happen is the four-footed one deciding she needs the toy being stepped on as it is under your foot. Yep she tired to pull it out from under my foot.  And that my friends is how the dragon lost his whisker.

A Happy Mess In The Zoo

The four-footed one goes from zero to one hundred in a second flat.  And the. She can shift back down again in the same time frame.  She can cycle back and fourth throughout the day the same way you would flip on and off a switch.

Today has been no exception and it’s why there are green eggs scattered throughout the place.  It’s also why a pink dinosaur is perching on the edge of my coffee table while an orange salamander is hanging ever so precariously on a shelf.  There are three red birds in my kitchen and two squirrels in the hall. I found a grunting hedgehog in my bathroom and a pig with wings hanging out by the bedroom.

As for the four-footed one, she has flopped down on one of her cushions in the middle of the floor.  Resting  ever so innocently and peacefully while I take in the chaos. And while the notation of cleaning it up crosses my mind, I know better. Just the slightest sound, the mildest of squeaks from one of the toys is enough to flip that switch to full throttle again.  Which is not ideal when it’s basically time to sleep for the night and you know it will take her an additional hour to go from full throttle to peaceful rest again.

So for now I will leave the zoo as it is and because in a few hours she will rearrange it all over again.  Probably a million times before the day is done.

Gadgets Galore

Sometimes all it takes is a new gadget or toy to get someone involved in something that she had been reluctant to do before. Sometimes, but not always. Certainly not if the person we are talking about is me.

One of the things someone gave me to help with my self-care routine is a tea scoop and steeping device all in one. It is supposed to provide you with the right amount of tea while also allowing you to put it in your mug so that you can steep your tea in basically two very easy steps. When your tea is steeped to the set amount of time or to your liking, you simply pull this device out and enjoy the brew. Easy peasy right?

And since I’ve protested the journey of cutting back on my caffeine by kicking and screaming this lovely person thought this would make it easier to move into a tea routine. As though giving up coffee would be that simple. And someone else happily provided me with lovely fruit flavored teas so that I can enjoy them hot or cold while still using my cute little device. Because let’s face it, these people collaborated! 😊

As cool as the gadget is, as amazingly fun as it is now to brew a mug or beaker as Beloved used to say, it still doesn’t replace coffee. How can it when coffee basically runs threw my veins? But still there is something I cannot deny about this gadget. Will it get me to drink more tea and thus cut down on my caffeine intake? Perhaps, and perhaps it’s a short journey that takes me back to beans and all the fun gadgets that go with making coffee.

What I can say right now is that I’ve consumed more tea than I usually do so right now we can say it is an experience to the good side of self-care.

Exotic Indeed

There is currently a hedgehog up against the table leg.  This isn’t a little hedgehog either, it’s bigger than my head and has a tendency to grunt when touched.  And do t mind the salamander dangling off the arm of the chair either.  It’s totally harmless although I read somewhere that anything with bright and lurid colors is poisonous.  Pretty sure this one isn’t, and I’ve never read anywhere that orange, yellow and aqua meant you’d be dead if you touched it.

No we haven’t started an exotic zoo or animal collection.  Unless you count the new toys for the four-footed one.  She tends to acquire the most bizarre toys because those tend to be what she picks out.  And yes I know, we probably shouldn’t let her pick out her toys from the various shelves in her favorite stores as often as we do.  Even if just for the fact that the house is looking a bit like an exotic stuffed dog toy zoo.

I think the one that finally made me realize we may be getting a bit overrun is when I awoke to a giant hairy spider sharing my pillow with me.  Just beyond that was the four-footed one, snuggled up against the many-legged creature.  Beloved doesn’t think that waking up next to a giant hairy spider should be a place to say enough.  We shall see if he changes his mind when he puts on his shoe given that I know there is a multi-segmented caterpillar in his shoe.  A hard and cold caterpillar.


The four-footed one decided today was good for nothing more than resting.  She wasn’t really interested in going for any of her usual walks, playing with her toys or seeking out a new adventure.  It may be because she has found a favorite blanket.

Yesterday I was given a nice, micro fleece blanket as a gift.  I brought my gift home and tossed it on a chair, planning to move it later on.  The four-footed one had other plans.  First she sniffed the new item.  After a few sniffs she planned on testing it.  For softness and comfort.  And somehow that testing plan resulted in a whole day of quality control work on her part.

Yes it’s true dear friends, my four-footed friend, in the name of ensuring I’d have maximum comfort sacrificed a whole day to rigorously testing out my new blanket.  The one I haven’t been able to touch since putting it on the chair.  Which I guess is the sacrifice I made.  Which in light of all she has given up today (walks, playing with her toys, adventures, running around the house and barking at anyone who dares to come near the house) seems like nothing.  Except it’s my blanket and I haven’t even got to use it yet!

Making The Bed

My mama always insisted I make  my bed once I woke up.  She was deaf to the logic I applied, one that went something like this:  why make it just to take it apart hours later to go to bed.  The only time my mama allowed me to leave my bed unmade was if I were sick.

To this day, unless I am very sick, I make my bed once I get up.  Beloved was raised them same way, only his Mama insisted his bed tucked in tight so a coin could be bounced off it.

No matter how hard we try, the four-footed one doesn’t seem to want to leave her beds nice and neat.  I just spent the last half hour putting dog bed mattresses back into the beds, straightening blankets and such.  Not because she has that many beds, but because once one bed was tidied up and I moved to the next, she tore the tided bed apart.

She grabbed one of her mattresses and decided to pull it into the bathroom.  As if to say she might need to crash there at some time!  It isn’t so much I want her to make her beds, but I’d like to not have to retrieve mattresses and such from various parts of the house.

The other day Belved found her mattress with his shoes.  She carried it down five stairs and through a narrow doorway.  Just to place it on his shoes.  When he went to put it back she pounced on it and refused to let him remove it.  (He was able to move it a few hours later, by that time she had another mattress somewhere else.)

And here is the kicker, she rarely sleeps or naps in her beds!  Yep they become play things.  Because she has our bed, and when she needs to nap there is either a welcoming lap or some feet to curl up on.  Because she’s, well,our four-footed one!