Under Cover

The four-footed one has taken to needing a soft blanket on her when she’s going to go to sleep.  She also needs a soft blanket to make a nest with, but without that blanket covering her she will fight sleep, no matter how tired she is.

This is a fairly recent discovery and/or trend with her.  One that may last  only during the cooler weather periods of the year.  And then again it may be her mimicking now we sleep at night, under covers in our beds.

So far she hasn’t asked for a pillow, or has she tried to make her own.  I guess if she moves down the path of pillow seeking I will have a more concrete answer about her sleeping habits.

It hasn’t caused me any concern, it’s just something new that she’s decided to do.  The vet has no clue why four-feet is doing this.  She said it could be along the theory of her Thunder Jacket, where its offering a nice secure weight sort of like a hug.  And then again it could just be something she now does.

Who am I to judge given at I have my own strange quirks?  As long as it isn’t causing her harm or such I will let her have her wee blanket on her when it’s time to sleep.  Besides, there are times we all need to crawl under the covers to be comfortable.


And Now Four

We have acquired a new family member.  No we didn’t get another four-footed friend, I don’t think the four-feet would tolerate another dog in the house.  I also know she doesn’t like cats so there are no cats in the house.

no instead this new family member has two legs and a thing for shiny objects.  Two-feet as I call her (I think it’s a her) also has two wings and a penchant for hopping on the window sills.

We had noticed this one magpie staying near our house roughly a week ago.  When we are sitting near the windows she likes to hop on the sill and look inside where we are.  When we place birdseed outside she flies down from the tree branches and hops over to the pile of seed.

Before she eats the seed she makes a series of what I call happy noises.  And when she is done she flies back up into the trees.  She doesn’t seem to want to join the other magpies that flock around from time to time.  Sure she flies off now and hen but as far as we can tel the same magpie keeps coming back to our house.

The four-footed is used to her now so she has stopped barking every time the magpie perches on the window sill.  And so we now have a new family member, one that stays outside and garbled happily when we give her seed.

The Best, The Worst, It Is The Times

The four-footed one has decided that this may be the best time of year after all. The mailman keeps coming to the house as do other delivery people, so it has added variety to the people she sees and meets. And yes, being she is a dog, it has added a whole new dimension of greeting people.

As much as she has decided that this may be the best time of year, she has also decided it is the worst time of the year because it means she is put in her kennel more than normal. Or trapped in the bathroom with the door closed and all the fun (her idea not mine) is happening without her. The fun she is worried about, deliveries being signed for or brought into the house. She feels she is missing out and believe you me if she wasn’t so curious and prone to giving into her curiosity she would not be held away from the fun. I’d let her paw print for the parcels. And I’d let her show the delivery people where to place the heavy stuff. But she can’t be trusted with either of these.

It’s the best time of the year for her because she is getting more treats than normal from the various visitors in our house or when she comes with me on outings. And let’s face it, treats are always going to make things better, whether you are four-footed being or a two-footed one.

It’s the worst time of year for her because sometimes she isn’t allowed those treats that people are offering her. Hey if I let her, she’d eat twenty dog bones in one sitting and not care that she would be sick shortly thereafter. Someone has to watch out for that. And that someone just happens to be the same person who cleans the floor. And that person is me. I have no desire to be cleaning the floor as often as I would need to based on the treat offerings.

Mostly thought it is the best time of the year for her because Beloved is home and spends enormous amounts of time with her. Letting her play as she wants; taking her for long walks and then setting himself up in a char so that they two of them can nap as they need.

Welcomed Home Four-Foot Style

He came through the door, a large bag on his back.  The four-footed one danced around his legs with joy.  You’d think he had been gone for years, not a short period of time with the way she was behaving.

She helped him unpack his bag, probably looking for a present or treat, before he even got his jacket off.  Dirty socks and a pair of jeans were strewn down the hallway and she was dragging a button down shirt with her when I got on the scene.  Beloved was trying to pick up the mess and stuff it all back in his bag, laughing as he worked.

Dont get me wrong, I was thrilled to see him as well, but I wasn’t about to dance around his legs (I’m not that skilled) or go through his dirty laundry to express my joy.  And experience has taught me if he has a treat or gift for me it is mostly likely to be found in a pocket!

It turned out he had presents for both of us in his pockets.  Once he dealt with his dirty laundry, sorted out his other kit, he came into the office give us our presents.  The four-footed one had settled down to rest on my feet while I went back to work.  The minute he spoke she was all over him and knew which pocket held her present.  He causally tossed me a small, black box as he knelt on the floor petting the four-footed one.

She got a bone and I had a lovely brooch.  As for Beloved, well, he has been welcomed home and fed and is happily settled back into our routine.


I had to run some errands today.  Not a big deal, not for most people.  Except I have lupus.  And a cold.  At the same time.  A guarantee for an exhausting time indeed.  So I feel horrible, have achy joints and a sore throat all to go along with running errands.

Now you get a bit of an idea of how I felt and toss into the mix that this time of the year means most stores are busier than normal.  It’s basically a recipe for disaster.  Which is pretty much how I felt as I went around chasing my errands.  And no they weren’t the type of errands that I could do online or leave for another time.

So today wasn’t a super fun time and by the end of errands and such I just wanted to go home and collapse.  Into a heap of me that would not move until I had energy.  That energy level would probably take five years to obtain.  However the four-footed one did not understand any of this.

So I came home, looking to collapse only to find myself playing hide-and-seek with the dog.  Because she insisted.  Insisted with teeth.  Thankfully she got bored early into the game so now I am a happy, yet collapsed shadow of myself.

Sleeping Dogs Indeed

While in the kitchen I dropped a slice of banana on the floor.  The four-footed one was faster g thing to the dropped fruit than I was.  She happily consumed the fallen slice and waited for more.

Large, hopeful eyes followed my every move as I sliced strawberries and a pear.  With no more items falling, probably her version of mana from heaven, she wandered off to flop on her current favorite spot on the floor.  She looked as if she was asleep by the time I brought my bow, of fruit to the table.

Looks can be deceiving. This I already knew, but she decided to remind me of  this anyway.  The phone rang and I got up to get it.  By the time I came back the four-footed one was in my bowl of fruit.  Eating out of it.  Not even using the spoon!

So much for leaving sleeping dogs where they are!  Because not all sleeping dogs are actually sleeping.  And some have apparently learned how to climb onto the kitchen chair in order to reach the food on the table.

And those eyes that were so large and hopeful earlier didn’t even hold the tiniest bit of shame.  Just love and a knowing look that she had gotten one up on me.  And my fruit.

Don’t Forgot To Include Me

The four-footed one does not like to be left out of anything happening in the house. If you are in a room, she must be there, immediately. We had to train her to NOT go into the bathroom with us. And given her curiosity she was very interested as to what was happening in that room. Right down to wanting to see what a person was doing while sitting on that odd chair.

I’m pretty sure if not for such strong food reinforcements she would still be trying to figure out what is going on in that room today. Which may have helped reinforce her need to be in the kitchen whenever a sound comes from that room. You open a door and she is right there. Pull off a place of food wrap? Yep you better believe she has to be right next to you. Because hello, there is food!

She’s an awesome companion when it comes to doing laundry as she likes to sort the clothes by dragging them across the floor or curling up on them. Before they are cleaned. Don’t worry though, cleaned clothes are not safe from her either. She has been known to help pull freshly laundered items out of the dryer to drag across the floor.

Today I had some parcels arriving, so I put her in my bedroom with the door closed while I dealt with the delivery. She was not happy about this. Not one bit. She protested, she barked and she whined. When I moved the boxes into another room to open them up in peace, she pushed her way in and then attempted to climb up so she could look in the boxes. Evidently I wasn’t going fast enough for her standards as she tried to get a paw in the box and help dig the items out.

So the question is, why is it okay for her to be a part of everything that goes on in the house, except when she wants to be left to her own devices? Why is it okay for her to bar people from her safe spot?