She’s A Big Little One To Be Sure

There are amazing things to be found in hedges.  And bushes.  Don’t forget the fun of tall grasses, undergrowth and fallen leaves.  For all I know I felt that way when I was a kid, but I’m pretty sure my mother would never have let me have that kind of fun.

And apparently I’m not that far off from my mother in that I refuse to allow my four-footed companion to roll around or root around in any of that mess either.  Mostly because if she gets into that mess it means she’s going to be dirty and then I am going to have to deal with the mess.  And I do not want to deal with that!

At the same time I feel awful about denying her that fun.  But I rationalize it by saving her from another bath, which she dearly hates.  And if she hates something, the whole world will know about it. The world doesn’t need to suffer that level of hate from one small dog today. So you see, I have to do it to protect everyone!

And then to make it up to her, I let her run wild in the yard.  And the house.  And we hide toys and go looking for them.  Basically she runs free in the house or the yard and gets her energy out.  And I remind myself I’m saving the world from her anger.  Because for one little dog she sure can be angry and has a of ways of letting you know.

Then again for one little dog she sure has a lot of love to share no joy to bring to others too.  And the laughter she brings is amazing.  It’s near to impossible to not laugh at some of her antics, although she is trying so hard to be dignified and serious.  She just hasn’t mastered those yet!

Scented Of Sorts

I love the fresh scent of freshly cut lawns.  It seems that my four-footed companion feels the same.  Only she’s an all or nothing type of girl, so she decided to roll all over someone’s freshly cut lawn. She may have even taken on a slightly green appearance from rolling through that freshly shorn grass.

The thing is, I’m not such a fan of the freshly cut grass smell mixed in with doggie perfume.  The natural perfume the dog has.  Granted the dog also rolled in dirt and had gotten wet earlier n the day.  At any rate the fresh-cut smell of grass just doesn’t work for her.  Not as a refreshing smell.

At least she didn’t roll in garbage, or something dead.  Or get sprayed by a skunk.  And once she has a bath she will smell a little better.  A day at the spa would result in her getting some perfume or such sprayed on her.  Which she doesn’t need.  She’s a dog.  So she typically needs to smell, well, like dog.  Just not a dirty one!

And I’m okay with that. I mean she’s a dog.  I wasn’t expecting her to smell like candy or coffee,  nor do I expect her to smell like clean cotton.  These are all options if I take her to the spa.  As are fresh rain, lemon, or lavender.  Not sure how we came to the point of needing or pets to smell like scented candles or room spray.  I mean if it’s that hard for you, why have a dog?

Dogs will bring with them doggie smell and outdoors into your indoors.  It’s just a case of managing things.  Kind of like humans wearing deodorant.  To manage strong people smells!

Trip To The Vet And Lessns Of Lupus

We went to the vet today, just for a wee check-up.  Everything was fine, well once we got off the cold, metal table that is impossible to get a grip on.  Oh and basically we didn’t relax until we ran out if the exam room and into the waiting area where it was safe.

Once we were out in the open, where there were other puppies we were fine.  All tail wags and happy dances.  Of course she wasn’t the one who had to pay the bill!  Not that I’m complaining really.

By the time I got her in the car she had forgotten all about that strange and less than pleasant place.   I love that she lives in the moment and forgives me so easily.  I also love how she doesn’t know that some times going out to the waiting room doesn’t really mean tail wags.  I hope we never get to that point!

Next medical appointment I have, which is soon, I think once I get out of the exam room, I’m going to act like the waiting room is a safe place and nothing bad can happen.  I may even stick my fingers in my ears so I don’t hear about the next appointment being scheduled etc.  I shall refrain from wagging my tail, mostly because I don’t have a tail.  But maybe that way lupus will seem more manageable and less of a monster!

To Be Blessed In Dark Times

Blessings come in all forms.  Some are obvious, others are more hidden.  A dear friend of Beloved’s was recently told she was being let go from her job.  There simply was not enough to justify her position in this tight market.  She loved her job, just not her employer.

In the past 6 months her company had brought in SixSigma consultants who were asked to streamline th business and cut costs. The first changes brought in was the reduction of administrative staff.  Everyone was expected to pick up the slack with these positions being removed.  At no extra pay.  Oh and the extra time spent at work doing these things were to be considered voluntary.  Of course these were just the first cuts.  And the environment became negative and full of toxic behaviours.

letting her go got her out of the toxic environment much sooner than she otherwise would have been leaving the place.  Since she was let go Beloved noticed that she seems to be able to smile more, even though she is in between jobs.  Beloved also noticed her sense of Humor again.

She told him when it first happened she was somewhat devastated, but also felt a sense of lightness within herself.  Like she could just let go of a weight she had been carrying.  It helped, she told him, that she had money set aside just in case something like this happened.

It was then that Beloved told me he had been debating asking if we could find a way to help her out by letting her move into the house.  There is enough space to be sure.  It might be a bit weird though.  But before he got the chance to ask, she told him that she was taking a much deserved trip abroad.  To just think, recharge and move forward with her life as need be.

The real blessing in all of this is her attitude.  Hopefully I will be as blessed when more adversity comes my way.

I Heard It

I knew I was getting older. And I expected certain things to happen as I got a little more mature, shall we say. You know, things like vision issues, mobility issues. That kind of thing. I Am actually prepared for that. What I  wasn’t expecting was my hearing. It seems that I’m more sensitive to noises now then when I was younger. The lovely Doctor indicated that this can happen as we get older, but it rarely happens. The volume I used to listen to the television at now is painful to my ears.  So super hearing is surely on the way. More likely the nice man told me it is that I have more frequently headaches due to light  and noise sensitivity. Pity. I was looking forward to having an awesome super power. Not that the hearing would be my issue. But I’d take what I get.

But then I got to thinking will there come a point where every little thing is just too much or just too loud, too bright?  As I thought about I shared my thoughts with a friend who suggested that I just need a break from all the noise around me.  She said that today we are exposed to so much noise all the time it could just be that my ears are rebelling.  It’s a nice thought, one that fits with today, but I do wonder if maybe before one’s hearing goes down it gets more sensitive.

But I am going to take a rest from all the noise around.  I shall curl up with a lovely book for a while and listen to nothing loud than the turning of pages!

What Did You Hear…Was It Out Of This World

Someone (I cannot for the life of me remember who, not that it matters) recently told me we had officially made contact with aliens. You know the kind that are not of this world? Think E.T calling home, or U.F.O.s no longer wanting to just be seen, but also heard. Yeah that kind of alien.

For proof this person pulled out an article from a reputable news source which didn’t come out and say that it was a sure thing, this contact with the aliens. Rather the article indicated that scientists were puzzling over an odd set of radio signals which had been detected. Further more these radio signals were detected be coming from outer space rather than echoes from our own world.

The article explained that radio signals were detected by a Russian telescope and are believed to come from a 6.3 billion year old star. This old star is some 94 odd light years away from us and having been travelling the universe that whole distance just to be picked up by the telescope. Clearly this was exciting and mind-blowing to the scientists.

Speculation runs from this advanced civilization trying to reach out and contact us to pass on wisdom or help all the way to being something less than peaceful. And buried deep within all this speculation and other mind-blowing mathematical equations was some interesting cautions from scientists. The biggest caution was that this may not be coming from aliens, but rather stellar flares that are messing with how the signal is interpreted. The same was said for it being a spy satellite. And sadly there was only this one catching, no other signals have come since. So the scientists say this looks less and less likely that the aliens want to communicate with us.

And yet there are many people who will see this as a sure sign of aliens existing. Of aliens communicating with us. Of higher or more advanced life forms being out there. Of a whole new set of monsters to worry about, the kind that don’t need to hide under your bed because it comes from outer space. We have probably always wondered if there was anything beyond us. The myths and folktales from various cultures and civilizations seem to point that this isn’t anything new. Just as this point that various events which happened in the past could be interpreted to fit a belief system. So if there are aliens out there, can this be send as an end-of-times scenario? The next age of enlightenment and evolution? Or just a case of the human imagination and soul seeking to know for certain it’s very place within the order of things?

The question that no one has been able to answer for me is if it is a case of aliens contacting us, how will anyone on earth be able to accurate communicate and interpret their message? Especially if the message remains in a radio signal with no visuals to provide context or gestures. Because that’s what I’ve always wanted to know. How will we know we get the message right if there is a message? And why do we assume anything wants to contact us

Karma Time or Good Things Too

Good things come to those who wait, or so I’ve heard. Karma tends to pay you back threefold is another one I’ve been told. Of course I have also been told that Karma tends to happen in ways you’d least expect it so how can you determine if something truly is Karma, coincidence or something else I am not sure.

A friend had sent off a large long email letting everyone know that both she and her husband had been recently downsized or removed after an organizational structure change at the company they’ve both worked at for over 15 years each. It wasn’t their favorite place to work, but the money was decent, the benefits were okay and they were looking to adopt so they didn’t want to make any “scary on paper” changes in their lives. And then the company decided to change their lives anyway. By no longer employing either one of them. They didn’t work in the same department, nor did they have the same skillset.

They were not expecting it, given that the company was making a profit and still hiring people. Given that both had received wonderful reviews from their bosses. Given that one of them had just landed a new client for the company. Given that they both worked at the one place. Given that their coworkers, bosses etc. knew they were looking to adopt a child. So many givens.

The restructuring notice cited a 25% drop in revenue from this time last year. Plus the need to balance the millennials with other workers. The notice told them they had exactly two weeks left in the office and would be paid for an additional two weeks after that. And then they would be on their own.

They were both devastated and couldn’t see how this could be a blessing in disguise. They had a mortgage to pay, food to buy, not to mention the other bills. And yet they discovered once they were free from the workplace they were happier. Felt lighter even. And they, like a few of the other employees who where laid off talked to a lawyer and discovered that things weren’t so bleak. There are rules and laws that dictate how much a person must be paid out, it is based on their number of years of service as well as their performance ratings.

Suddenly they were getting more money. And their former employee was going to see a huge hit to his drop in this year’s profit, just covering off the legal amount each of these employees are entitled to. So I guess that’s Karma. Just as the client recently landed heard about the lay-offs and insisted on working only with the person who had been laid off (my friend’s husband). So suddenly the former employer is out more money as a contract clearly indicated who was to be working the account and who was not.

And the good thing, besides the additional money. These laid off employees have found a place to start their own little company. They’ve started with the one large client and will grow things out. And maybe, just maybe the next good thing will be news that they were chosen for the adoption.

Heaven Is A…Bookstore

I spent the day in a bookstore, a very large bookstore.  A bookstore that carries all sorts of books from new releases to first editions of classics.  In other words, I basically spent the whole day in my idea of part of heaven.  😊

There is something magical about a bookstore.  Adventures waiting to happen.  A heavenly scent that can only come from books.  And the feel of a book in your hand!  The comfortable weight, the delicate whispery feel of the pages.  Oh my my!  Pure magic and joy!

its impossible fr me to be in a foul mood when I’m in a proper bookstore.  But I can’t say the same about going into a bookstore that sells more than books.  You know the kind, sells a few books, scented candles, pillows, throws and kitchen items just to name a few. Those stores sometimes put me in foul moods, simply because there are fewer books.  It’s almost disrespectful to the books that are in the store.

But today I spent all day in and among books upon books.  I read covers and flipped pages.  I recklessly eyeballed books and pictured them on my own shelves.  I debated which to buy and which to leave.  I caressed covers as I cradled soon-to-be-purchased books while I walked through the store looking for more.  Because you can never have too many books.

Books are dear and trusted friends.  They are confidants, travel partners and educators.  They are adventures and comfortable forms of relaxation.  They are portable and can go anywhere.  Ready and willing to share their contents when you are available for it.  And yes they can be used as weightlifting devices as well as cardio assistants, like when you carry huge piles of books out of the store!  Like I did today!

And after I had finished my purchases and carefully brought them home, I sorted them out.  Some are gifts and require wrapping, some are to be set aside for lectures and then some are just for there here and now.  My guilty pleasure…reading!

Not Exactly My Cuppa Smell

A friend and I decided to check out a tea shop, called The Tea Shoppe aptly enough.  It is supposed to be all sorts of herbal teas and various blends  of whites, and dark teas.  And not really as much my thing as hers.

The store recently opened and she was waiting to try it out until someone would go with her.  Evidently she had asked other people who had all declined.  Of course this wee fact she held onto until we were seated and waiting to be served our teas.  Basically she held it close to her until there really was no way out gracefully.

I had settled for a simple fruit tea, peach, as a safe bet.  I can’t even remember what she finally chose except it had flowers and what appeared to be twigs in it.  After going through the agonizing exercise of her choosing the teas we were invited to choose out tea cups.

Now prior to Beloved coming into my life I wasn’t too concerned about the type of receptical my tea was in.  Mostly because the only time I drank it was when I was sick.  And let’s face it when you are sick you just don’t care.  But Beloved taught me you need to have tea in a very thin and fine porcelain dainty cup when you have tea.  The whole little pinky our thing isn’t really required, in case you are wondering.

So then we had to choose our cups and saucers, which we took to the table with us to await our brewed tea.  Mine was about as expected, a safe and comfortable drink.  I have taken to consuming peach tea now and then.  My friend’s  tea smelled like a combination of mushrooms, wet grass and dirt with a hint of must.  How she’d ever managed to bring that mixture up to her face after she poured out the tea from her tiny teapot was beyond me.  But she did it and claimed it was delicious.

Normally I’m good for some adventure, but not with tea.  Not after Beloved insisted we try some oolong variation that neither us managed to enjoy.  To be honest, after the first sip we were done with it!

If you ask me how the outing went, the tea I had was okay, the company was great.  But her tea and the smell of some of the other teas were rather overwhelming in a less-than-pleasant manner.  Perhaps if we had consumed the stuff outdoors it might have been less aromatically assaulting to my nose.

She is already planning our next visit to try something more adventurous for herself!


Messages From The Universe or The Coffee Bean Knows All

Some times you can tell it’s just not going to be your day.  Maybe it’s how you get out of bed, perhaps it’s when you try to fix your hair and it just won’t listen to you.  Or maybe it’s your breakfast that lets you know things aren’t going to align in your favour.  Then again it might be your commute to work or work itself that lets you know.

The first sign things weren’t going to go in my favour was a dropped cup of coffee.  First thing in the morning.  Followed by the realization that the coffee managed to end up not just on the floor, but also all over me.  Pretty much, in my world, lost coffee is a sure sign from the universe that things aren’t going to be my way.

One cannot ignore these kinds of signs.  What one needs to do is find a way to manage to work with what the universe gives you.  Which in my case means getting another cup of coffee,changing my clothes (darker colors just in case it happens again), and lowering my hopes and/or expectations for that day.

Now some people will tell you if you change your attitude, you can change the balance of day to your favour.  But how, I ask you, can anyone change their attitude after the life-giving drink that we call coffee is wasted?  It isn’t a sacrifice, just a sad and tragic loss of the gifts from the gods of the coffee universe.

Some times you just have to roll with the punches and know that this isn’t your day.  Some times you need to adjust your expectations so your attitude isn’t so sour.  No one wants you to have an attitude as sour as spoiled milk that has been added to precious coffee.  Because that is too sour by far.