New Friends

The four-footed one made a new friend today.  I’m not sure if her new friend was as excited about their initial meeting as she was, but they seem fine now.  They have walked through the yard together, curled up on her outdoor bed to have a nap and both have even tried to enter the house a few times.

I’m not a big fan of her new friend.  I’m trying to be open, but it’s a bit hard to take in that my sweet little dog who can sometimes be a bit of a devil has become such good friends with a spider.  Yep a spider.  You know the creatures with 8 legs and tons of eyes?  The ones that spin webs and wrap their meals up before slurping down all that delicious goo that used to be flies?  Yep that’s my sweet, four-footed companion’s new friend.

The four-footed one has been exploring various parts of the garden each day and she finally found the area by the flower shed.  It’s an area I’m not prone to visit much due to the size and quantity of said spiders in the area.  When she  wandered back there I was sure she’d come running out quickly as there isn’t really anything to play with.  Except she found something…a spider the size of my thumbnail.

At first she batted the poor spider around for a bit.  Then she tried to carry it in her mouth which resulted in her spitting it out again.  At this point the poor spider probably sought refuge in her fur.  She didn’t seem to mind as she went off on her adventures throughout the garden.

When she curled up on her bed I notice it was in her fur so naturally I asked Beloved to help remove the spider. He proceeded to try and pick the spider up with chopsticks, but really all he did was make it go further along her body, using fur as protection.

Naturally she wanted in the house at some point and that was well not oe thing we were comfortable with.  This is an outdoor spider so it needs to stay outdoors.  No amount of shaking seemed to dislodge he four-food one’s new friend.  So what’s a family to do?

We opted to wash her friend out of her fur.  The spider was not harmed by this process (no I’m jot just saying that, I watched it walk away) and the dog became clean.  After being indoors for a bit, someone decided she needed to go outside.  To find her multi-legged friend.  I have a feeling Beloved and  are going to have to accept this unusual relationship.

Self-conscious Insecurities

Without fail, on the days when I need to look pulled together and polished everything seems to conspire against me.  I positive my hair brush and blow dryer spend time ng how to give me the  most creative hair styles that could double as modern art sculptures.

Wrinkles that have been ironed out of clothes the world over manage to find their way into my clothes where they are basically permanent a part of the clothing.  And if I manage to get the creases out of the material chances are I will spill something on myself prior to going in public.

The four-footed one likes to help out as well.  She will rub up against me to help share her lovely fur coat with me.  She will find something smear her face in and then try to share the smear with me.  I mean who doesn’t want to share a smear?

So what’s a girl to do when it seems everything is considering against her to look presentable.  Well, she can hide from it and avoid all public appearances.  Or she can make the best of it and work with what she has.  Basically own the disaster as it is an intended effect.  Which tends to be what I do most of the time.

Beloved will assure you that my hair has yet to even remotely resemble modern art even when I swear it does.  The four-footed one?  Well we both have her fur on our clothes.  Wrinkles happen,  it again Beloved will tell you the wrinkles aren’t nearly as bad as I say.  So how is it that we see things so differently ?  Because when these moments are happening to me it’s my insecurities coming out.  And knowing that helps reduce the self-conscious  that comes with those insecurities.

Behaviour Is Relational or Diva Dog Emerges

The four-footed one spent part of her day running errands.  Errands which happened to be spread across the city so she had to help run those errands in the vehicle.  She doesn’t mind car rides, just not ones with multiple stops.  Especially if those stops aren’t centered around her. Today’s errands were not centered around her, but she wasn’t left out.

I did not go with her on the errands so I got to hear about the adventure afterwards.  Now I should say when she is in the vehicle with me she either likes to look out the windows or she curls up on her car seat, yes she has one, and rests.  Regardless of which of these she does she is very quiet.  At least she is with me.

Beloved said she barked, growled and moaned the whole time.  She refused to stay seated or curl up for a rest.  Instead she tried to bounce around, not that she could in her harness and seat, but she still tried.  Whenever Beloved hopped out at a store or pharmacy, she apparently went into full diva mode.  Beloved expected to come back to the car with glass shattered either from her load noises or people breaking the windows to “rescue” her.   Thankfully that did not happen.

Even when they stopped for her and he let her pick out her own treat the diva mode came out quickly.  As in as soon as the treat was consumed.  She never does anyone this with me. And yes I have the radio on so that couldn’t be the reason, which was what Beloved proposed.

I a it has to do with her relationship with each of us separately.  At any rate the lesson learned today, according to Beloved, is that the angel has lived up to her breed’s nickname of devil dog. The real lesson learned is that she isn’t ready to go on errands with him alone, not yet anyway.

A Wee Something Just Because or Do The Spoiled Slope We Go

I will not deny that the four-footed one is a bit on the spoiled side, just a touch mind you, but spoiled all the same.  I’ve no one to blame for this except myself.  It’s a slippery slope where you think we’ll she could use a stuffed dinosaur and that’s about it.  But then she loves the dinosaur so much and it survives her most destructive behaviours so surely she needs the dragon from the same company as well.

Yes my dear friends it really is that slippery and it happens that quickly.  And it’s not just stuffed toys with delightful (if you are her) squeaky noisy things in them.  Oh no, it becomes a few different treats for training, which at some point slide into a treat because I’m having a human treat.

Of course we aren’t on this journey alone.  Oh no Beloved comes along bringing new toys all the time as “just a little something for the wee pup”.  And the training food/occasionally treat suddenly becomes a means to ensure she comes to him.  Which pretty much means that currency she believes everyone should be carrying treats in their pockets for her.  She has been known to pout upon encountering someone who is lacking in the treat department.  (This whole thing puzzled Beloved until we accidentally washed a small plastic bag full of treats when his jeans went in the wash.  Up until this moment he seemed oblivious to the fact he always has dog treats in his pockets.)

Needless to say I currently cringe when people come for a visit because my spoiled, and much-loved pooch is anticipating “just a wee something”.  So we have to work on this, when I get the energy to do it.

Walks, Water, What More Could A Dog Ask For

The four-footed one has discovered the joys of a sprinkler on a hot, sunny day.  Specifically the joys of running through the cool water.  Now if only she’d learn to enjoy it in her own yard rather than stranger’s!

It started with a slow stroll on a lovely afternoon.  Plenty of water for both of us, we each have our own, very different water bottles so there is no confusion, and sunscreen for me.  Not a huge walk and certainly nothing that prevented us from stopping to smell all the different flowers out in bloom.  We were basically enjoying our time, smelling the flowers, listening to the birds and enjoying each other’s company.  A nice, peaceful afternoon.

And then she heard it.  The distinctive ticking noise of an automatic water sprinkler.  A new noise that simply had to be investigated in a hurry.  Never mind the flowers or different types of grass to check out.  We picked up our pace to check out the noise and sample the water on the pavement.  Surely this would be enough for us to satisfy our curiosity I thought.

As soon as this thought popped in my head, there was a tug and she was off to run through the closest sprinkler.  Not once, nor twice but several times.  Until she was soaked and a good portion of me was as well.  Before we left she tried to drink directly from the sprinkler because being soaked after running through all that water is thirsty work.

At least the home-owner got a good laugh at her antics from the comfort of his shade, dry deck.


The Fine Line Between Fan And Fanatical or Lessons From Plush Eggs

The four-footed one is a fan of plush green eggs that squeak with the slightest touch.  She will ignore all of her other toys for one of these eggs.  I believe half the appeal of these toys are that they fit under chairs and such.  She likes to hide her eggs under the chairs and then demand that someone (human) find them for her.  Once they have been uncovered she wants to run around the house with an egg in her mouth while said human chases her.  She will happily squeak the egg the whole time.

The thing is, this human is not a fan of the plush green eggs.  I was at first because they bring her such joy.  Alas the whole hunting and chasing not to mention the non-stop squeaking has taken all the fun out of the egg thing for me. I guess this is why we do Easter Egg hunts only once a year!

Perhaps though what is the biggest turn off my four-footed one’s fanaticism when it comes to her egg.  The obsession of her’s for all things plush green egg is too much to handle at times.  She has, dear finds, crossed the line from fan to that crazed fanatic that we typically see in the sporting world.

To help her overcome this obsession we take the eggs away now and then.  (For the record if we don’t take them and put them up high she will spend hours squeaking the, with no regard to human ears.)  But the fanatic in her is not so easily subdued.  A compulsion, unyielding, sets in and she just continues to seek out her precious eggs.

I suppose there are far worse things for her to be fanatical about.   Perhaps if the eggs weren’t so noisy…  But the lesson is that anything can become too much, too-consuming so it is important to step back from it now and then.

I Am That Woman, Thank Heavens

I have become that woman, the one who has a swimming pool for her four-footed companion.  I figure it’s just a matter of time before she gets a chair at our table.  I mean she already has a few car seats, different styles for different types of trips.  And let’s not forget the multitude of dog beds that make appearances in various rooms in my house.

I’ve always considered my pet to be a part of the family, and to that end said pet has always lived in the house with me.  And yes of course the four-footed ones n my life have been, well let’s be candid here, spoiled.

I just never thought I’d become that woman who goes out of her way to pick up things like pools and floating toys for said pool.  That was the errand for the day, in case you are wondering, floating toys for the dog’s pool.  Not buying groceries for the meals of the day, not even to pick up a much-needed new pair of shoes.  Nope, just stopping of fun to the pet store for the dog.  Because I have become that woman!  (For the record,  I’m perfectly fine with being this woman, after all my four-footed is the apple of my eye and full of unconditional love!  And you cannot put a price on that!)