When You Find Something New

The four-footed one has discovered face cloths.  Wet face cloths to be exact.  I should back up a few steps and explain a bit.  It’s been very hot here.  Unusually hot.  Too hot for anyone wearing a fur coat.  Way too hot if the fur coat that is being worn is dark.  So naturally the four-footed one fits neatly into the category someone who is wearing a dark fur coat.

Naturally the four-footed also likes the sun more than the shade.  And refuses to have water out on her. Basically today the four-footed one would wander into the sun, flop down and sun bathe.  She’d get removed to the shade,yet she’d just move herself again.

She was provided oodles of places with water.  A mister was turned on and in a moment of desperation I made s face cloth good and damp with cold water and tossed it on her. Gently dear readers, I tossed it on her gently.  Now some animals like that.  They find it cooling.

The four-footed one though was having none of is.  She shook it off her back, went over to where if fell and proceeded to chew it.  Because she’s that kind of dog.  Unfortunately for me, she has discovered a like for these cloths.  She prefers they are wet, but will chew and roll happily on a dry one all the same.  How do I know you ask.  Because she managed to get ahold for freshly laundered ones and proceeded to have her own little party with them.  I guess when you discover a good thing it’s hard to pass it up.


Bagging It

the four-footed one has developed a thing for bags.  Handbags, messenger bags, backpacks and shopping bags.  None of these are safe from her curiosity.  Or her nose.  Or her paws.

I’m not sure when she first discovered her thing for bags, but I can attest to having her paws in my bag.  I caught her today with her nose, rooting around in one of my bags.  There is something there that she would find interesting, but still she does it.  It’s a little odd, but super embarrassing when she does it to a guest.

A little earlier today we had a dear friend of Beloved’s drop by for a visit.  The four-footed one wasn’t just interested in the person.  Oh no!  She  happily stuck her head in  the bag, and at some point she climbed right in and made herself at home.  Because who wouldn’t want a dog in their bag?

Thankfully this friend was understanding about our poorly behaved dog.  Which I guess is really a reflection on us.  Beloved also has a thing for bags.  It’s why he bought me a new backpack even though there is nothing wrong with my current one.  See?  The dog gets it from him.  Not that he sticks his nose, hands or body in visitors’ bags, but you get the idea.

Like The Dog

The four-footed one made a new friend today.  The fact that her new friend is about three times her size is not an issue for her.  The fact that her new friend isn’t interested in her also doesn’t matter to her.  As far as she’s concerned everything is fine. And if the new friend is a temporary thing, she seems content with this as well.

Frankly as long as things work out, she’s okay.  She’s an easy-going kind of girl.  Until it doesn’t suit her anymore.  At which point she is no longer content nor so easy-going. Thankfully she lives for the moment, unless it’s around food at which point she has the memory of an elephant and doesn’t forget the when, where, why or who.

It would be wise to be more like her, forgive a little easier, let go of grudges and such and just hold onto the good times.  And food of course.  Well maybe not too much holding onto food because holding too much food would probably result in massive weight gain for me.  And massive weight gain would make me unhappy and I wouldn’t be able to forget about things.  So maybe not hold onto food too much.  But otherwise just like the dog.

Rediscovery Or Taste Of Grass

The four-footed one discovered the roots of grass today.  Well technically she probably discovered them before.  So maybe it’s better to say she rediscovered them today.

When she was a puppy she should signs of being a digger and a chewer.  She lost the urge to dog much sooner than she lost the urge to chew on things, granted she was teething too.  For the longest time after she was past her digging phase she’d find grass patches to push her nose through, but nothing more than that.

A few days ago I noticed she was basically pushing her snubbed nose into the ground, and in dogging so she had managed to make a small depression in the grass.  Telling her no put an end to that.  Although she opted to smear both sides of her face in that depression.

Today she was stealthy.  She found a small, section of grass not immediately visible from where we were sitting.  And once she checked that she was safe (I assume that’s what she did) she got to work.  For all I know she blissfully used her nose first to make her depression.  When I saw her, she was digging with her front paws.  Enthralled and engrossed in her task so she didn’t hear me come up on her.

Thankfully she didn’t make a deep hole, it she wants to revisit the spot.  She is pulling at the grass and chewing on the roots of the grass.  She doesn’t eat it.  She just chews it and spits it out.

I’m all for discovery and following yours passions,just not at the expense of the lawn.  I have enough issues keeping things green so her digging is not going to help.

Floor Time

There’s something to be said about the floor.  I mean it’s always there for you. Just waiting around, letting you stand on it or what have you.  People assure me that once you have a small child, you rediscover how amazing the floor can be for playing on, or just resting on for short periods of time.

I’ve taken to sitting on the floor these past few weeks.  It isn’t that I don’t have furniture, but I can’t do what I want to do on the furniture with the four-footed one stretched out against me. She can do that easily on the floor.  So I’ve designated a few pillows as ones to be used for sitting upon while I work away on an end table.  It works out rather nicely.  Until I get up off the floor.

You see the problem with the floor is that’s its far down and getting up is not as easy as it use to be. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the floor rather my age.  And I’m almost positive of this because Beloved has taken to joining the four-footed one and myself on the floor these days.  He too seems to struggle to get back up on to his feet when we are no longer sitting on the floor.

A normal person would probably not sit on the floor, or at least not for hours on end given the drama of getting back up off it.  But neither Beloved nor myself have ever really been normal.  So we lose track of the time, sit far longer than we should and then moan about as we struggle to our feet.  Only to do the same thing again and again.  The four-footed one seems rather pleased with these arrangements.

Scenes Of Home

Beloved was reading, out loud, some of the material he was working on.  Evidently none of it was of any interest to the four-footed one as she fell asleep not long after he started!

I was attempting to grate cucumbers, not really that easy of a task if you don’t want to have the strands of the cucumber flying everywhere.  Why I felt compelled to do what the recipe required is a bit beyond me as I never fully follow recipes.  And yet there I was grating cucumber while he was reading he own words.  The four-footed one was snorting away in her sleep.

Not most people’s ideal of perfection, but it certainly feels of home to me and there’s nothing more I’d want.  Well other than not grating cucumbers because it’s just not worth it.  But the idea of domestic scenes like this fills me with a sense of home.  That’s important because when I’m on the road, or in hospital, I can recall those scenes and warmth.  And the same for when Beloved is gone to work, I can feel him from these memories as well.

I will confess though what Beloved was working on was something that would lull most people to sleep, especially when he started with once upon a time there were two chieftains.

Zen Indeed

Today’s lesson is to know your four-footed companion very well before attempting to do yoga or Pilates while your companion is freely roaming about your work area!  Okay so this may seem obvious to some of you, and perhaps a few of you have already learned this lesson.  But no one told me about this. There was no warning that came with the four-footed one.  Not a single word.

And normally, well normally she isn’t all that interested in what I am doing if she happens to have a toy or something to keep her occupied. The only time I’d say this doesn’t apply is when food is present.  Nothing trumps food when it comes to the four-footed one.  Heck that may apply to me at times too!

Anyway I was doing some yoga today, at home with the four-footed one roaming about freely.  She had her large pink elephant to play with and all was very zen like to begin with.  I followed poses, I breathed and I felt a bit lighter.  Until.  Until the moment of a downward dog.  This is the point where zen ceased to exist and chaos began.  You see the four-footed one decided that my sad attempt at and downward dog was really an invitation.  To jump on my back.  And then jump off. And jump up again.  And down again.  Basically I became the dog’s jungle gym.

Naturally I had to put an end to this, but when there is so much fun to be had, it can be hard to just stop.  That is until a firm voice and command is given.  At this point the fun ceases, the person responsible for the cessation of said fun becomes ignored and the four-footed one disappears for a bit.  And any moment of zen, peace, calm or even feeling a bit better is over.  Just like that.  Because the next thing I did was end up like a pretzel, only because I was trying to get the four-footed one to come out of her hiding place.  She gave in once she decided I was knotted up enough.

I’d go back to the yoga, but….