Change In Plans

I was going to attend a conference today.  Actually, I was going to meet a friend first, attend the conference and meet up with a colleague afterwards.  That was the plan.

What happened is a certain four-footed one got sick this morning.  On my outfit.  Which meant having to change and tend to the four-footed one.  So I had to let my friend know I wouldn’t be able to meet with her.  The conference though, was surely still a go.  Until that same certain four-footed one was sick again.

A call to the vet and the advisement to bring the four-footed one in meant no conference or meeting anyone after.  It turns out the four-footed one is very cuddly when she’s been sick.  It also turns out that she had something akin to food poisoning.  So medication has been prescribed, the garden has been scoured to make sure nothing not dog friendly was present.

Somehow this day still turned out okay. The dog is going to be okay.  We got lots of cuddle time and the garden go a good going over. Which was important because we found moldy peanuts and candies in an area that the four-footed one would love to check out.  (That’s probably why she got sick in the first place.)

Sure my plans changed. Sure I missed time with friends and a conference.  But all in all, knowing the dog is okay and making other plans to meet up with my friend and colleague for another day, has made it all still a decent day.


What Time Is It

Don’t tell me dogs can’t tell time.  The four-footed one is very talented at telling time.  Especially if it’s based around meal time.  She knows that Beloved and I eat at basically the same time every day.  Five minutes or so before that time, she is ready for joining us in meals.

But the four-footed one can also tell time based on when people should be coming home from work etc.  Again roughly ten minutes before Beloved should be home she’s pacing between the door and the window.  As the time gets smaller to when he should come through the doors, she get some more excited.

The minute he comes home, she greets him and hen is done.  Ready to move onto something new,  I mean he came home right?

Bed time is a different deal.  She kind of decides she’s ready to go to bed and that’s that. It doesn’t matter what time it is.  When she’s ready for bed, she doesn’t care if we are or not.  If we don’t go to bed when she wants, she pouts,  yes pouts.

Heaven forbide if you don’t stick to the time schedule she expects either.  All heck will break loose. Because after all, she can tell time.

Nature Provides Entertainment

We’ve had a flock of birds take up residence in the neighbor’s trees.  Every morning we are greeted with some bird song and bird squabble.  Every day Beloved moans about the birds leaving their umm droppings in our yard, on the sidewalks and parked vehicles.  The way he carries on you’d thinks his vehicle wasn’t tucked safely away.

The four-footed one has a slightly different take on the birds.  She enjoys watching them fly about.  Loves when they drop the seeds or nuts they have collected from across the path to bring back to their trees.  She can watch them flap about for hours, entertained by their antics.

Until they come into our yard.  At which point all heck breaks loose and she borrows a page from Beloved’s book.  She barks, growls and snaps at the window as she watches them in our yard.   She lunges and leaps and on the odd time Beloved has her out and the birds land in the yard, she lunged and leaps.  Beloved reckons if she wasn’t on a leash she’d stand a chance of catching one of the slower birds.

In a few weeks, the weather will shift and so will the birds, at which point the four-footed one will stop looking for the birds and watch the cats slink around.  And Beloved, well, he will find something new to complain about.



At some point a whirlwind went through the house.  It picked up the dog’s toys, her blankets and even the pillow out of one of her beds and scattered the debris throughout one room.  It also got the towel I normally use for drying the dog out of the clean laundry and moved it into the room with the rest of the items.

The whirlwind was none other than the four-footed one herself.  And the reason for such activity?  I had been working and resting too much which means not playing enough with her.  So she had to remind me how much fun it is to play with her.  And if, as an added benefit, it means I have to clean up the mess too, well so be it.

I don’t mind her idea of play time.  I don’t mind when she and Beloved play hide-and-seek with toys and other items throughout the house.  I also don’t mind when Beloved and her move the toys throughout the house.  I just wish that they’d both figure out a way to get the toys back where they came from.  Well actually there is no excuse for Beloved, he knows better.  But he always has something to do right after playing so some how he just magically gets out of picking it up.

As for the four-footed one, well I think she’s more of a play and leave them kind of girl.


The four-footed one is great for letting us know when something out of the ordinary is happening outside any of the windows.  She is always on patrol and ever alert.

We may have to work on how she lets us know things are happening though.  A panicked bark for a stranger approaching the door is one thing, but that same bark because there is a rabbit where she can see it?  Not so much.

Sure I know I need to get my steps in and all that stuff, but I’m also pretty sure running from the kitchen (or insert any other room here) to where she is to discover it’s a false alarm isn’t really the type of steps they are referring to.  I mean I could be wrong.  Maybe they don’t care that much.  I, however, care a great deal because today with all the to and fro due to bunny alerts and branches in the wind, I feel rather dizzy.  (Okay truthfully I feel a bit like a hamster running nowhere on a wheel, but hey!)

Now I can appreciate a bunny outside the window.  I really can!  And I can admit to being startled by a branch moving when I take a quick glance out a window.  I just can’t keep running back and forth for everything.  So we need to,work on her alerting or something.

In One Ear, Turn Head, Forget

The four-footed one has taken to having afternoon naps in odd locations.  She has a perfectly good dog bed, well several to be honest, which she was using before.  And now suddenly she’s sleeping on my bed (up until today I had no idea that she could Ike even jump  onto the bed as I usually pick her and put her on it for the night) as well as the rocking chair (another item I had no clue she could reach).

Now I’m not against her napping, but I confess I’m a bit surprised at how bold she is with displaying her new napping place.  I mean I removed her from the bed and she seemed to understand she shouldn’t  be up there until it’s ready for her.  And then she goes and jumps onto another piece that’s off-limits.

So we had a chat, the dog and I.  Or rather I did the talking while she turned her head from side to side.  It looked like she understood me, but maybe she was just humoring me because I found her back on my bed a few more minutes after our chat.  My mother told me there would be days like this, but I don’t think she meant because of a dog.

A Hilly Thing

The four-footed one reminds me that life is what you make of it.  It’s partially how you see things, how reality works and mostly how you react and respond based upon the reality you’ve been given.  The four-footed one, it would seem believes she is a huge work-beast rather than a dog smaller than a shoe box.

Today while we were out for a our daily walk. the four-footed companion decided she needed to run.  But not just run.  That would be simple.  Instead she decided to run while dragging me behind her because I foolishly held onto her leash.  While she ran.  Pulling me up the hill after her.

Why?  Because she thinks she’s a work horse or something.  And also she seems to think I enjoy running up hills with her.  Or maybe she thinks I need to run up hills with her.  I’m not exactly sure.

The only thing I’m really sure about is that I am not in need of running up hills while having my arm tugged because I need to hold onto a leash.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could pass on that and still be okay. But it makes her happy.  And her being happy make me happy.  Although why running up a hill makes her happy is beyond me.

But when we think we are something other than how reality sees us and we can prove ourselves to be more than that, well maybe we just get happy.  I’d think about it more, except I need to make sure that my arm remains in its socket!