What I Saw

Over the years I have had my palms read, my aura read and my tea leaves read. Today I had my coffee grounds read.  Yeah who knew this even existed, certainly not me.

The idea is you make a pot of coffee with grounds thrown into the bottom and of course when your pour it out, grounds end up in the bottom of your cup.  After you’ve consumed your drink the grounds stay there and a trained reader can educate you about your future.

I can tell you that this reading was much like all the other ones I’ve had, a lot of vague references about the future which can be interpreted in several different ways.  That way the reading is surely accurate, you see events unfold in a manner that is self-serving.  Or at least in keeping with the reading.

Regardless the idea that anything can offer us a glint of hope for the future or maybe just a small slice of what the future may hold is always fascinating.  Not because it will show the future, rather because it touched deep within our subconscious and laying bare our hopes, dreams, fears and such.  In other words it says more about us than the skill of the reader.  And in my case the vague statements revealed to me my anxiety, excitement and  concern about what the future may hold for career, health and general life.  I didn’t need a reading to know that, but it was intriguing all the same.


Yo-Yo Style

I’ve never been good with yo-yos.  I can do the first yo, you know the downward one, but getting it up the string for the second yo?  Yeah that’s not happening.  Thankfully I have a little help in my life when it comes to yo-yoing.  Whether I want it or not.

That little helper?  Lupus. And apparently today is a lesson day.  And I wasn’t really looking for a lesson today.  Which is too bad because the lessons came anyway.  My day started out relatively good, but by early afternoon my face was radiating a brilliant rash, I could barely find the energy to get up from my desk to the car and driving home was seriously a feat I don’t know how I managed to complete.

I get home, rest for a bit and think just maybe this won’t be too bad.  So I cook some food only to discover I’m lacking the energy to eat it or do anything else.  So now I’m just curled up trying not to freeze while my face burns.  And I know now that lupus isn’t playing around with this lesson. Oh no, this is going to be a full lesson where no doubt I will have to prove what I have learned to get back up. But for now I shall rest and while I’m down.

Just A Nip

Tomorrow is vampire day.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against vampires, but I’m also not a fan of the pain that comes with the sharp jab of pointy, hollow tubes.  Or needles as you may call them.

What, you thought that I was talking about real vampires?  I can’t say that I know of any of them offs the top of my head!  Although I do have some people in my life who are definitely drains on my energy levels and patience. I suspect we all have those people in our lives.

No the vampires I’m talking about are lovely folks who just happen to make their living by sticking needles in role to draw blood.  I mean it isn’t anything personal and in fact the work they do helps people like me.  But it’s still a little unpleasant to have to got in for the needle jabs and sit for a while as the blood is drawn out of your body to fill what seems like a thousand vials.

Sure it is for your own good, but to the untrained eye it looks like too much blood has been removed from your body.  And if you have uncooperative veins, the needle jab can truly feel like a sharp bite or sting.

But I look on the bright side of these visits, which are:  visiting with lovely people, surely losing some weight from all that liquid being removed and knowing this bite won’t result  in rabies!

Tea, Cofee And What About Me

Beloved was recently asked what items would he take with him on a deserted island, as in items he couldn’t live without. These items included food, drink and other items to occupy his time. Without hesitation he said he’d need tea, a proper tea-cup, whisky, water, various food items and his tablet. He didn’t worry about electricity obviously. He said he wanted to take books with him, but he wouldn’t want them damaged so ebooks would work for him.

I can’t imagine how he forgot about coffee. I mean how does one say they can live without coffee? Of course we are talking about Beloved and we do know he’s umm a bit new to the wonderful world of coffee. And before any of you suggest I train him or teach him the ways of coffee, I should tell you it isn’t for lack of training on my part.

He is hopeless when it comes to coffee and you can’t fix that kind of hopeless. And I’m not that inclined to do it while he’s with me because it would mean sharing my coffee. Why share it with someone who doesn’t value it or enjoy it the same way I do?

Now if only we could get him to that island for a short period of time so I could do away with the need for proper tea cups….

Like A Box Chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates.  Nor because you don’t know what you are going to get until you put it in your mouth (let’s face it some of those boxes of chocolates come with legends so you know what you are eating), but because it starts off so full and somehow runs out before you realize it.

Heck my days are like boxes of chocolates and not because they as full but rather they start out with so much time, time which happily stretches on before me and yet before I know it the day is done. It’s a bit like eating the last chocolate in the box and you wonder where all of the other ones went.

Speaking of chocolates, I could use one or two of those little delights right about now.  Except I’d have to lose more time walking due to eating the chocolates.  And I really don’t want to lose time walking just for the sake of being able to eat a couple of chocolates!  Not that I have anything against walking, I enjoy that, but I also enjoy other things too so no chocolates for me just because I want one.  Or two, or three!

Ah Delightful

I woke up to an empty house this morning.  Empty as in the four-footed one was nowhere to be found.  Empty as in the four-footed wasn’t taking up most of the space in the bed.  Empty as in there was no dog on my chest.

Empty as in lonely, sort of.  Now I know the four-footed ne is talented and has mastered opening up certain things, but unlocking the house?  That’s not her current skill set.  (I’m sure if we give her a few weeks or working it out, she will have made progress in this field.)

Near the coffee maker was a note, one that said doe me to enjoy the solitude while the four-footed was out for a walk.  Ah Beloved, now and then he come by without warning and does sweet things such as taking the very active four-footed one for a walk while I enjoy the silence with a good cup of coffee.  Ah Beloved, now and then he comes by unannounced and does sweet things like this while leaving a lot of laundry to be dealt with!

The four-footed one was delighted with her long walk and more delighted to come back home.  She was basically dragging Beloved up the front walk while I sipped my coffee. Beloved didn’t look as delighted about the walk, but he seemed delighted to be home?  More delighted with the hot cup of coffee though.  And I, well I was delighted to have him home!

Strawberry Time

The four-footed one has discovered strawberries.  Well more like rediscovered them.  She had one last year when she plucked it off a strawberry plant while we were visiting a farm.  She rather enjoyed it so naturally when I dropped one on the floor, she had to try it.  Again.

Now me being me, I had to see if strawberries were at all harmful to her when she first consumed one.  I was relieved to learn they aren’t harmful to her in the least.  I am amazed at her memory of the taste of her first strawberry.

After the first one hit the floor she kept faithful watch in case another one should make its way to her.  When none came her way she decided the best approach was to try and jump towards them.  She couldn’t make it all the way up to the counter, but she gets an A for effort!

What I didn’t know the is that four-footed one had figured out how to climb onto a chair and then reach the bowl on the table.  I found her on the table.  Her face stuck in the bowl of strawberries.  When she looked up she had bits of the fruit in her fur.