I set to launch my boat after carefully stowing away my wants, hopes and dreams. although the water is calm now and peacefully reflects the blue sky and cheerful sun, I won’t risk anything happening to my cherished items.

Where is my life jacket? Is that what you asked me? Oh yes I have one, right here in the form of my faith and beliefs. Those will get me through a myriad of mishaps and struggles I’m sure.

No I don’t know where I’m going, I just know that water calls me to some thing better. I’m sorry what did you ask? No of course I don’t really know what it is that is better, but I’m sure I will find it out there.

An anchor? Is that what you asked me? Yes I have one, a heavy durable one. It is made of the best stuff for an anchor: fear, insecurity, doubts and failure. From what I know, these are sure to work great as an anchor; you know to stop movement or slow things up.

And my rope or line for the anchor? Oh yes I got the best kind; self-talk constructs the strongest lines for anchors.

I guess you won’t be going in the water will you? I don’t see a boat for you.

Oh you say you don’t have an anchor either? Well what seems to be holding you down then?

The fact is, in life, we all have events that can become anchors for us. Typically when a negative event happens it becomes that anchor, the weight of a failure to live up to something, whether real or perceived. Often during these times people use words to let us know of our failings and it is those words that live on long after the event has passed.

It is easy to take words send in the moment: “You aren’t smart enough/you aren’t good enough” and allow those words to color our view of things going foward.

While the event is the anchor, the words are the line that holds the anchor and affixes firmly to us.

It is not uncommon these days to hear people say we don’t have to continue to carry our anchor (or luggage/bags) of the past. We can set it down. The harder part, to my mind, is cutting that line that attaches them to us.

What if, instead of reinforcing those negatives, we started talking to ourselves in a postivie way? Would that work to sever the line?

What if, instead of being critical or negative when something happens, we take the time and care to not add to someone else’s anchor?

What if we created a place where it was safe to have your hopes and dreams in the open, not stowed away and protected? Would this give wings to those very items? Would they travel across the water to the place of something better? Would our world be better if we all cut our anchors and got on with the journey of life?