In The Market For Some Energy

I decided to go to the market and see what caught my eye for tonight’s meal.  It seemed like a great idea at the time.  Plus there wasn’t a lot of food in the house for some odd reason.  Mostly because grocery shopping had not happened when it usually does.  Now you may be wondering how a person misses a usual and routine thing like shopping for groceries especially since food helps to keep you alive.

Apparently since I’m not a fan of grocery shopping I managed to miss doing the routine for some reason.  And some how the idea of going to the market seemed so much better than grocery shopping.  Yes friends I do realize it works out to being the same thing, but hey you have to do whatever it takes to make the less pleasant task more tolerable.

So I went to the market only to realize that not growing up in a place where markets are a regular thing I have somehow missed certain skills.  Skills like well placed elbows; how to snap your fingers to get the next number; how to get the best deal and the best way to cut in line without anyone getting too upset with you.  I mean these are life skills I should have had under my belt today at the market.  I have a bruised instep to prove it!

I came home more weary and bruised than I should have.  But I had lovely fresh produce to prepare and a wonderful idea for my meal.  The only real problem was that I had no energy to cook the meal.

So maybe on top of market skills I need spare energy!  Oh wait, lupus would just steal it!


No Accounting On Sheep

If it’s a warm summer day and a small cloud burst should happen to rain down suddenly upon a bunch of sheep  soaking them, and then just as suddenly the sun and heat return yo dry things up, do the sheep find their fleece a little tight?  If not can someone please tell me how it is that my wool scarf washed in apparently warm water seems to be a bit shorter?

My hands have been giving me trouble for a few days so I was unable to wash the scarf on my own.  A well-meaning loved one decided to “freshen up” the scarf.  She used the soap I always use and she swears she used only slightly warm water, but to me it seems that after the scarf dried it shrunk somehow.  Of course that could all just be in my head.  Granted hot water would make the item shrink, but since only slightly warm water was used this doesn’t explain things.

Speaking of sheep, how on earth do they stay so fluffy, no matter how dirty they get?  I mean my hair never stays full of body of fluffy no matter how lovely and clean it is.

Yes dear friends, sometimes it’s these deep questions that keep my mind active when it should be resting.  So does the idea of acquiring a Pygmy sheep, if such a thing exists, as a pet!

It’s What’s Cooking

Early man cooked over open flame.  Over time the open flames were tamed and transformed to ovens and suchlike.  None of the changes happened over night  nor in one person’s lifetime.  Most certainly these changes did not all happen during Beloved’s lifetime.

Beloved hasn’t mastered the art of cooking over an open flame.  He has, however, mastered the art of fire.  As in setting the food he is cooking on fire. Or as he likes to call it, flambé. 😉

Because who doesn’t want flambé marshmallows, steak, potatoes and pancakes and such?  Charring adds flavor and ash provides a new texture, at least that’s what he says!

I’m not sure what’s been happening lately because to be honest he’s a much better cook than I am.  Lately however he has literally set food aflame.  And not just a small spark of flame either, full on flames that make you wonder how insurance would handle the fire that was started by a few flaming potatoes.

Perhaps it’s his way of getting out of cooking!  On the plus side we know the smoke detector works and the fire extinguisher is brand new now!  I wonder if there has been enough smoke now to warrant fresh paint on the wall…  And hey if using smoke signals ever comes in vogue we have this mastered!

A Fishy Video Reveals Human Nature

A coworker’s husband is traveling abroad and decided to send her some videos of the things he is experiencing.  That way, he explained to her, she can share the experience with him as well somewhat.

The first video he sent was exploring th streets near his hotel.  This video included a rather long view of the various street food available to him.  Local delights that wouldn’t be things we’d find at home.  I must say the bugs-on-stick  deal aren’t really my thing.  What this video didn’t show was him sampling the local fare, or the after effects.

The second video was of a visit to a busy market.  Unfortunately he moved so quickly that everything he shot was blurry.  But it’s the effort that counts because the market was very busy and elbows were flying.

The latest video is of him partaking of a local custom…a pedicure of sorts I guess.  The pedicure is being delivered via fish.  Yes fish.  Well I don’t think they do the whole thing, but they removed the dead skin before the nails are tended to and the lotion applied.  Or maybe you don’t get lotion if the fish nibble on you.  I’m not familiar with this, I mean I’ve heard of it and seen it done before.  But I’m not in the know on all the ins and outs.  And to be honest I’m okay with this.

I’m not sure exactly how healthy this process is.  I mean do the fish carry diseases?  Can they transfer things like athletes foot from one person to another?  And are they pooping in the water where your feet, freshly exfoliated feet at that?  If so does that create a health problem?  How are the fish regulated?

My biggest question though is how did we come to this place?  Who first decided to give this a try and market it to the masses?  And why on earth did my coworker’s husband decide to stick his feet in a bucket and then have the water and fish dumped on his feet? I’m not sure he needed to video the whole fifteen minted of the treatment either, but my coworker watched it all.

What ive learned from these videos is that I have no desire to let fish exfoliate my feet.  I’ve also discovered that street food is the same and yet different the world over.  And where there are sales, you better be prepared for an elbow from a sweet looking older lady because when it comes to sales, anything goes!  See people aren’t that different no matter where you are!  Some people go to spas where they relax and have people work on their feet where other people sit in a comfortable chair and let the fish do the work.

Rocking It

I think there is something wrong with one of the dogs.  Not anything serious like call the vet wrong, just wrong as in not part of the program at home.  We have a routine here at home.  Not a super rigid routine, but a routine nonetheless.  The dogs enjoy routine too, or at least they did until recently.

The dogs are ready to go to bed for the night around 10:00pm.  Typically I take them out for the last time for the night around quarter to ten, then I round-up their “babies”.  These babies are stuffed puppies that were their first toys when they came to us.  They will not settle down until the babies are in the beds.  After these preparations are completed they will slowly make their way to the room where they collapse into their respective dog beds.  Keep in mind that if the humans aren’t ready for bed at this time, the dogs will keep coming to get us and try to push us to the bedroom.  It’s their herding instinct! 😉  Although neither one of them has a herding background…😐

The past few nights one of the dogs has been coming to wake me up around quarter to 1. The first time I thought this dog required a trip outside to take care of the call of nature. I was wrong.

Food was not wanted, nor was drink.  Instead this four-footed one wanted to be held on my lap, and rocked in the rocking chair.  No clue why this has started, but it is becoming the routine for this wee one.  We typically rock for fifteen minutes and then we are good to go to bed until it’s time to get up and start our day.

The second time this happened I thought that perhaps the dog was scared of some noise or something, but the other dog didn’t wake up and normally what sets off one will also set off the other one as well.  I didn’t hear any noises and there isn’t anything unusual happening in the neighbourhood to create a disturbance that would upset the dog.

A friend thought that maybe this dog was getting more sleep during the day and therefore felt more alert at night.  But it isn’t an alert behavior really in that the dog doesn’t want to play.  He just wants to be picked up, held on my lap and rocked.

If his timing wasn’t so odd it would be cute, but the these early morning bonding sessions are leaving me a bit more tired than I’d like.  And I’m afraid if I continue doing this with him it will become a routine.  He may then share this routine with the other dog which is scary because I only have one lap!😉  If I don’t, he starts to bark quietly and surely he isn’t afraid to use his outside voice if he doesn’t get his rocking session.  Any ideas?


A friend took me to Ying yoga.  I had no clue this type of yoga even existed.  Ying  yoga, she informed me as I made my way to the studio with her, is all about stretching.  It apparently allows a person to go deeper into the stretch naturally because you hold the pose a little longer than you would in other yoga classes.

Of course all I could picture was me stuck in some form of the human pretzel pose for five minutes and then not being able to untwist myself!  Hey it could happen!  😉  It is one of my bigger fears with yoga.  I can see how I’d be the one person stuck in a pose and then have to call and have me taken to the hospital, still stuck in the yoga pose.

The instructor was one of those extra flexible and extra positive people.  You know, the type they seem to have to teach yoga classes.  She recommended to pose to where we were comfortable and let gravity help us find a deeper stretch.  Of course she also seems capable of defying gravity.  I mean all that bubbly personality sure defies gravity on its own!

So I did as she suggested and now and then I’d sneak a peek at others in the class,  I was truly grateful that my friend had found a class full of inflexible people.  And perhaps there was something to this whole letting gravity pull the stretch more, I seem to recall that from dance days.

Did I feel more zen from the class?  Nope.  Did I feel more stretched out?  Not really.  But I enjoyed the time with my friend.  And I must confess there is a bit of self-satisfaction in finding some old things come back to me.  And sure knowing I had more flex than others also helps!

But as far as my ying and yang being balanced?  I don’t know.  I can’t honestly say I feel more or less balanced since this session.  I sure that if I go to more of these classes I may get some more flex back too which isn’t a bad thing really.  But I will pass on the whole pretzel thing!


Lavender Style

Today I received a pale lavender shirt.  It looked identical, style-wise to a white shirt I already own.  A white shirt that I placed in the laundry yesterday.

Since this pale lavender shirt didn’t come with tags on it, and surprisingly arrived with the freshly completed laundry.  Even more surprising was the fact that my shirt was nowhere to be found!

Of course what happened is that my white shirt some how ended up with some coloured laundry.  Something of a purple shade bled its color through to my white shirt.  And now I have a pale lavender shirt that doesn’t really go with my clothes.

Normally when he does laundry there are many piles…we have a white pile, an off-white to light beige pile, a pile of reds, blues and a black pile plus other colors sorted some fashion.  Beloved believes in being very careful when he does the laundry, which is why the lavender shirt is such a surprise.  Almost as surprising is the fact that he has a pair of socks that now match my shirt!

socks and shirts can be replaced and frankly it was a little funny when he told me he had found me a new shirt.  But he was clearly not happy with himself.  He prides himself on running a very tight ship when it comes to laundry and this clearly was anything but a tight ship.

The lavender shirt may not go with some of my clothing, but I think I rather like it.  It’s a symbol of being human and reminds me hat even Beloved, despite al of his care can make a mistake now and then!