How Do You Explain This

People are funny.  Sometimes humorous and sometimes just odd.  Don’t believe me?  Then please explain how people with allergies seem to think their allergies are more important than ca cheap and fairly healthy form of protein…aka peanut butter?  Or the fact that people with allergies, or scent issues seem to think that outweighs other people’s rights to use scented deodorant or hairspray?  Let’s not even discuss perfume!

now let’s say one of those same people have a child.  And let’s say that this particular person decides that their rights of not immunize their child outweighs the rights of the community.  In the community are a few people with weakened immune systems and being exposes to things such as measles r chickenpox is very serious.  Can someone please explain to me how the parent’s right to do as they believe outweighs the lives of other people?  Especially since the parent insist that his/her own health is more important than the right to do as others wish when it comes to wearing perfume?

how does this even make sense?  It doesn’t, at least not to me and yet people do this ever day.  Logic, apparently, need not fully be applied to get what one wants.  Nor is fairness important in theses cases.

I’m hoping someone can explain this to me, help me make sense out of what seems senseless to me.

Holder Of Little Things

I’m  not sure if it’s the same in your household, but in mine, it seems that the man is incapable of putting a fresh roll of toilet tissue on the holder.  It must be something that girls just innately know how to do.

Far too often I’ve gone into the “powder room” only to discover that the toilet tissue holder is empty with a full roll set out near by.  It’s as if Beloved is physically unable to complete the feat of magic required to remove the empty roll and replace it with a full one.

Paper towels?  Oh it’s the exact same issue.  It makes me wonder what it is about rolls and holders and Beloved.  There is some missing connection.  Surely there must be for he isn’t a lazy ,nor is he stupid.  I’ve no other explanation for it than he is deficient in putting rolls on holders.

sure in the grand scheme, of things this shouldn’t matter.  I mean no wars will be fought over this.  No lives will be lost.  But life is filled with all those little annoyances that cannot be explained.  Day after day, week after week, these little annoyances can grind on you, or you can just move past them.

the way I look at it, at least Beloved doesn’t leave just an empty roll on the holders, he ensures there is a full roll always nearby.  Again it’s those little things!

Keeping It In Sight

I recently had what I was told is an ocular migraine.  I had no idea that these things existed.  I kind of wish  I never had encountered one.  You see an ocular migraine is fairly much what it sounds like.  It’s a migraine of the eye.

For me it was as if I was looking underwater with one eye and then stabbing eye pain and headache.  And the pain seemed unending .  I felt like  poking out my eye to make the pain stop.  The good doctor assured me this wasn’t the answer.  He reminded me that the pupil is basically a hole so if one sticks something directly into the pupil it’s just going into a void.

The doctor told me that voids have no nerves in them thus the pain isnt from there so that also will not solve the pain.  He assured me I’d be better to not poking my eye out because the migraine would dissipate and I’d want my sight back.

he was right, cue the pain ended and my sight was normal, I was glad to not be minus my sight.  It never ceases to amaze me what I am willing to trade away in a hasty moment of pain, never considering the longer term pain I’d create for myself.  Some how I always lose sight of this.

Of Magic Doors And Strange Places

Can someone please tell me what the appeal is of sticking one’s head in the refrigerator and just looking blankly at the shelves?  I’ve seen people do this throughout my life.

Logic tells me they should be looking for something, which they then remove from the machine.  But the look on their faces indicates they aren’t really seeing anything on the shelves.  Typically there is at least a slight bend to their bodies while they do this action.

okay let’s be honest, it’s mostly males, at least males in my life, who do this. Please understand I’m not bashing males, it’s just that friend’s, loved ones who I’ve discovered partaking of this odd ritual are male.  Maybe it’s a male thing.

just a while ago I saw Beloved head to the kitchen, when he didn’t return after a few minutes I thought I better go investigate.  Perhaps he found gourmet food or cake in the fridge.  What if he did?  Would he honestly save it all for himself?

With these concerns I made my way into the kitchen where I found him hunched over, hand on door of the open refrigerator just staring into the open space.  He didn’t even respond when I poked him.  Is there something magical that causes trances to happen?  Why hasn’t anyone told me a out this?

Beloved suggests women know how to do this too, but we save it because we are normally too cold.  But there comes a time  in life when women suddenly get warm, too warm.  I’m not asking him anymore about this.

What I am thinking though is that he is setting it up for our pet penguin.  I want a nice fuzzy baby penguin.  I feel like it’s the least we can do.  I mean the poor parents will want a break from trying to keep those babies nice and warm.  And with Beloved opening the refrigerator door and leaving it open for periods of time, we could provide the baby with a bit of  home without freezing to death. 😉

Sharing And The Dog

I must admit, I love the dog.  As much as I complain about some of his umm characteristics, I love him dearly.  There I said it! 😀  I’m not ashamed to say it either, he’s family after all.

Now, having said that, I must confess that there are things that no matter how much I love someone it doesn’t mean I’m willing to accept everything.  For example the dog is more than content to share.

He will happily share our bed with us.  He also loves to share our blankets with us.  And food?  Yes indeed put him down for that too.  But his idea of sharing is a bit off.

Blankets, he will gladly share his blanket with me or have me share my blanket with him.  Blankets, I suspect, are just one of those things meant to be shared.

Beds are another story.  He gladly takes our bed, he starts with a bit, but takes over the whole bed with wiggles and stretches.  But try to share his bed with him and that’s a huge no no.  I learnt this the other day when I was sitting on the floor and accidentally sat in his bed.  A bed he wasn’t in at the time  mind you.  He suddenly had to be in his bed and to do so required him growling and pushing to get me out of the space.

sharing food?  Oh yes he wants me, no scratch that. He demands that I share my food with him.  He isn’t happy unless I do so.  Pretend trying to take some of his food and its teeth bared, perhaps even a gentle snap of the teeth.  There will be growling as well.  He means business.  And business means not sharing with me.

Depending on which toy we try to take, he may be willing to share or not.  He’s kind of ‘what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine’ kind of dog.

Am I to blame for this?  Probably.  But honestly with how sharing works with him why can’t it be his fault?😉

Begging At The Table

It started with longing look, a subtle licking of the lips. Then it was shifted body position, moving a little closer to me.  This was followed with big, woeful eyes and then the whining commenced.  The low, mournful whining that was meant to play upon the strings of my heart.

It isn’t that my heart doesn’t have strings, as I’m sure it does.  It wasn’t that I’m deaf to the low, mournful whines, because I’m not.  It isn’t that I couldn’t see the shifting of the body or the big, woeful eyes because I can.

No my dear friends, it wasn’t for any of this those reasons.  Instead it was for the simple fact that I wanted to enjoy my meal.  Not have to listen to the whining and look at the sad eyes.  It also happens to not be a time when I want to take up weight lifting, the weight of another body on my arm.

No friends,  when it comes to enjoying my meal, the only weight lifting I want to be doing is of food.  Food being lifted to my mouth on an eating utensil.😉

I know what you are thinking, why let the dog eat with you.  Normally he’s rather content to eat his dog food and doesn’t  beg at the table. The same,however cannot be said for Beloved! 😉

If I get home after he has eaten, and my food smells good he puts a dog to shame witj his begging and whining skills.  the man has been known to offer to do a quality assurance check of my food.  Just to be sure emit’s still up to standard.  Yes friends he is willing to make that kind of a sacrifice for me.  And still I won’t share!  Mostly because he already got his so why should we haven on split mine as well?

Nailing It

I chipped a nail today at work.  I know, drama and trauma right?😉

As You may know, I tend to grow mine out to what my mother called “respectable lengths for a lady” and the cut them when it’s too much.  Don’t worry, they grow back!😊

It wouldn’t have bothered me except that it chipped along the side of the nail, rather deeply.  Which means it hurt.  Which means I wasn’t impressed.  It also mean it bothered me all day long.

Now out of all the stuff going on in the world, it’s a chipped nail that bothers me? Something isn’t right!  Sure it hurt, sure it looked odd.  sure it even got stuck in my clothing and scrapped my skin.  But I wasn’t facing what lots of people face just to survive, just to meet their basic needs.  I meant,it’s just a nail.  I don’t even care that much and yet there it was, my focus.

A friend pointed out that most often I worry about and focus on world issues.  I’m worried about things like social justice, equality, and such.  But I’m human so now and then I can’t help but be focused on the me stuff.  Still im not sure how this happened or why it bothers me so much.

Resting Jealousy

I must make a confession.  I simply need to get this out of my soul.  I am jealous, green with envy jealous of my dog.  And Beloved.  And toddlers.  And older people.  Basically friends, I’m jealous of anyone who can nap.  You know that peaceful, comfortable nap, while the sun is up.

I dream of napping, in dappled sunshine no less.  I dream of flopping down in the afternoon and resting before a night out.  I literally dream of napping while I’m sleeping at night.  I wake up hoping that today is the day that I can nap in the afternoon.  So far that hasn’t happened.

Once the sun comes up my inner rooster kicks in and sleep is just a dream fading away.  I blame my parents for the whole inner rooster thing.  Also blame the fact im a light sleeper and don’t sleep with lights on.  Ever.

The dog naps pretty much where and when.  He isn’t too picky.  He’s been known to wake up with us in the morning, join us for breakfast and then head off to do some serious napping.

Beloved can go out with me in the morning, come home mid-afternoon and grab a 20-30 minute nap and feel fully refreshed.  I’ve wondered if I shouldn’t start banging around the house when he does this.  Just to, you know, prove a point.  But I dont.  Because he looks so utterly peaceful.  I’ve debated putting a pillow over his face and holding it there until breathing becomes a struggle and he wakes up.  But that seems wrong.

It is not his fault, nor the dog’s, that they can both nap in the afternoon and I can’t.  But must they flaunt it in my face?  And toddlers, the ones who just flop where they are after a burst of energy, well I got this for them…  can stay up late so there!😉

But on a serious note, I wonder why it is unless im very sick, sicker than my usual lupus issues, I am unable to be  get more  than 5-6 hours of sleep within 24 hours.  And none of that sleep happens when the sun is up.  Beloved answer to this is that we could move to the arctic in winters, when it’s 24 hours of darkness.  When they get more sunlight than other places we would move to follow the darkness a bit.  But if course we won’t really do that.

Surely though I’m not alone.  I can’t be the only person who cannot nap.  No matter how tired I am.  Even when I have no caffeine in my system. Surely I’m not the only soul unable to nap.  Right?  Anyone?  Anyone at all.  Or are you napping right now?😉

Not Me

Sun screen?  Check.  Lip balm?  Check.  Sun glasses?  Check.  Gloves, boots and jacket?  Check.  Wait.  What?  Where are we going?

Oh yes. To the mountains, in winter.  When you ca get sunburned while walking in the snow.  Yes, sunburnt in winter because why only deal with that in summers? 😉

Actually I wasn’t going anywhere, however Beloved was off to the alps.  He had thought he’d pack some pants, underwear, shirts, warm socks and boots.  He figured that should be enough.  Hey we can’t expect him to know everything can we? 😉

I had decided to assist with his packing.  He hadn’t asked out of fear I might be a little put out that I wasnt ging. This was as far from then right as you could get.  I was looking forward to a week all by myself, the house would be mine and mine alone.

I felt it was the best I could do for him, help with the packing.  While he was off in the cold and then now, I’d be safe, warm and comfortable in the house.  Clearly I had to help him with the packing!

Now I know some of you would probably feel different about being “left behind”.  But not me.  Beloved and I both have this thing where we like our own space and adventures.  That way life never gets old and we never get into those situations where we drive each other up a wall!

besides lupus and the sun just do not get along!😊


Giraffes, Patient Care and Lupus

I had developed a sore neck that a heating pad couldn’t fix.  The pain was at its worst when I had been looking down and then tried to raise my head.  I was used to the crunching and grinding noises that came from my neck and other body joints so I didn’t think of about the increased noises.  So when it started I can’t honestly say, which didn’t please my doctor.

My doctor decided that yes arthritis was now fully in my neck and we should try to massage away some of the pain.  So off I went, rather disturbed that some person was going to massage my neck.  A neck, after all, is rather delicate and somewhat important.

The poor therapist had to reassure me first that there’d be no damage done.  Okay so she had to reassure me a million times, but finally we got down to the massage.  She was gentle yet insistently working out the pain.

So far so good, and then she says we will begin stretching my neck.  Wait.  What?  Okay don’t get me wrong, I love giraffes as much as the next person, but I’m not eager to seek a neck like them.  😳

no matter how much I protested she carried on with these gentle stretches.  And then there was a rather loud crunching noise and she stopped.  She did some more light massages and said we were done for the day.  She also informed me that my next appointment would have with someone else because she wasn’t prepared to deal with my neck issues.  She basically told me that it was too unpleasant for her.

Yep, unpleasant for her.  She wasn’t worried about me evidently.  So much for caring and concern for the patient.  Sadly this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this kind of health care.  I understand that my health issues are more than most, however when you find a good health care professional it’s an amazing thing.

frankly amazing, carne and concerned health care professionals are as important or more so, than most of my lupus medication.