Blossoming Into What It Will

A colleague was looking for some insight into his short-term future and decided to follow his mother’s advice and see an expert about his question. This is how I came to be in a darkened alley way in the middle of the Chinese section of town on a dismal Thursday. We stood outside a heavy, scuffed door waiting to be let into what had once been a regular apartment and now seemed to have become a place of fortune and fate.

I’ve never seen “stick” reading before and was intrigued. Unfortunately for me, the man doing the reading did not feel it was right for me to be present while my colleague’s reading was taking place. He insisted that this was of a most personal and private nature and despite the curiosity I brought, the only way I could observe the reading was to have one done for myself. Whether he did this for business purposes, or if it is the way the energy works, I can’t say. But I can say I did have a reading done. Out of curiosity.

I have had many readings done over the years, not because I necessarily believe that what I am told will happen, but because I never cease be to amazed and how people can tell the future through various means of divination. I have had my palm read, whereby I was told I would have a long life. I have had my tea leaves read and been told that my future is one of fortune. I have had scattered sticks read with the result being I would have a short and hard life (not my favorite reading). But never have I had one of these readings before.

The main difference with this type of reading is that it isn’t for your whole future; it’s at best going to give you information going to the end of the year. And the information is a bit vague. Basically this is a year of “even” I was told. I guess that means there will be some good balanced out with some bag, but basically just a ho-hum year for me. What more could I ask for when my future was told by a stick that was shaken out of a container?

My colleague never shared with me what his reading (which took longer than mine) was, but he seemed at peace or comfortable with what he was told. And that’s the key, accepting the answer you are provided rather than searching for more or hidden meanings behind the answer as he pointed out while we headed back to the car. The message provided is the answer that is required for you at that time and if you just let it be it will blossom to what is. He also told me that I cannot expect to have champagne in a glass if what I bought was beer.


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