A Different Shopping Adventure

A small shop opened up just down the way from us, and as you do, we decided to go and check it out. It turned out to be a delight for Beloved as the owners are from his home town.

This delightful meeting resulted in an even more wonderful invitation to their house for a proper meal from home. How could I refuse Beloved such a treat? So we picked up some flowers, a couple of bottles of wine, and arrived at the appointed location on time.

My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing by the end of the evening. My abs had a work out from the laughing, which counteracted the amount of food I consumed I’m sure. I know, but it is that time of year!

Beloved has made a few more trips to the new store, and we have had the couple over for coffee. It’s truly a shame this didn’t happen when we first came here, instead, it happened just as we are wrapping up our time in this location.

Naturally, there are promises to keep in touch and visit back and forth. I hope that these promises are kept because as I get older, I’ve come to enjoy the relationships I have with people so much more than I did in the past.


Beloved popped a pair of wireless earbuds in his ears as he headed out for a walk. He had paired them to his cellphone, wirelessly of course!

He couldn’t connect the four-footed one to him wirelessly, so he used a leash to keep her in his control. If there was a way for him to control her wirelessly, I’m sure he’d do it in a heartbeat!

Don’t get me wrong, I have wireless devices as well and I enjoy that goes with them. But the thing with this wireless lifestyle we have adopted is that ultimately we still need wires.

After his walk, Beloved had to put his wireless earbuds into their pod. The pod also serves as a charging station and therefore has a wired connection. And that wireless phone also needed to plugged in for charging.

The four-footed one was unhooked from her leash so she could recharge from her walk as well, this time by flopping down into one of her many beds. Her bed, for the record, is not plugged into anything because while it is wireless, it has no energy either!

The irony of our wireless world is that we still have wires to charge things, connect things, and support us.

In Confidence

The four-footed one hs the confidence of a dog eight times her size. She walks into a room as if she owns it. If she sees a toy she wants, she isn’t afraid to make it her own. (Things like paying for toys do not cross her mind. Fortunately for her, she has two humans who adore her a bit too much!)

Today, the four-footed one used her confidence to try to get a basted bone twice the size of her body. To be fair, the store placed the temptation down at her level. I should also point out that I knew she couldn’t lift the bone out of the container or try to sneak off with it.

The thing with having the confidence of my four-footed companion is that you don’t let a little thing like strength get in your way. If you see something and you want it, you find a way to get it. In the case of a bone that’s larger than your body, you have to adapt your thinking. She tried to take a piece of the bone instead of the whole thing.

Despite being thwarted in her attempts to get what she wanted today, she still let her confidence carry her through the whole thing as if it was nothing but a game to her. I need to borrow some of that confidence!

Oh For The Potato

The Sacred Potato, a thing of wonder.  It can be eaten for any meal and served in a variety of different ways.  According to Beloved it should be eaten at least once a day, every day! 

Today he sacrificed baby potatoes (gulp!) in the name of something delicious.  Don’t worry, he first ensured he paid homage to the potato and was ever so careful with each step of the process. 

First he gave them a loving bath to get them all nice and clean.  They were, after all, to be he start of the meal.  Once they were all nice clean, he nestled them into a pot, and ensured they had lots of water.  He tenderly added a gentle adornment of salt before place them on a low, yet gentle heat.  

After they danced, making the water swirl and bubble with joy, he prepared them for the big moment by taking them out of the water and allowing the, to rest just a little.  While the rested and cooled down a little, he went onto the next stage of the  elaborate ritual, which included making a safe pillow for the potatoes out of a soft (not fluffy) towel.  

With reverence, he pulled out each baby potato one at time.  The removed potato was placed in the pillow of aorta, gently ticked down and then squished until just splattered, but still whole.  The now smashed potato was placed on an oiled baking sheet, where it was baptized with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  The baking sheet full of innocent, smashed potatoes were placed in the crucible (aka hot oven) and cooked to a lovely, golden crisp.  

Trust me, they did not die in vain.  They were delicious and provided energy, I freely admit.  However, this doesn’t mean we should consume them every meal, every day.  There is such a thing a the art of subtle worship.   

Sleeping Dogs

The four-footed one has a new favorite sleeping place. Well, to be fair, she has many favorite sleeping spots. So why does she need a new favorite sleeping spot? Is it because she’s a dog? Do dogs need to constantly find new sleeping spaces?

For the record, she has taken to sleeping on Beloved’s chest at night. She waits until he is sleeping on his back, and slowly creeps up his body until she’s curled up on his chest. She will spend hours sleeping there unless he moves. He does move because he’s a jerk, or perhaps because he needs to be comfortable.

Lest you think I am complaining, I’m not. I certainly have no desire for her to sleep on my chest. Granted I don’t sleep on my back either.

So I ask, is this a thing with dogs? Do they need to continually find new sleeping spaces? Perhaps this is a throwback from before they were domesticated. Maybe it is safer to have several different sleeping spaces to break up the routine. Then again, maybe four-feet is just a bit different, just like us!

This Time Of Year

This time of year, our house is full of chocolate, cake, and cookies. Perhaps you find yourself in the same boat with excess cookies, cake, chocolate, and who knows what else. I know, it sounds odd, doesn’t it? Too much chocolate, cookies, or cake. How could there be too much of a good thing?

I’m not complaining about our bounty. I mean, who would complain about this? What I am complaining about, and I do this every year for the record, is the size of my freezer. Every year, around this time, I complain that the freezer is simply too small.

What do you do with your excess? Do you freeze them for later? Or do you give in and eat it all at once, get that out of your system and move to the next item? Perhaps you are generous and take the excess to the office, or share it among friends and family.

Oh The Joy

The first year the four-footed one came to live with us, we bought and wrapped her Christmas presents. (Yes, we are that kind of people who buy their dog presents to unwrap, sweaters to wear, and booties to kick off. No, we never thought we would become that type of people.)

She was a puppy, so her idea of Christmas presents was to eat the wrapping paper. Or at least try to, except we prevented too much from being consumed.

These days we use bags for her presents, although I suspect she has outgrown the whole eating everything in sight stage. Still, one can never be too safe! Each year she dives headfirst into the bag and pulls out her presents, whining for the ones that must be squeaked and carried around. She barks for those that are of the food variety.

This year was no exception! There was whining over the stuffed baby she got, barking for the treat, and energy for the puzzle game she needs to figure out to get her treats.

Gingerbread Time

Hansel and Gretel gave in to the irresistible allure of candies, and it almost got them killed. Now maybe it is just a case of them being children. Maybe they lack impulse control, or could it be a case of addiction?

All I know is that they ended up near a gingerbread house and started eating all the delicious bits off of it. You may know a slightly different version of the story for how they ended up in dire straits. A witch, an oven, and less-than-charitable stepmother were involved.

I know if I were in Hansel and Gretel’s situation, I wouldn’t be eating the house. I’m not a fan of gingerbread. Not houses, cookies, or lattes. So I’m pretty sure the witch wouldn’t stick me in a cage.

But Beloved, each year, makes gingerbread cottages (just the for the heck of it apparently) and cookies (which he eats as if they are life-sustaining). And so I’m pretty sure he’d end up in the witch’s cage.

We’ve talked about what he would do to escape. He doesn’t think he would stick the witch in the oven, or a cauldron. He figures he would have a dual with her, using candy canes for swords. Either that or drop royal icing on her so she’d become cemented to where she was. Obviously, he has spent a fair amount of time sorting this out.

How about you, are you a gingerbread person, likely to be caught by the witch? If so how would you save yourself? Personally, I like the idea of melting down candies and throwing the hot sugar on her.


Are you a list person? Do you write lists for the grocery store or what to do during your day? Maybe you have a list of chores that need doing around the house, those chores that aren’t daily but need doing.

I admire list people because they seem to have things all together. I believe their use of lists helps keep things working for them. I am not a list person, which is why I admire them so much.

I have tried to use lists. I wrote lists and tried to check off the items I completed so I would stay on track. All that happened were lists here and there with some things done and some not because I discovered I hate using lists.

Sure practice, you say, makes perfect. In time, you tell me, I will get good at using lists and they will get me where I want to go. I appreciate your optimism.

Beloved uses lists in his way. He writes things down so he won’t forget them, but he never goes back to the list. Which means that my house has become a bit of a list haven.

Perhaps one of you could come over and teach us how to use lists properly. Don’t let these lists die in vain, help them find their purpose and teach us how to use them.

The Training 

A small, lavender scented bunny flew just past my head before landing in a heap on the floor.  I’d like to say this is an uncommon occurrence however, that would be a lie.  Sure, the bunny isn’t always during the aerial stunts, but four-feet’s babies frequently get some air time.  

There is no set time for the air show either, it depends upon four-feet’s mood as well as what is going on in Beloved’s world.  If Beloved isn’t super busy, we may be blessed with more than on air show in a day.  If he is busy, the air show may happen a little before bedtime.

Living with these condition, one becomes accustomed to it. I confess that I don’t even blink at these shows anymore.  You become desensitized to all,of it.  Frankly the odd becomes the normal and you fail to see how outsiders would see things.

So as the bunny flew by, I just arrived on as normal.  The gasp from our guest reminded me that this isn’t how adults behave.  Added to this was Beloved’s ‘sorry’.  Without missing a beat, our guest called back ‘no harm, no foul. Four-feet darted past to get the air bunny.  And we headed to the sitting room for coffee and conversation.  This was dotted with the odd air show or panting dog making an appearance in the room.  

I had decided to act natural and not acknowledge the less-than-normal behavior of Beloved and our guest took my cue.  

Honestly though, I think my house has t just become run by the dog, but she is now working on behavior modifying skills for us humans.  Either that or we need to get more often.