Spoiled Apples

Friends I am more than a little disappointed in Apple.  It isn’t over anything major, which makes my disappointment even more frustrating because it’s something simple that could easily be fixed from my perspective.  Alas being I’m only one person with only one voice asking them to carrying something in-store rather than having to shop online, I shall be disappointed.

Apple used to listen to customers, Apple used to be different from the other big companies and that’s why I adored them.  Perhaps when you become a big organization you shift your focus and ignore the fact you built a brand through a cult like following of people.  Or maybe once you have enough of a cult following you don’t worry about that kind of stuff any more.

The thing is, Apple isn’t the first, nor will they be the last (based on history) company to forget about all the individuals that were loyal to them before they were anything big.  Customer service shifts from customer to what can be spun into making the customer want something and telling them exactly how they want it.

Sure it’s cheaper at times to buy things online, but I like to physically see and feel what I’m buying.  I know, I’m kind of old school that way.  If I can avoid buying books online I do because I like books with nice, crease-free covers and crisp spines.  I check for that kind of thing when I go into book stores. You cannot ensure you get that kind of result when buying online.

Beloved has decided he wanted to try buying his groceries online from a local store.  Yes this includes fresh produce.  He ended up being disappointed in the results because again, what he looks for and the whole experience was out of his control.  He ended up with some slightly spoiled apples.

No one wants spoiled apples.  Sadly my experience with Apple has left me with a sour taste in my mouth and not because of what anyone did or said, but rather because I am denied the shopping experience I wanted and expected from them.

Of Routines And Dogs

The four-footed one has changed up her routine.  Not because of anything  we have done, this is all her.  Unfortunately the routine she is altering up is her pre-bedtime routine.  We use to have calm time before we went to bed.

Now we have insane wild time and then impossible tasks such as settling down for sleep.  Instead the bedroom has become a play place and bed seems to be where we go crazy rather than find a comfortable place to flop down and sleep.

Speaking of sleep, who needs a rooster with the four-footed one around.  She has decided getting up an hour before sunrise is ideal.  And as for falling asleep, let’s not do that before midnight.  Of course she naps during the day and for whatever while she is a light sleeper at night, during the day a bomb could go off and it wouldn’t wake her up.

She will, no doubt, change this routine again.  Hopefully soon.  And hopefully back to sleeping during the night because there is only so much you can ignore when it comes to being smacked with a paw before you have to get out of bed and deal with it.  And once you get out of bed for some reason she thinks this means chase throughout the house.

How on earth do parents deal with messed up baby sleeping patterns for months on end? And the four-footed one is only one small dog.


I Worry About Charlie’s Mom or The Eyes Say It All

Charlie is three, not a little baby, but a big three year old.    I know this because  he proudly informed the whole waiting room of this important fact when he walked through the door.

Charlie’s mom may never get her eyeballs back down where they belong again if our meeting of Charlie is anything to go by.  From the moment they came into the doctor’s office until his mom went into the office with Charlie’s baby sister her eyes kept rolling to the top of her head.  How she didn’t get dizzy was beyond me.

Naturally Charlie decided the best place to sit was beside Beloved, perhaps because he was the only other male in the waiting room or maybe because it was the chair closest to the magazines.  More on the magazines in a moment.

Charlie managed to get himself up into the chair with no assistance although he had to turn around once he got both of his knees on the seat.  Beloved had a bemused look on his face the whole time he was watching this wee contortionist.  Charlie’s mother seemed relieved he had found a place to sit down while she checked in at the desk.

Apparently the baby sister was in for a check up and poor Charlie had to come along to keep her company.  Charlie told Beloved he would have sooner stayed home with the dog, but mommy said he had to come.  Beloved nodded in agreement and asked Charlie about his dog.

When the time came for Charlie’s sister to go in, Charlie informed his mother that he would stay in the chair so she told him not to talk to strangers or to touch anything.  He gave her the thumbs up and proceeded to find a nice fashion magazine the minute she walked away.  He spent a few minutes flipping through the magazine, frowning as he went along before he turned to Beloved and asked if he had a pen.

Now Beloved had heard the rules, no talking to strangers (although by this time Charlie was Beloved’s new friend) or touching anything.  Naturally Beloved asked Charlie why he needed a pen to which came the reply “to help these ladies!  They need moustaches!”

Thankfully Beloved did not have a pen and no one else seemed to produce one for him so it would seem that the new magazine would be spared some enhancements.  And yet, from somewhere Charlie found a red pen.  Not his ideal color he told Beloved, but it would do in a pinch.

When Beloved asked what the ideal color might be, Charlie looked at him and said “you heard the rules, no talking to strangers and no touching anything” in a stern voice.  He may have waged a finger at Beloved as well, I’m not sure because I had to turn away or I’d be bursting out laughing.

Just as the forms we were waiting for came back filled out, Charlie’s mother came back with the baby and asked if Charlie had behaved.  Charlie gave her this beautiful smile and said yes, but he did have to remind that man (pointing at Beloved) of the rules because he clearly was not listening. Mom’s eyes went all the way up as her face turned red and she mumbled an apology to Beloved.  Charlie was not impressed, mostly because he was showing off his enhancements to the models in the magazine…flamboyant moustachs on made up faced and triangle like cat ears in perfectly styled hair.

I’m not sure how mom was able to see her way out the door or to the car given how far her eyes had rolled up when she saw the art work.  At least the enhancements were somewhat stylish!

Fancy Dress Or Costume, Which Is It

Beloved tugged at the loose neck of his old, well-worn t-shirt as he read the card in his hand.  You would think, based on his behavior, that his shirt was strangling him to death, but the shirt is so worn it long ago lost its shape.  It was the card, or rather what was on the card that was making him behave so oddly.

The four-footed one is far more curious than I am so I left to her to get him to share.  Which he did the minute she instead on sticking her small, hard and persistent head repeatedly between him and the card.  When the four-footed one demands attention she is nothing if not persistent!  And as is almost always the case, Beloved gave her the attention she so dearly wanted!  Our four-footed one can be a of the jealous sort now and then!

As he was giving her ears a rub, he told me he had been summoned to his niece’s wedding.  Now Beloved is far from being an only child and he is rather younger than the majority of his siblings.  He mother refers to him as a “lovely wee surprise”.  Anyway his sister closest in age to him had sent an invitation to her youngest daughter’s wedding.  She has five children, all of them girls.

The wedding, he said with a look of doom on his face, was to be a special affair, with a Marie Antoinette theme to it.  Now me not having all the pieces to puzzle, could not fathom why he was so down in the mouth since he could simply decline and send a lovely gift. I know it may seem tacky to some of you but I should point out Beloved is not overly close to this niece and it is her fourth attempt at wedded bliss.  So naturally I voiced my thoughts out loud only to corners of his mouth hit the floor as he said, “oh I’m to be part of the wedding”.

An image of him wearing a huge and very bouffant wig popped into my head causing me to giggle. He was not amused by my giggling nor the image that I shared with him.  I’m sure he would have found the humor if he wasn’t fuming over having to be dressed like a groomsman from the royal court. And I missed his inability to find humor in his mandate attire.  Possibly what allowed me to find the humor was knowing I wasn’t I wasn’t invited and therefore spared the dress made out of heavy drapery material and bouffant wig.

An hour or so after the pall of doom was cast upon Beloved by the opening and reading of said card he looked at me and said he simply wasn’t going.  He was too old for this type of thing Andy besides he hadn’t attended three previous weddings for this girl.  He had evidently sent her and her mother an email explaining all of this.

And then he joined me in fits of giggles over imagery and other such thoughts knowing that he was free from having to wear tight stockings and slippers for shoes!

New Friends

The four-footed one made a new friend today.  I’m not sure if her new friend was as excited about their initial meeting as she was, but they seem fine now.  They have walked through the yard together, curled up on her outdoor bed to have a nap and both have even tried to enter the house a few times.

I’m not a big fan of her new friend.  I’m trying to be open, but it’s a bit hard to take in that my sweet little dog who can sometimes be a bit of a devil has become such good friends with a spider.  Yep a spider.  You know the creatures with 8 legs and tons of eyes?  The ones that spin webs and wrap their meals up before slurping down all that delicious goo that used to be flies?  Yep that’s my sweet, four-footed companion’s new friend.

The four-footed one has been exploring various parts of the garden each day and she finally found the area by the flower shed.  It’s an area I’m not prone to visit much due to the size and quantity of said spiders in the area.  When she  wandered back there I was sure she’d come running out quickly as there isn’t really anything to play with.  Except she found something…a spider the size of my thumbnail.

At first she batted the poor spider around for a bit.  Then she tried to carry it in her mouth which resulted in her spitting it out again.  At this point the poor spider probably sought refuge in her fur.  She didn’t seem to mind as she went off on her adventures throughout the garden.

When she curled up on her bed I notice it was in her fur so naturally I asked Beloved to help remove the spider. He proceeded to try and pick the spider up with chopsticks, but really all he did was make it go further along her body, using fur as protection.

Naturally she wanted in the house at some point and that was well not oe thing we were comfortable with.  This is an outdoor spider so it needs to stay outdoors.  No amount of shaking seemed to dislodge he four-food one’s new friend.  So what’s a family to do?

We opted to wash her friend out of her fur.  The spider was not harmed by this process (no I’m jot just saying that, I watched it walk away) and the dog became clean.  After being indoors for a bit, someone decided she needed to go outside.  To find her multi-legged friend.  I have a feeling Beloved and  are going to have to accept this unusual relationship.

The Sweetest Smell

UI received the most beautiful flower bouquet today.  No special occasion, mom special reason.  Well other than that a few friends attended a workshop on how to arrange flowers.  I was supposed to attend the workshop, but due to lupus I had to cancel, thankfully one of my friends was able to make use of my ticket.  In return she sent over the arrangement she had created.

The workshop was supposed to teach you how to create effortless and beautiful looking arrangements, both in vases and hand tied.  The bouquet that arrived at my house was a beautiful riot of colour and perfume, tied up in a delicate pale lavender ribbon.

Based on my lovely gift, the worship completely delivered all it promised.  And based on my friend’s phone call to thank me for thinking of her and offering her my ticket Id say she has completely run with the lessons!

She phoned me in between cutting flowers from her yard to create arrangements for both her mother and mother-in-law. And she had made plans with the other friends who attended the workshop to go flower shopping tomorrow so they could create some more arrangements to take to some seniors homes.  (She told me that they hoped I’d come with them and learn from them.  If I’m not well enough or have enough energy for the full deal, they’d stop by after picking up the flowers so I could still learn or just spend time with them while they make the arrangements.)

Beloved is currently collecting a count of the flowers we have so he can cut some tomorrow for arrangement lessons.  He wasn’t able to sign up for the workshop and couldn’t use my ticket today because he was with me, but perhaps tomorrow he will have a chance to learn. I bet the smell of the bouquets the ladies make tomorrow will smell especially sweet and heavenly the way mine does.  Not because of the flowers used, although that helps, rather because the simple gesture of care and surprise that goes into making something for someone when s/he doesn’t expect anything.

Self-conscious Insecurities

Without fail, on the days when I need to look pulled together and polished everything seems to conspire against me.  I positive my hair brush and blow dryer spend time ng how to give me the  most creative hair styles that could double as modern art sculptures.

Wrinkles that have been ironed out of clothes the world over manage to find their way into my clothes where they are basically permanent a part of the clothing.  And if I manage to get the creases out of the material chances are I will spill something on myself prior to going in public.

The four-footed one likes to help out as well.  She will rub up against me to help share her lovely fur coat with me.  She will find something smear her face in and then try to share the smear with me.  I mean who doesn’t want to share a smear?

So what’s a girl to do when it seems everything is considering against her to look presentable.  Well, she can hide from it and avoid all public appearances.  Or she can make the best of it and work with what she has.  Basically own the disaster as it is an intended effect.  Which tends to be what I do most of the time.

Beloved will assure you that my hair has yet to even remotely resemble modern art even when I swear it does.  The four-footed one?  Well we both have her fur on our clothes.  Wrinkles happen,  it again Beloved will tell you the wrinkles aren’t nearly as bad as I say.  So how is it that we see things so differently ?  Because when these moments are happening to me it’s my insecurities coming out.  And knowing that helps reduce the self-conscious  that comes with those insecurities.