Magical Times

There is something magical about the moments just before dawn and dusk. There is a softness that descends, if only for a few moments as if everything knows that we are hanging on the last few moments of one time to shift to another.

I love that moment of calm that happens just as the dawn’s first rays start to brighten the dark sky. I look forward to the softness of those gentle rays reminding us to slow down and get ready for some rest.

Beloved and I love to sit in the good seats and watch these magical moments be brought into meaning. How about you? Have you noticed the magic of these twixt and tween times? Have you ever sat in wonder as the first rays of the day brighten the sky? Have you ever just sat and took in the stillness of the soft rays of a setting sun?

Have you wondered about these moments? Not that they happen as much as how our ancestors placed such importance on these times. During these moments magic’s abound. The type of magic that leaves the promise of a new day or the cap on the closing of a day.

I Do Not Recommend This

I hurt myself today. Not to see if I could still feel, as I know I can. It wasn’t an intentional thing either. Nonetheless, I hurt myself today.

You see, the four-footed one got off her schedule, which is rare. And as a result, she insisted on taking a ramble while it was still dark. I’m used to walking with her in the early light of dawn. I’ve walked with her in falling darkness of dusk. I have never walked with her anyone in the darkness that happens after dusk and before dawn. Until today.

And that takes us back to the fact that I hurt myself today. She insisted on her walk starting around 1:30 this morning. We put her in the garden, hoping that would be enough, but we were foolish in trying to make this work. She knows the difference between a proper walk and being placed in the garden. And she wasn’t settling for anything less than a proper walk.

As we made our way in the darkness, it felt as if we were the only ones out and about. Peaceful and somewhat unnervingly quiet. Until I fell. That made a loud noise, as did my less than lady-like exclamations. I had found a slick spot of ground and went down with amazing speed.

More amazing is that I only cracked a few bones and made my way home. I don’t recommend hurting yourself, not even if it’s to see if you can still feel. But that’s just my humble opinion, supported by ice packs, a cast, and some pain relievers.

I Wonder…

I wonder what it would be like to be in charge of making the rain or the sunshine. I wonder what it would feel like to see the results of what I manage and know that people appreciate it. With that, of course, is the flip side, knowing that there are times people won’t be so happy to see that what I manage.

I wonder if I could manage the sunshine being produced and delivered. Or ensuring the rain had just the correct amount of freshness and coolness. It’s probably for the best that this isn’t my job.

How about you? Do you ever dream or wonder about something and in your heart know that you aren’t suited for it? Do you get curious about it all the same? Or do you know yourself well enough to know what is and what isn’t right for you?

If this is the case, I am in awe of you. I am in awe of how well you know yourself and what your limitations are. Perhaps at some point, you would be so kind as to share your secret or talent with me. If not, that’s okay, only please make sure we have more sun than anything else. If you don’t mind that is!

A Magical Place

Someone discovered that the carpet where the table used to be is comfortable. Why you may ask? The table protected this piece of carpet from foot traffic. A carpet that is protected retains all the cushion it used to have before people started walking on it.

Not only is this piece of carpet still nice and cushiony, it also happens to get the late afternoon sun on it. And four-feet loves her creature comforts of cushion and sunshine. In other words, this place is her new resting spot.

She is rather content on this piece of carpet these days. She flops down, stretches out, and is soon fast asleep. When she wakes up, she stretches and sighs contentedly before settling down again.

I confess I am jealous of her. I am jealous of her finding a comfortable place and making it her own with no question asked. Perhaps you too are envious of the four-footed one’s ability to make herself at peace no matter where she is.

Maybe you too can do the same thing she does. If so, please forgive me for being envious of you as well. It’s not personal, well it is. However it’s not about you, it’s me. Sorry.

They Said It Would Make My Life Easier…

I am a slave to technology. Or is it my electronics? You know when I acquired them ( the laptop, the tablet, the cell phone, and the virtual reality headset) the idea was that these things were there to improve my life.

But these are needy creatures of their accord. They need to be plugged in, they need to be updated, and so on. If I fail to do these, they fail to keep me happy. It is an odd dance of backward and forwards. Or is it a case of giving and taking?

At any rate, lately, I have noticed that these darling distractions of mine are demanding. I had not anticipated the level of commitment on my part when I brought them into my life. I was distracted by the hopes of what they could do for me. Surely I am not the only person who has started to feel this way with electronics. (Or am I? If so, please do not tell me and let me feel comforted in my state of delusion.)

So here I sit, sharing my feelings with you on the laptop as it doesn’t require my attention while I keep my eye on the tablet, virtual reality headset, and phone as they charge or update. It’s just a matter of time before the laptop also joins in on ganging up on me!

To Sleep With The Crumbs

Some people don’t mind crumbs in bed.  Some people don’t mind meals in bed.  Some people don’t have a choice and can only consume meals in bed, whether they like crumbs or not.  I am not the type of person who is okay with crumbs in bed.  Beloved, however, has no issues with eating popcorn in bed.  And leaving popcorn bits in the sheets.

This is clearly why I woke up with popcorn in my hair.  Which amused Beloved to no end, and annoyed me.  Partially because he doesn’t have popcorn in his hair.  That’s only because his hair too short to gather and keep the popcorn.  Although he did have popcorn stuck to his cheek!

Early in our relationship, Beloved thought I would appreciate breakfast in bed.  So he made a fancy breakfast and served it in bed.  He couldn’t understand that for someone with lupus, a chronic illness that leaves me exhausted, getting out of bed can be a big deal.  There are days being able to get out of bed and shower are what I call major accomplishments.  So naturally when I feel well, the last thing I want is to eat in bed.  

I enjoy being able to be up and about.  I relish the days I have energy to go out and be with friends.  It’s nice to enjoy a good meal whether it has been made by a loved one or is at a nice restaurant.  In other words, why eat in bed when you are well enough to not?  

Now Beloved obviously feels different and so making him breakfasts hat he is going to eat in bed is a great way to show him how much I love him.  I only do that on wash days for some reason.  I think he may be catching on though based on what he said after he finished his breakfast in bed today.  Oh well.

Just A Few Feet

As I tried on what had to be the thirteenth pair of shoes, I wondered if maybe Cinderella’s stepsisters weren’t on to something in hopes of making their feet fit in the found glass slipper.  Sure it was a bit gory, I mean the original story, but still it no doubt saved time to assure the fit.  

Listen I’m not the kind of girl who loves trying on shoes.  I hate shopping, especially shoe and clothing shopping.  So naturally upon being told I was expected to attend a fancy gathering and it had a color themed dress code, I was thrilled beyond belief at the need to get fancy colored shoes.  I don’t own gold shoes.  Ruby slippers?  Yes.  Gold shoes? No! 

So there I was, shopping for gold shoes.  I was surprised how many types of gold shoes there are.  Now I suppose I could just buy a pair that fit, but I wanted comfort too.  I mean let’s face it, who wants to be all dressed up and out of your normal clothes and add to it the joys of sore feet?

Part of my issue is that I have rather small feet.  Small and narrow feet.  With high arches.  Not ideal feet for getting shoes quickly off the shelf.  Yes sure, I found them.  And yes, they were comfortable.  But that is after trying on twnety pairs.  And then needing to leave relatively early because all the energy spent with trying on shoes and then getting all dressed up took a lot of my precious energy.  And invited lupus to come and play.