The Dream Vs The Office

Once, in what now seems like a million years ago, the idea of a home office seemed so grown-up and lovely. I would have my own little multimedia set up and just record lectures, talks, videos, and whatever else needed to be done in a state of bliss.

Not once in that ideal situation, did I factor in how little Miss Four-feet would feel a need to be a part of the office, both in her presence and her voice. Nor did I factor in how easily my microphone would pick up every little snort or growl she made.

I figured I would have all sorts of time to get the walls hung with beautiful pieces of art. Cute yet functional curtains would be hung, and the desk would be positioned for the perfect view.

The reality is that the curtains work; the view is another wall, which matches all the other bare walls. Not exactly how I dreamed it would be, but I know that when things settle down a bit, I will be able to shift more to the ideal of my office. For now, well, for now, this works sort of. Other than the loud snuffing noises that come from behind the door when I shut a particularly determined dog out. Yep, I’m living the dream!