Crossing The Ts For Lupus

Beloved is the kind of man who will offer you tea if you’ve had a bad day.  Need to rant or rave?  He has a tea for that.  Need something to calm down or help you rest?  There is a tea for that too.  He has different teas for serious chat, funny chat or just curling up with a good book.  

He does not have a tea to hear or cure lupus.  Teas for inflammation?  Yes.  Teas to settle a queasy feelings?  Yep.  But nothing to cure this disease.

He has, however, a ton of patience and time to research.  So when a well-meaning, good-hearted friend told him of a tea that will cure me of my lupus, he had to check it out.  Not that he believed it would be a cure, but if it could help with a flare, why not give it a try?  So research he did.

What he discovered was the tea could only be purchased from a small group of people, because the tea is green in remote places, wth all the extras added to it being “special”.  This also means the tea is expensive.  And untested.  Only word of mouth as a validation that it works.  He decided it was more a placebo with mild anti-inflammatory ingredients and thus not worth it.  

So researched all the cures for lupus he could find.  From diet to lotions, from pills to a magical elixir.  Special diets, eating at certain times, eliminating items and such.  And of course it’s all word of mouth because if there was a cure, we’d know about it.  What do all these have that allows them to exist and for people to continue to promote them as a cure?  Hope.  They are all signs of hope.  Something to grab ahold of and anchor yourself to as you hope for a fix to a horrible, chronic illness.  But they are empty hope.  It’s like anchoring yourself with a floatations  device.  It just doesn’t work.  But you want to hope, you want something to reach for and grasp, so you do.  Because you need to cross all the to in your journey.  Just don’t fall for a healing tea.


Lifestyle, Lazy Or Strategy?

If they offer an award for procrastination, I’m sure I’ve been nominated for it.  More than once.  Chances are, I procrastinated about getting ready to attend he awards ceremony.  Probably cutting it all very close.  Because I’ve made it a lifestyle, this procrastination habit of mine!

Beloved is a planner, a methodical planner.  My habit, nay, my need to leave things until almost the last-minute drives him crazy.  Just as his need to plan ever last-minute of a vacation drives me crazy.

Lets face it, a vacation is about relaxing in some way and letting what comes to you come.  Procrastination comes naturally, allowing for other things to come as you out off what you should do.  Or rather as I out things off, I open myself up to other things.  Some how it seems like a decent trade-off.

I am a natural, born procrastinator by the way.  I’ve been assured that even as a young child I procrastinated things like taking a nap, especially in a car.  And that the beginning of a way of life that I couldn’t change even if I wanted to.  But why would I do that?  Change takes time and effort,which are things that get in the way and thus need to be out off.  Not stopped, but out off for now! 😊

Comfortable Community of Sorts

Some people take blankets with them.  Others insist on having a pillow, stuffed animal or special picture.  Some need ton be near the window, others throw on a sleeping mask and headphones.  No rally there is a tv droning on somewhere.  Since we tend to be creatures of habit, we usually seek out the same station if possible.  I’ve even encountered people who tie w bit of superstition into this.

IV therapy time is always the same, and often times for me I’m seeing the same people each time.  I guess we form a bit of our own community.

Not every one of us has lupus, but our therapies are similar and besides when you are sitting there stuck to the chair with a lovely IV in your arm delivering toxic yet needed to live material into your body, you tend to find companionship with those also going through it!

to be honest it’s the medical staff as well as my fellow patients that make IV therapy more than just bearable.  I look forward to hearing how people are doing, what’s going on in their worlds. Sometimes I need their encouragement and sometimes im blessed enough to be able to offer them encouragement.

It’s nice to find that chronic illnesses like lupus can provide a means of community, especially when these illnesses are typical ones that make you seem isolated!  I guess it’s all what you make of it and if it’s all the same to you, I will make good of lupus where I can!😊

Convention, We Don’t Need Convention

I was told that we have an unconventional relationship.  Not exactly a May-December couple, but not typical either.  It isn’t just that we live apart some of the time although to be sure it may seem odd to some.

i can’t say that I dwell much upon how we live, Beloved  and I.  The way I seeit, as long a  we happy most of the time because happy all of the time is impossible, that’s all that matters.  So if we seem unconventional or odd, or unfathomable to some, that’s fine by me.  Because convention and tradition are what you make of it.

And what I make of it, along with Beloved, is our way of life.  The odd distances that happen now and then mak thetime together that much more special.  And if that’s what makes us unconventional then so be it!