When You Forget To Watch Your Language

I think my cell phone is out to get me.  Listen people have autocorrect fails all the time.  I understand this.  It’s happened to me before.  Except this time it was a spectacular mess.

I am almost 100% positive I typed the word small with a tiny error, so instead of being Amall my phone decided to change it to anal.  Yep anal.  Because an anal change is always fun.  Whatever an anal change is.  All I can tell you is that it didn’t take much time, however the effect is rather pronounced!

Frankly the only reason I even noticed the mistake was because it was a message  two coworker’s and one asked me if I really meant to type anal.  At that point there was no hiding the mistake and the only hole was the one I partially wanted to crawl into.  Except I’d still be found because I mean my inner fourteen year old found this to be al rather funny.  As in I still chuckle as I think about it.

This got me wondering how often technology messes my messages up without me even knowing.  Further more how often are things just lost because the wording doesn’t make sense thanks to technology thinking it knows what we really mean?  Will this be our down fall?  If so, it will be a funny time at any rate!



The Fright Long After Halloween

Beloved can be, well, unusual at times.  In fairness we all can.  So when he came into the house and declared someone was going through our trash I just kind of shrugged my shoulders. It isn’t like we have exciting trash.  Mostly just food stuffs and dirty paper napkins.  The odd wrapper and lots of dog poop.

We tie out dog poop up in little baggies once we pick up after her.  Which is right after she’s decided to do the deed.  So I mean honestly if someone were to go through our rubbish, have at it.  But to Beloved this isn’t good enough.  First he wanted hard proof someone was going through the rubbish bins and secondly he would want to know want they were looking for.

Beloved being Beloved, he set up a covert camera and trained it on the trash cans.  Within a few days he had his proof, there were two individuals going through the bins.  They were not successful in finding whatever it is they wanted to find as they walked away empty-handed.  And while they did go through the trash, they sort of tidied it up when they were done.

Still I was unnerved that someone felt s need or desire to go through my trash so we called local law enforcement and shared the footage with them.  And that’s why we now have law enforcement do random checks throughout the day.  It’s also  why Beloved has someone with him at work now too.  Just until we know what’s going on,  because free speech and the right to associate with who you wish is never really free.  People will try to exact a cost, such as a career or a life if need be.