In The Air

There is something to be said about sipping a good coffee and reading a good book while a dog rests against your feet. It’s healing and soothing and just right.

So that’s what I was doing today, enjoying a cup of strong coffee while reading an interesting book as the four-footed one curled up against one of my feet and started to snore. There was a slight wind that seemed to grow a little stronger each time it moved the trees, but nothing too concerning. Four-feet certainly didn’t sense anything wrong with this wind.

I’m not sure how long my neighbor had been calling out to me before I heard her, but she seemed somewhat agitated when I lifted my hand and gave her a wave. As I made my way towards her, she started to speak fast, I understood less than half of what she said, but the gist of things was that the wind, which was still gaining in strength was terrible. We needed to “batten down the hatches” and get indoors.

I started securing what I could, moving pots and plants as required. The four-footed one had wandered closer to the pond. By the time I finished doing what I could, the dog had returned to wait for the duck and me.

The duck meant I needed to fill the small pool so she’d have a place to swim and do whatever it is that ducks do in the water. A full pool later, the wind was now blowing steady and hard, like a stream of air, items were flying around outside while we watched from the safety of the house.

My neighbor was right, that lousy wind had come.

Early Birds, Early Worms

The storms rolled in during the wee hours of the morning. The time when most people are peacefully resting. Or, the time that the four-footed one likes to get up and get her day started. She is a firm believer in the early bird theory. Although I freely admit I am glad that she is not into worms!

So we were awake when the storm decided to build to an amazing crescendo. We weren’t fussed by it either, we were drying off from the intense rain which had saturated us for the few minutes we were out. Hence the need to dry off. Not that the four-footed one was complaining. For her that means being wrapped up in a towel, rubbed and snuggled. All things she likes to have done after she has been soaked.

She wasn’t fussed by the flashing of the lightening either. She was content. Until a startled Beloved joined us. You see the crescendo woke him up. He had been sleeping on the side of the bed when it jolted him. The fall onto the floor ensured he was wide awake and not interested in worms of any sort.

He was, however, in need of a bit of a cuddle with the four-footed one while I made him tea. Yes friends, it was that bad. He let me make his tea for him. Almost unheard of unless he is very ill or very exhausted. He claimed, later, that it was shock that allowed him to let me make his tea.

So the three of us sat there watching and marveling at the raw beauty and power of the storm that lasted for hours. We didn’t worry about losing electricity or anything. We just watched it in awe and wonder. And decided that the rest of the day would be a do whatever we wanted type of day. Which frankly can be the best types of days. Especially when the storm decided to hang around the rest of the day in a weakened state.

Sideways Rain?

Who knew the rain could fall sideways?  Well I guess some of y’all knew this, but not me.  Because we have gentle rain here.  We have rain that might slant a bit, but mostly it falls straight down.  Granted today was different. Today was the day where the rain blew sideways.  Into the window that never gets rain in it.

And why was today so different! Because today was  one of the days where try as I might, nothing was going well or even okay.  I woke up at 1:50 this morning.  Wide awake and just kind of unable to sleep or anything.  I was tired of course and yet unable to sleep.  I couldn’t pinpoint any real reason for this either.  And when it was time to get up, I was awake and ready to go.  Or so I thought. I wasn’t tired, but heavens my workout was sluggish and that set the tone for the whole day.  Everything was just a hair off.

So why wouldn’t the rain fall sideways and into the window that never gets rain in it?  And naturally the four-footed one delighted in this indoor puddle.  She pranced and danced around.  I’m pretty sure she was aiming for maximum water coverage in the shortest a,out of time.  And who doesn’t like cute paw prints all throughout the house?  Well other than someone who doesn’t want hardwood ruined?  I mean other than that person.  (I may be that person for the record.)

And naturally that window did not want to close, at least not easily.  The four-footed one was not going to stand outside either in that sideways rain.  I know because I took her out while Beloved fought with the window.   She was not happy with being outside, nor was she happy with her personal indoor puddle being cleaned up. 

I think next time it rai sideways, I’m just going to hide for the day.

Enjoy Yourself 

Beloved suggested that we both take the four-footed one for a walk.  His logic is that she listens to me more than him,  it I might not be up to a long walk.  Hence we should go together.  The four-footed one was fine with this simply because it means extra attention for her.

So off we went, the three is us.  Off into a nice day, some sun, not too hot,not too sunny.  It was just right.  But of course just right never lasts.  It isn’t supposed to I guess. Or maybe it’s too hard to maintain.  A breeze developed as we headed to the slow hills.  The four-footed one delighted in the breeze because it brought her fresh scents to chase.  Beloved delighted in the breeze for the simple fact he was able to enjoy the breeze.  I did not delight in the breeze.  I did not delight in much.  Not bcause it was an awful walk, but because my body is,ply wouldn’t let me enjoy this basic act of walking.

Soon none of us would be enjoying the walk because on the back of the wind was a storm full of cold, driving rain.  We weren’t prepared for that.  It was cold and miserable and we had to get back home.  Where the four-footed one needed t be dried odd with a towel before being settled in her favorite blanket.  Beloved decided I needed tobe dried off with towels, put in dry clothes and settled nto a nice, warm spot.  It was only after that, that Beloved grabbed a quick shower to warm up before joining us.

What had been an ideal day for a walk became an ideal day to curl up with each other, and talk or read.  So that’s what we did.  No one seemed to mind and  dare say we enjoyed ourskeves.

Only A Fool Such As I

One of my specialists decided to have a rather frank chat with me about my lifestyle. Well actually after he was finished studying my purple fingers turn lovely red under hot water, he informed me that I should consider where I live more closely. He said something like only a fool with my issues would continue to live in a place where things are not stable as far as weather, barometric pressure and temperature go.

And he’s not exactly wrong.  I know this isn’t the ideal place for me under the terms of temperature and weather.  But it works for me in other ways and it’s not an easy call as to which benefits are better and which draw backs are worse.  If it were that easy than I’d wouldn’t have been dithering about things like where to live.

The other factor in this is what is ideal for me may be not allow me the access I need to health care. And then let’s not even discuss that what works best for me is somehow the worst things for Beloved.  I need heat and he struggles in that.  I like sun and apparently he almost a vampire.  He lives for the drastic changes in the weather and loves to see the distinctive seasons.  I could care less about that stuff.  I just want to feel, well, human these days.

Which brings me back to what my specialist was saying.  Only a fool would continue to allow herself to feel like such utter rubbish due to weather and temperature and know that each year it gets a bit harder. A smart person would head to a place that is more compatible and sort out the other issues as she could.  And I will get to that, once the pain subsides a bit.  I think.

Watery Messes

It would appear I need to bust out my water wings.  I may even need to inflate our inflatable raft.  No the flood is not coming, it would appear it is here. The front street is now flood up onto the walks, you can see the current in the water. Soon it will creep up the hill the house and then, well then I will have a houseboat of sorts.

Okay so it’s unlikely that the house will ever become a houseboat.  And although it is still raining, the weather experts assure me that it will soon stop.  Of course they have been wrong before.  And to be fair, the reason why the front street is so flooded is because someone up from us decided to put all the raked leaves into the streets where they got stuck in the drains.  So naturally a back up of sorts happened.

So while I look for the water wings and how to inflate the raft, a huge vacuum truck has come up the street, sucking up water and all manner of stuff that’s preventing the water from going through the drains.  Perhaps I can convince the truck driver to come and suck up some of the other stuff that seems to be getting in the way. Such as my neighbor’s huge pile of plastic sacks just outside her door.  I have no clue why they are there.  I’ve never actually seen her use them.  They just seem to stay, in a large pile.  But perhaps those could be sucked up as well because it’s just a matter of time before they help create another watery mess in the street.

Minor Detail

Not that long ago, a friend of Beloved’s started posting pictures of the rising water levels where he lives.  A massive storm had gone thought in a very short period of time leading to rising water levels.  He was documenting the changes by the minute and posting it all online.

Now at some point he lost track of what was really happening, he was so caught up in taking the pictures and showing how quickly the water level was changing that he didn’t actually recognize the water was creeping in under his door.  I should point out he lives on a hill and has never had flooding before.  It wasn’t until he realized his feet were in water that he stopped taking pictures.

By then it was too late.  His neighbor had placed sandbags around the door ways to his house and from an open window he let our friend know that his house was dry.  Bone dry he said once our friend had said he was up to his ankles in water.

Apparently everything is going to be okay, but this reminded me how easily we can get caught up in the minor details to the point of missing whats really happening around us until it’s too late to respond properly.  While I’ve never been in that exact situation, but I have been caught unawares in storms because I was too busy watching the clouds for and roll by to actually recognize the storm was building.  At which point I got a bit wet as I hastily sought shelter.  I’ve also been suddenly trapped by the sun making a brilliant appearance when it wasn’t supposed to.  Of course that time I didn’t have sunscreen with me to reapplying and it had been a few hour shift incentive. Ad bothered with th the updated forecast.  So I had to wait for the shade to grow so I could carry on my path home.

And that’s the problem with those minor details that you can become lost in.  You become lost in them to the point of not looking up and gathering in all of the information, until your feet are wet and it’s too late to sandbag the doorway.