Story Time

As he stirred the tea, he told me of the girl who used to live around her—the girl who used to walk the hills as far as the eye could see. Each year she climbed the highest ridge and spent a week up there alone. She would come back down and declare the type of harvest they would have, which crops to plant, and when to make the celebration pots.

One year she went up to the peak with a different type of offerings. She didn’t come back down, the crops withered instead of flourishing, and the festivals did not happen. They didn’t search for her, nor did anyone ever go up the hill again. Apparently, it was her lot in life to carry out this task, and no one was anointed to follow in her footsteps.

With the same systematic approach, he dumped out the water, to read the leaves—the leaves he claimed would tell me what the universe wanted of me. He told me that the leaves would not tell my future; instead, they would explain what the world had in store for me if I followed a particular path. It was my choice to follow the way or not. However, what he told me was as strange as the story he told me earlier, and I left wondering how the universe could see a road to take when it placed at least ten choices at my feet.

Positively As Intended

If you think positively, if you really put your intentions out there, good things will come. I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard the guy on the television say.  I’m not certain though because my inner voice was having an argument with the man with it being something like if this all it takes why are so many people not reaping this benefit?

Sure there is a place of positive thinking and setting intentions.  But the is this other thing, a small thing really.  It’s called reality.  Reality doesn’t worry about what you have set or how you think.  Reality just happens.

Now you can say positive thinking will help you find a new vantage point to assess things from when you need it.  That can be good.  It can be helpful.  Provided you haven’t flown off to cloud cuckoo land.  Unless that was your intention.  Then alright.

Beloved and I aren’t into it always being about positive outlooks.  We are of an age where life has taught us both that this can’t always be the case.  Soemtimes life has a way of knocking you down and it can be hard to get up.  We learn from those times.  And sometimes something unfortunate happens, but rising from that is a new opportunity.  But not always.  At least not in our world.

Universal Hilarity or Murphy’s Foot

Somehow the Universe likes to point it’s odd sense of Humor my way.  As in it directly impacts me.  Typically I refer to this as Murphy’s Law.  And without fail, when its smooth-sailing ahead this amazing law kicks up and  much hilarity ensues.  Well not really from my point of view.  But I doubt the law cares about that minor part.

May I present exhibit A…my daily walks.  These aren’t crazy long walks, they don’t last a million miles and they aren’t gruelling.  They are just walks around town, to do errands and what have you.  Casual walking with a bit of ompf if you will.  I do these walks at least four days a week, plus all the other walking that goes on in the day-to-day tasks of my life.

Now ive experience blisters now and then on these walks.  Basically when my sock becomes bunched up or something like that.  Nothing major.  Nothing crippling.  Nothing to worry about or cause much concern.  And they aren’t a regular occurrence either.  So of course today, on a slightly longer walk complete with a downpour (poor planning on my part), I develop a new blister.  A blister unlike any I’ve ever had before.

This blister burns and aches.  It throbs and demands attention.  Worst of all,because this week is a week filled with lots of walking, it decides it needs to be in my life.  And dreadfully for me, it’s on the ball of my foot.  I only use this part of my foot like all the time.  So now I can either hobble along and hope it doesn’t become a bigger disaster or replay the rest of the week.

But allow me to introduce you to exhibit B, which comes in the form of an email, letting me know the charity walk I signed up for which is supposed to take place at the end of the month has been moved.  To this weekend.  And apparently it’s too late to back out.

It is the little things n life isn’t  it?  I  seem to be able to manage the big chronic, horrible things okay.  But a blister and a whole week is messed up.  Beloved figures the blister must be evaluated by a medical professional, because of lupus and the medications I take.  But it’s just a blister right?  And really it’s just a joke, at my expense surely.

How Clouds Give Me Gratitude

I walked down to watch the boats coming and leaving.  The water was perfect today for sail boats and they were out in full force.  I have no clue how people maneuver these crafts so gracefully, but it sure is a sight to behold.

the breeze was just enough on land so sure it was stronger, but not too strong on the water.  Sails billowing and then settling again in a rhythm as old as time itself I guess.  On land it was not quite enough for flying a kite, but maybe on the water it would be.  Of course we don’t have a sail boat.  Neither of us has a clue how to operate one.  And with our luck we’d end up in the water ourselves, or worse always be heading on the wrong direction!😉

The problem with watching sail boats, at least for me, is that I tend to watch the clouds slip across the sky after a little bit.  I guess their movements are a bit like watching the sail boats on the water.  Hmm, clouds as the universe’s sail boats! 😊

The problem with watching the clouds dance gracefully across the vast sky is that I lose all track of time.  Today was no different.  What I planned as a two-hour outing stretched beyond four.  To be honest, I was just heading back to the house when Beloved and the dogs passed by looking for me.

Climbing into the car, Beloved asked me what all I did today.  So I told him I was watching nature and having gratitude.  I’m grateful to spend time Dreaming about the luxuries my freedom provides me.  I’m blessed to be able to spend time like this, frittering it away according to some.  I’m fortune to be able to set time aside to just enjoy basic things because my needs have already been met.  I know others don’t have this luxury.  Some struggle just to find enough food for the next meal.  Others search for some sort of shelter and still others live each moment in fear of what may happen next.  I wish we all could spend some time gazing up at the clouds, wondering at their marvellous movements and feeling so grateful to be able to do is, just because we can.

Universe’s Humor Thanks to Murphy

It never fails, whenever I rush to grab a raining phone, it’s turns out to be something like a telemarketer on the other end. When I kiss a call it tends to be one that is time-sensitive or was one I was waiting for.

I’m not sure why this all sot always works out this way, perhaps the universe thinks it’s amusing, or perhaps that’s Murphy’s Law at work.

It’s the same with time. Any time I want to make sure I’m early for something, as in more than ten minutes, there is a traffic jam or all the lights become red lights as I encounter them. Again a sense of humor or something else.

Beloved assures me this isn’t really the case, rather it just seems this way. I argue that I’d it seems this way hen to me it IS the case.

Frankly I’m not finding this all that amusing and would like for this kind of thing to stop, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Perhaps what I need is a magic wand or a spell or something to put Murphy in his place or change the humor to my way!

Need to look professional? I’m guaranteed to look like I hiked in the woods. I guess no matter how I look at it, Murphy is going to humor the universe at my expense. I just need to find a way to enjoy it myself! 🙂