Everybody’s A Bit Foolish Sometime

Sometimes you have to do things like a fool. Sometimes there is nothing else to do but be the fool.  And sometimes playing the fool lets you avoid dealing with the things you fear, at least for a short period of time.

But when you do things like a food, when you play the fool you have to be willing to not care what others will think of you.  It’s near impossible to dance in the pouring rain if you worry about what others think of you.  I know this to be a fact because I have danced in the pouring rain.  I’ve also danced in a light drizzle.  Not because it was what I immediately broke into doing when I noticed the rain was coming down.  But because there was a finger, a very nice finger attached to a very nice hand which happened to be attached to the body of Beloved beckoning me to join him in the rain.

There was music playing and it seemed to him that the rain shouldn’t be the reason why no one was dancing to it.  Of course he’s far more comfortable doing whatever suits him in a moment, regardless of how good or poorly he can carry out that specific task, function or action.  (For the record he isn’t a bad dancer, cartwheels on the other hand are a pure disaster, but it did not stop him from attempting them one fine summer day.)

So why do this, because time is precious commodity and if you wait until the right moment you may never find it.  You will never perfect everything.  At least I won’t.  Not to the point of where I want to be dancing in public, but with the right person (the one who says who cares what people think or do) dancing in public isn’t that big of a deal.


Making Of A Hero

In the movies the hero always saves the day, just in the nick of time.  Sure the hero faces many obstacles and there is some doubt about a successful outcome, but in the end the hero comes through.

Now what makes the person a hero will vary, it depends on the issues at hand.  My hero sometimes doesn’t make it in time.  To save the burning food, or spilled cup.  He tries, but let’s face it Beloved is no Flash Gordon.  He also will never leap tall building in a single bound or fly.

But Beloved is my hero, one of em anyway.  It’s not easy living with a stubborn person.  Really not easy living with a stubborn person who happens to have lupus.  It can be down right near impossible to live with a person who is not only stubborn and has lupus but refuses to follow the rules.  And yet Beloved does this all with a smile on his face.

When he’s around there is less chance of burnt food because he will do the cooking and the washing up.  As for cleaning up spill Some?  You better believe he does that when he’s here.  He also does whatever else needs doing, even if I insist I can manage it on my own when we both know there is no way I’m getting it done because of lupus.

So they will probably never make a movie about the type of hero that Beloved is.  That’s okay, he knows he is my hero just by being himself.

Volume Of Conversation

The neighbors like to have conversations, passionate ones.  These typically start around 11 pm and depending upon the topic, can run until 3 am,  I know all of this because these are loud, passionate conversations that carry through the air.  They carry straight through to the house.  Free entertainment, if only I wanted it at that time.😳

Now I’m all for conversation, even passionate ones.  It’s all just a matter of timing.  I expressed to the neighbors that at I can appreciate conversation, just not at those hours. Judging from their response, I’m not the only person to express this concern.

One of my other neighbors decided that since these people won’t listen to reason the only thing left to do is deal with the legality of things.  So the police receive phone calls every time there is one of these disturbances.

Now at first the police said they’d drive by and check in things, however now they come right away due to the violent language and threats being used.  Inevitably this means someone goes away in a police car, peace fills the air and all is good.

Of course then both parties get back together and the fireworks begin anew.  It makes some people wonder why they keep getting back together, but I figure the attraction of such passionate conversations is too great to avoid. Even as the volume increases.

There will, sadly I must confess, come a time when the volume will be so loud it will be defeating.  And then the silence will ensue.  The silence of a violent relationship taken too far.