Priceless Thank You

It is easy, so utterly easy, to take things for granted when you don’t feel well. You take for granted the medical people who work to get you well again.  You take for granted the people who run the labs and fill the prescriptions.  Instead you just focus on getting well and don’t give much of a thought to how it is possible.

If not for a large group of amazing people, there is no way I would have the life I currently have.  To be blunt, I cannot say for sure I would even be alive today without these amazing and talented people.  And I remind myself every day how much they do for me and all the other patients. 

It is just as easy to forget about those amazing people when you feel well.  Let’s face it, when you have a chronic illness, it is deligtful to feel well enough to just be like everyone else.  Again there is no way for me to feel that way without an incredible team behind me.  A team that is a step ahead at times, or at least in sync with me.  And these people plan how to best help me, in spite of myself.

I don’t take them for granted because without them, I’m not here. Thank you seems insufficient for what they do, mostly bcause what they do is priceless to me.

What An Assignment Taught Me

IN my life I’ve had people who have come and gone; sometimes out of necessity and sometimes other reasons came into play.  Now and then I might stumble across a name that reminds me of one of those people and I may wonder whatever happened to the individual.  Typically this doesn’t happen often, I’m probably too self-absorbed or lost in school work.  At least that’s the story I’ve told myself.

But on my journey of finding my voice, my mission and such I’ve been asked to consider the people who have been in my life regardless of the  duration of our relationships.  This little assignment has proven to be anything but little.  In my personal experience this always seems to be the case.

And I will be honest about this, when I first started the writing assignment it was a half-hearted attempt on my part.  I just didn’t see the point to the assignment.  But I also didn’t want to take the shortcut method and miss something so I started listing names.  Slowly at first because well only half my heart was in it.

A strange thing happened as I was slowly putting down the names.  More names came to mind and I was written faster and faster.  I was trying to keep up with those names that popped into my head!  I also started to remember those people not just as named, but as people.  Smiling as I greeted each ne who came into my conscious again.

When I finished writing down the names and flipped to the next part of the assignment, I noticed my mood had shifted.  I was engaged, involved and in the to this assignment.  The second part of the assignment was to acknowledge the role each of these individuals filled in my life.

I found myself silently thankng these people as I wrote the second part of the assignment.  Not just a casual thank you either, but honest and true gratitude.  I may not have had the opportunity or the grace to thank each of these people in person.  I certainly didn’t have the love in me all the time to step forward and let these people know that I appreciated them for what they did as well as for who they were when they were present in my life.

While it isn’t exactly the same thing as personally thanking these people, in a way this assignment allowed me to do just that.  And this blog post?  It also provides me a forum to say thank you and appreciate each of these people again,a little more publicly.

so thank you to all, who were as well as those who are a part of my life.

P.S. You didn’t really think I’d have the space for listing all the amazing people I’ve been fortunate enough to know did you? 😉

P.P.S. The real lesson is what role gratitude plays in our life as well realizing each person in our life has something to share or teach us.