Time Will Tell

I was sitting outside, having a coffee with a cookie while minding my own business with the four-footed one resting near my feet when our wee duck came up from the pond. So far, we’ve only seen the duck in the water or on the banks of the pond.

Today, the duck came right over to us. Probably because the four-footed one was resting rather than barking or running around like the maniac she can be. Now I know a duck cannot be stealthy in the way other animals can be. However, I genuinely believe that the duck was working on stealth mode and taking advantage of the fact that four-feet was sleeping.

I threw a few crumbs for the duck, which were consumed with as much haste as four-feet uses when she eats. Maybe this is why I feel they will be friends, their eating habits, high energy, and overall cuteness. Oh, and lest I forget it, they both have a lot of sass.

Perhaps this will be a one time visit, then again, we may be forming new bonds. Maybe duck will be visiting more regularly since four-feet woke up while the duck was eating and remained very calm. Time will tell, I guess.

It Turned Out Wrong

Now and then, you come across something, a recipe, for example, that sounds a little different than it turns out. Today I discovered a dessert risotto that sounded amazing.

Of course, once I started making the recipe, I realized that I was making a type of rice pudding. The final result was a ride pudding. Delicious and in some ways more uncomplicated to make, however, it was still a rice pudding.

Naturally, I assumed I had done something wrong, missed a step, or not stirred enough. Surely that was it. I had to have been responsible for the outcome. Not having enough time, or energy to remake the recipe (not to mention how much rice pudding does one person need at one time), I sent the recipe to a friend and asked her to look it through.

Deciding it sounded intriguing, she made it as well, following the steps as written. She, too, ended up with rice pudding—tasty rice pudding she declared, but rice pudding nonetheless.

Is it my expectations were off? Maybe. It isn’t the first time this has happened either. Not just with cooking. It’s happened with more crafty projects as well. I expect that to be honest because I know I’m not that good with crafts.

I’m grateful for the confirmation I received with this recipe; otherwise, I’m sure I’d doubt my abilities with cooking as well.

Catching Christmas

The four-footed one decided she needed to see the various Christmas decorations in a local park. The fact that Beloved was talking about Christmas may have had something to do with it. Then again, it may have been the horde of jogging Santas that came up the street earlier today.

No matter the reason, the park is where we headed when she lead us on our afternoon ramble. And every tree had to be sniffed, every decoration staked in the ground had to be nosed. She found some artificial snow to get on her back and couldn’t resist running into the “gingerbread” house.

One of the jogging Santas was in the park when we arrived. Not that the four-footed one wanted anything to do with him until he held out a liver treat. Once the treat was where she could smell it, she went up to him and showed off all her tricks as if to say: see, I’ve been good and I’m clever too.

Liver treat consumed, she went back to ignoring Santa and sniffing Chrismas wherever she found it in the form of decorations, objects, and such. She can find the magic of Christmas like no one I know. And she isn’t ashamed of showing her joy, rolling in fake snow, sniffing snowflakes, and bopping up against elves. Let’s face it, she adores Christmas in the park almost as much as she enjoys Christmas day in the house. And I, well I enjoy watching the Christmas magic that both she and Beloved get caught up in.

Bearing Gifts

My father always told me to be wary of anyone bearing gifts that were comprised of my favorite items. Now and then those words come back to me. Usually, when Beloved is bearing gifts I adore.

It is different though, isn’t it, when the person bearing the gifts happens to be someone you love? I mean who doesn’t want to be surprised or wowed by their lovers now and then?

Although I must say, dear friends, I’m beginning to wonder if Beloved isn’t bearing too much these days. The other day he came home with chocolates I just happen to adore, for “no reason, other than that (I) like them”.

A week ago, he came into the house carrying with takeout food from one of my favorite restaurants. His logic is that we didn’t have time to cook, we were both hungry, and needed sustenance. And why not have sustenance that we enjoy?

There is a part of me though that wonders if he’s not fattening me up. You know, like for the slaughter or such. Sure it’s nice and loving how he just comes bearing these lovely gifts. And of course, I enjoy them. But if he continues to do this, I will have no choice but to suspect he is trying to fatten me up for some reason.

Virtual Suck

I have climbed the highest mountains. No, really I have. Well sort of. Thanks to the wonderful world of virtual reality, I have climbed mountains, swam and kayaked in the ocean, and moved some items in space.

Anything is just about possible with virtual reality these days! And I have Beloved to thank for introducing me to this world.

Perhaps you have been immersed in the world for a while. If you have that’s amazing, but the thing is I don’t play computer games. Or rather I didn’t. But now I do apparently. Minus the computer because he doesn’t like to be tethered to things. So he went wireless and that lets him move freely about the room. And made it fun for me too.

I find joy in punching blue and pink balls as they come at me. I suck at fishing, so no fish were harmed in any way. Maybe you find it relaxing, but I find it frustrating. Because I suck.

You might be asking why I’d suddenly jump into this. Heck, I asked myself that. Have you ever tried to hide from something by getting lost in something else? That’s my foray into this world. I am trying it to manage my pain. For the record it doesn’t. I still feel the pain as well as being annoyed that I suck. But one of these things may change, the degree of suckiness I bring.

You Never Know Until 

You never know how talented your loved ones are until you have no choice but to allow them to shine.  I’ve come to learn that Beloved is skilled at putting my jewellery on me when my hands won’t work.  He’s also proven adapt at managing my hair when lupus prevents me from handling that task.  He’s helped with my makeup,  here and there.  But recently he ended up having to do the whole shebang.

You see I woke up stiff, but that’s not completely abnormal with my lupus journey.  What is a bit abnormal is for my hands to swell to the point of barely being able to grab or grasp anything.  And we had already made commitments that we couldn’t get out of.  You see Beloved agreed end to help host a film viewing.  A black tie affair of sorts.  

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t manage the buttons on my outfit.  Nor could I do up my necklace or put in my earrings.  Makeup wasn’t possible nor was hair.  But Beloved easily managed buttons, necklace clasp, and earrings.  He also managed to use a blow dryer, brush, and spray to turn my hair into something lovely.  

He did my makeup, the eyeliner was perfect and I had no clue he could do that.  Mascara made his eyes water, but he managed it fine.  When he was done with me, he got himself ready and got us to the venue.  He didn’t complain.  He manoeuvred thrugh it all without any issue.

And he was brilliant, hosting the film, chairing a discussion afterwards, and getting is home so I could collapse.  Yes me managed to remove makeup, earrings, necklace, and the likes.

You jst never know until there is no other way.

Almost to Plan

Sour cherries and almonds  all nicely contained in a shortbread crust.  Sounds delicious.  And honestly frangepane isn’t that hard to make.  So while Beloved went fishing with our neve or, I got on with the surprise for him.  Normally he does the baking to my quality control work, but this time we’d reverse it without him being in the know up front.

Half way through, I knew this would be a labor of love.  My neck was protesting, my shoulders were threatening to join in, and my energy was flagging.  But still I kept on, after all half way through is no time to stop.  I promised myself that I would stretch on the floor while the thing was baking.  Except, the little voice in my head reminded me, I was making more than one of these things.  From cherries to peaches.

Okay so I. Between baking, I vowed, I would stretch on the floor.  And after the great clean up, I could stretch on the floor and agin and by the time Beloved came home, I would be fine,  he would never know.

It almost went to plan too.  The food was baked and cooling.  The house smelled wonderful.  The great mess was cleaned up.  All was pleasant as Beloved opened the door.  Other than the fact I was still on the floor willing my neck and shoulders to stop hurting.  The four-footed one had curled up beside me and promptly gone to sleep.  

Beloved called it, something about the aroma, and I replied with something about being right there.  But I wasn’t.  Stayed on the floor, unable to get up.  Too tired, in too much pain and having muscle spasms.  Beloved found the two of us on the floor.  He asked if he should join us, or should he get the baked goods and have a picnic with us. I counters with  having him get me up and we could sit and talk.  So he did and we did.  While other than him doing his duty of quality control.  

He suggested next time I be a less bit ambitious and I countered with next time he can make the food since he doesn’t like fishing anyway!