Want To Believe

I want to believe I live in a world where justice is blind, but just.  I want to believe I live in a world where equality is equal for all.  I want to believe I live in a world where people are following ethical guidelines for making rules/laws.

Now and then I catch  glimpse that this type of world is there, but all too often these glimpses are fleeting.  It’s as if it’s just beyond our reach,  it as long as we keep trying, as long as we keep striving forward it is possible to reach it.

Of course the proof that justice isn’t always blind nor just, is evident daily.  I live in a culture where power and money, material items, all make a difference  when justice comes in to play.  I don’t suspect that most people  want it to be this way, but there is enough  data that if you look well turned out or hold a professional standing in this culture justice tends to turn into your favor and is kinder.  There is, as much as people deny it, a color bar that comes into play with justice.  There is a so a financial bar that is used as a measuring stick.

I live in a culture where I’m told employers are equal opportunity employers.  This includes gender, race etc.  but I’ve seen women hired as a token hirings, same  with races.  I’ve been told that all genders are equal,  but we still have protests, rallies and such to try to grant equal rights for this.  The fact we qualify or identify people by gender or race says that there is something of difference to be noted rather than realizing we are all humans with the same rights.

As for ethics, I live in a culture that debates what is ethical and how to compromise various ethical ideologies.

Now I can sit back and ale observations, or I can acknowledge that if I want to live in the world in believe in, then I too have a part to play.