Unleash Your Inner…Snail?

“Find you power animal, you spirit animal. You will know when you’ve found it because it will feel right to you.  It may even feel as if it is a missing part of you, the piece that completes you.”  She was insistent with these directions, confident that it would happen for each of us as we rested on our mats.

It was her confidence, so strong and loud, that made me think hat I too would find my spirit animal .  All I had to do was find the entrance to that other world and apparently as I journeyed along, I would find the animal that spoke to me.  Sounded simple enough.

But finding the entrance wasn’t as straight forward as she made it sound.  She said it could be a hole in a tree, a cave, a crack, or another method something like that.  All. Had to do was see it, and slip down it like Alice and soon I’d be in my own version of Wonderland.  Only I couldn’t get comfortable so I had to shift around which got in the way of the vision.  And then I had a case of the wandering itch, it moved from one spot on my back to another and somehow ended up on my nose.  I know unfair right?

I never made it to Wonderland, not in the time she provided us to get there.  I guess that means my spirit animal is a slug or snail!?!

She has assured me that we will work on this visualization, but I’m pretty sure by the time we get there my spirit animal will be dead.😐

Have a feeling this is going to be a long, painful process, just like trying to meditate!  But I could be wrong.