Give Me Space

The four-footed one is annoyed with me being under her feet all the time. Well, technically, I’m not actually under her feet because she’s always under my feet.

Who knew that a small dog required a whole house to herself most of the day? I certainly had no idea that little Miss Four-Feet was someone who needed as much space as she appears to need.

I thought by leaving her one room in the house while I worked in another would be enough. I was wrong. Horribly wrong. And she made sure those near the hoes heard how wrong I was.

Seeking peace and preserving my hearing, I headed outside to work. She could have the house, and I would work surrounded by flowers and such. Little Miss Four-Feet was having none of this either. A dog, the size of a shoe box, requires a lot of space—more space than a human the size of many shoe boxes, for the record.

Scattered Words

Scattered on the ground were pieces of the teapot. Wet clumps of tea leaves glistened among the shards, letting me know the shattered teapot was a recent occurrence.

Beloved was nowhere to be found, nor was the four-footed one. I was grateful for the four-footed one’s absence as I cleaned up the mess. She would want to be right in the thick of things, sharp pottery, and wet leaves regardless of the dangers it posed.

Of course, the four-footed one is a great helper, if by helper you mean getting in the way with exuberance and a desire to be where you are. Some times her help can be a bit much, but that wasn’t what was on my mind.

Tea, to Beloved, is a ritual, something to be honored and respected. All aspects of it from the tea leaves themselves to the teapot and the water. If the pot had accidentally fallen, he would still be nearby, cleaning it up and looking to replace it. His absence told me that he would be away for a while, sorting out whatever had bothered him enough to let him leave the teapot in pieces.

I cleaned up the mess, went to the market and picked up a teapot I thought might be a suitable replacement. Even if it wasn’t, I decided it wouldn’t be too much a risk to come home with one.

For the record, when the two came home many hours later, I was informed that he loved the replacement. Not because it was ideal, as apparently, it wasn’t, but instead, it let him know that I understood what he couldn’t say.

A Place

Beloved pays rent on a small, slightly rundown place just on the edge of town. It has no view to speak of, and there is no demand for the land. Nevertheless, Beloved pays the rent early each month to ensure he’s still a tenant.

I’ve only been to his rental twice. The first time we stopped by so he could pick up something before we went to talk. The second time I went was in response to a text he sent. He needed me to come and pick him up, along with a few boxes.

He could just rent a storage unit rather than a small place. However the likes the space that comes with where he is renting. He likes to feel the vast expanse of the woods starting where the property ends with the town further away.

He comes here when he needs to remember what he tries so hard to forget each day. When he needs to touch that scar and know that it is as real and hard now as it was fresh and open when he was young. It is a space for him to reflect, rage, and cry if need be. A place for him to laugh and smile while being alone with no one to witness his emotions.

It is a place he rents for himself and I don’t knock on the door.

Lie Down With The Dog

The four-footed one crawled up to rest near my shoulder. She had claimed her spot in the bed for now and didn’t care that in doing so, Beloved would have to wiggle into bed.

It wasn’t just the spot she had settled into made it a challenge for Beloved. It was also due to the small, fact, just a tiny one, that she was not in the bed, she was on top of the covers. And when she wants to, she is an exceedingly effective weight to hold down the covers.

Sure she doesn’t weigh much. Sure she isn’t that big. Yes Beloved could have picked her up and relocated her. But he has tender skin. Not that she would bite him. She isn’t that mean. She will, however, place her teeth with slight pressure upon soft, unprotected human flesh. This is fairly common if she is suddenly woken up or disturbed from her dozing state.

So he wiggled and squirmed his way slowly into the bed. He claimed it was a bit like a limbo, yoga, and ninja moves. From my perspective, already in the bed, it was a whole lot of shaking going on.

And once he was in the bed, the four-footed one decided she no longer could rest where she had been. Instead she got up, stretched and went to rest right beside him!

Packed In

I have carried many things in my luggage over the years. Some of it fairly typical, like clothing and hair care items. And some of it highly academic, like pounds upon pounds of weight in the form of books. (It was a conference, I was a presenter and thus had a venue for the books.)

But recently I think takes the cake for items in my luggage. And I didn’t even pack it. I wasn’t feeling up to putting stuff in the suitcase, so Beloved did the packing. Okay so since I’m posting this, you can safely assume I did not go to jail.

Beloved packs a bit differently than I do. He tends to take time and thus the suitcase was left open for a period of time as he did his to and fro movements while acquiring the items for the suitcase. And yes I trust him.

When we got to our destination, Beloved put our suitcases away and we went out to get some food. When we came back, he decided to to unpack the clothing and other items while I saw to the four-footed one. Frankly everything seemed rather calm until a loudly uttered expletive filled the air.

Beloved isn’t one to have a salty tongue most of the time, so it was a question of should I go or would it be better to stay where I was. In the end curiosity won out and I went to the bedroom, where I saw Beloved madly dashing after a small blur on the floor. I saw my suitcase in an open state, half unpacked and I realized that there was a small chance that whatever he was after had tried to get into my suitcase.

I was wrong, it had been in my suitcase. It hitched a ride with us and once set free from the suitcase, was doing what the rest of us did, it was checking out the surroundings.

As for the blur? It seems we transported a small lizard. Maybe next time, I will do the packing.

Getting Restless

With a sigh and a stretch, the four-footed one settled into bed for a nice, long rest. The fact she was smack in the middle of the bed was a bonus to her.  The fact that the bed she was in was mine was irrelevant to her.

And rest assured that she was not the least bit worried about how I was going to get into my middle since she was smack in the middle.  She never lets that get into the time she sets aside for rest.

It was with great care that I had to shift myself slowly towards the middle of the bed.  Great care because although the dog is not overly heavy, she comes equipped with teeth.  And when disturbed from her resting area she has been known to put those teeth with a bit of pressure on a hand or finger.  Nor really biting down, but enough to let you know she isn’t happy.

I also knew that if I didn’t show care and caution while finding a place for my legs and feet to be on the bed, I risked being walked upon.  Walked on while she attempts to trample on me in order to get a new “nest” set up for her resting.

There is a part of me that is considering getting get a second bed, just so I can rest.  But I know she’d just take over where ever I decide to sleep.

Plum Foolish

Like a fool it decided to attempt to bake today.  It was hot, but I thought I’d have it all done before the worst of the heat came.  But of course in order to make what I wanted to make I first had to go shopping.

And after shopping, I opted to take care of a few small things before getting on with the baking.  That was very foolish of me because it too, longer than I thought to complete a few small things.  It always does.  And while we are talking about stuff that always takes longer than you think, washing and cutting plums takes longer as well.

Thankfully the rest of the process to make one of the items went quickly.  But naturally I was now baking in the worst of the heat.  With a few more items in various stages waiting to be popped in the oven when it was their turn.

I also sort of forgot about the whole cooling process and how long that takes.  So naturally once the baking was done I had to get creative with setting up spaces to cool all my baked items. And the storing them allow, which basically required some serious Tetris style stacking.  And now, well you’d think I would want to sample my work.  But I have no desire to eat any of it now.  I mean I spent hours working with it so now I’m kind of over it for now.