Of A Different Cut

Beloved got his hair cut.  No this isn’t anything unusual.  Not really.  He does it on a regular basis.  He even went to see the same person as he always does.  This time, Beloved told the stylist to do something a bit different, anything really, with his hair.

And so he came home with a slightly different look. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was something I liked or not.  It’s just a bit different.  And since I am so used to seeing him look the same, with slightly messy hair, this new, more styled look.

He admitted he isn’t sure that he likes it either.  But things sometimes take time to grow on you.  Or in the case of a bad haircut, time to grow out!   So it can be restyled and cut to something that works better or even back to how it used to look.

The nice thing is, as he pointed out, hair grows back.  And if you can’t wait out a bad haircut, you can wear a hat (if you’ve the head for that), or a wig (if you really feel you need to go that far).

For now we will see where his coif goes as far as growing on us or not.


What’s On Your Windowsill or Decorating With Dinos

My grandmother used to keep plants and candles on her windowsills. My mother kept seedlings on hers until they were ready to be planted in the ground.  A few of the much orders ladies I knew growing up kept powder on their windowsills, to keep the haints away.  These ladies always had yellow trim on their windows to ward off the haints as well.

But me, I apparently seek the not to grow life nor to ward off those who have passed over.  You see friends I keep dinosaurs on my windowsills.  I didn’t start out with a plan to keep dinosaurs on my windowsills.  Actually I didn’t plan on keeping anything on my windowsills.  However the four-footed one opted to out her plush dinosaurs on the windowsills she could reach.  Thankfully she only has two, but that’s enough for me.

I’ve  nothing against dinosaurs, plush or whatever.  I just have no need for them on my windowsills, but every day around eight in the morning they are placed on the windowsills to be removed only when it’s time to run around the house with them in your mouth.  Well if you are the four-footed one that is.  I have no more need for carrying dinosaurs in my mouth than I do to have them on my windowsills!


Dogs, Energy And Healing Aches

Between playing chase, peek-a-boo and the odd catch-me-if-you-can sprinkled in for good measure, my aching joints  are ready for a rest.  The four-footed one doesn’t understand this need of mine to rest and so she protests with some growls, whines and tail wags.  If  only that could fix it all, I’d be playing with her all the time!  Alas these aren’t the answer to my aches and pains all the time.

And pain medication isn’t always the answer either.  Not because they don’t work to some degree or another, but because I don’t always want to rely on them.  To be honest I use them exceedingly sparingly.  Much to my specialist’s glee.  But he also knows that means a great deal of the time I, just trying to push through.  So he is always looking for something new for me to try.

He suggested reiki recently, with a twist.  Because he is curious as to how it works, being a man of science after all, he set up a distance healing session without telling the practitioner about my specific issues.  At a given time the practitioner got to work in one place while I was in a different location.

She reported back to my specialist that she noted an issue with my right hip, both knees and neck.  Interestingly these were the areas I complained about to my specialist in my last visit as well as my shoulder-blade.  So she missed my shoulder-blade but got the others.  She also indicated a problem with my liver, which I have.

My specialist asked me if I felt anything from her work, and I told him my right hip didn’t seem to be as sore.  I couldn’t say if that was from her work or the rest from playing with the dog.  And I don’t need to know how it works either.  We will be trying another session later in to see if the magic works some more!


Your Dream, My Nightmare

A friend of Beloved’s recently announced he had been chosen to be part of a research team going to study a specific species of spider in Peru.  Up until this announcement I didn’t really know what this man did for a living.  After all he simply said he was a “biologist” when he was introduced to me years earlier.  He certainly never talked about his work, saying most people found it “unsettling”.

And now I heard he was going to Peru to study a spider those of a dinner plate.  A spider affectionately known as a bird-eating spider.  A huge tarantula of sorts.  With great big fangs.  That feasted on birds.  He was correct, his line of work was unsettling and to be honest a bit disturbing.  Simply because spiders that size?  Yikes!

Apparently there search station has the kind of WIFI signal that says “ha ha, fooled you” as just when you think you have connectivity, you lose it.  But he promised to send interesting emails when he could as well as pictures.  To show us the spiders are beautiful creatures.  Amazing animals even.  I will be happy as long as he comes back safe and sound with no spider bites or hugs from an anaconda.

To me, this isn’t really a dream, more like a nightmare, but he is so enthusiastic about it that it’s hard to not get cut up with his joy.  And I am truly excited for him.  I’m thrilled he has this opportunity.  It’s just not for me. But that’s what makes life interesting.  We can interact with people of al different interests and learn from them in a way that is comfortable for us.  And who knows, I may come to appreciate the spider that eats birds.  But I doubt I will ever call it cute.  Shame he isn’t off to study sloths!

Favorites, Food and Friends

My favourite ethnic restaurant in town closed its doors.  I’m not sure if this is a permanent thing or the owners are in a vacation back home.  I haven’t been to the restaurant in a few weeks.  A friend sent me a text after deciding to follow my recommendation to try the place, and then discovered it was closed.  As in lights off, doors locked, chairs on the tables.  As in closed and not open for food any time in the next few hours.

Closed as in suddenly I want their delicious rice pilaf.  I need to have the delicious dips, fresh pitas and stuffed vine/grape leaves.  My taste-buds demand the spiced meat which has been cooked to perfection served with a zingy garlic sauce.  My mouth waters at the thought of refreshing salads, cool cucumber dips and herbs too many to mention.  My mouth literally began altering at the thoughts of this.

Beloved mourned the loss of flaky pattern with sweet honey,  it’s and spices.  He yearned for the declines version of fruit salad which is served with a bit of slushy fruit juice and roasted nuts.  Sometimes he also has the special creamy topping with the fruit.

It’s funny how the minute you know you can’t have something, you suddenly desire it with a burning passion that can be consuming.  Well okay, to be honest, it’s not funny when you are faced with the hunger and no way to end it with exactly what you want.  Now you can either yearn for what you can’t have, which sometimes is the best option.  Or you can try to recreate it yourself, this can be a good thing or a disaster.

Beloved and my friends decided to try and recreate some of my favourite foods.  Mostly because I’ve been struggling with pain and energy levels.  And because I decided to not pretend to be better than I really feel anymore.  Because I can’t.  It’s too much.  Just like finding out my favourite foods aren’t just around the corner and up the hill from us.

And these lovely people made their version of my favourite dips, bought pitas, tried to recreate the fruit salad and son on.  Did it taste the same?  No of course not.  But it did taste full of love and that makes it taste special in its own way!  And to be honest, it may have a different flavor, but it’s still great!