Unseen Forces In Bed

A strange has been happening each night for the past few weeks.  My bed has been taken over by an unseen force.  No I’m not talking about Beloved’s “bubble zone” that allows him more personal space.

Pit appears that a rather large yet unseen entity takes over the bed around midnight.  It starts by making its presence known in the middle of the bed and it slowly pushes us both out to our respective sides of the bed.  When we go to look, the only thing in the Center of the bed is the four-footed one.  And it can’t be her because she’s curled up in a small little bundle, eyes closed and settled in for her sleep.

Once we shut off the lights again and just start drifting off to sleep this entity is back pushing and clawing at each of us as it demands more space.  Frankly we have been stumped as to what was going on so Beloved set up a camera to record what was happening.  Unfortunately the footage wasn’t ideal for us to see the middle of the bed.

Plan B was for one of us to stay awake and watch from elsewhere in the room.  The one of us who stayed awake was me, in a chair at the window.  I couldn’t sleep anyway with the pain I was experiencing, but it wasn’t enough to take my medications.  I tell you this because I want you to know that I was not under the influence of anything.

You see dear friends the strange thing happening on our bed each night turns out to be a small little dog.  Yes it is in fact our four-footed one.  You’d almost think that at night she magical turns into the size and weight of a small pony while during the day she is a small-sized dog.  When we move or sit up she curls up in the center and pretends to be sleeping.  This dog is able to command most of the space on a king sized bed each night as a way of ensuring she has a good nights rest while we struggle to stay in our own bed!


The Bed

He crawled under the covers until must the tip of his nose, his eyes, and the top of his head were visible.  With a sigh worthy of Hollywood he pushed down into th  pillow and closed his eyes.

I swear to goodness that dog thinks he is human in more ways than one.  He isn’t a large dog, not by a long shot, but he likes to think he is.  Still when he manages to get into our bed (Beloved thinks it’s cute, I dont) he somehow takes up the majority of the king sized space all on  his own.  He stretches his legs as long and as wide as he can.  He throws his head back one way while thrusting his torso another way.  And some how, he manages to get the most space.

During the day, while he is out and about, I swear there is no way for the dog to be that large.  At night, as if by magic and super stretching, he more than doubles in size.  I guess through all his snoring and snorting, not to mention twitching a soft barks, he shrinks himself back to size as he sleeps.

If we let him, he’d happily sleep between the two of us in bed.  But if both the dog and Beloved  are in bed first, there is no space for me.  This isn’t always a bad thing either.  You see the dog has another magical power he likes to use at night–doggie gas.  I guess when he is comfortable and relaxed he gets really comfortable and relaxed and next thing you know, you can’t wait to find fresh air.  Even if that means he gets the whole bed to himself!