Of Sharks, Dinosaurs And ?

There dinosaurs on the television earlier.  I’m m not sure what exactly Beloved was watching, I just noticed dinosaurs with tiny little arms and apparently several bony protrusions in its is dinosaur was colored yellow and purple and had what appeared to be feathers on its back legs.  Granted this was an artist’s interpretation of a dinosaur, but why it was on my television was a bit of a mystery.  Just not one I needed to actually solve.

However the little bit I saw made me rethink the four-footed one.  Not rethinking keeping her, oh heavens no not that!  But the past little bit we’ve been referring to her as a shark.  Basically since the week of non-stop shark shows, we’ve come to notice that our sweet little companion resembles an ambush attacking style of large, toothy sharks.

Now I’m thinking perhaps we were a bit quick on calling her a shark.  There appears to be a fair amount of an artist’s idea of a dinosaur in our four-footed companion.  There are days I wish she’d just get a little more in touch with her inner-sloth.  Not completely, but a bit.  Just enough that she’d settle down here and there.  But of course if she were to get in touch with her inner sloth I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be the slow part as much as the tree climbing part.  Maybe it’s better that she just stays as she is and we stop trying to compare her to other animals!


I’m Scared

They say one of the best ways to deal with your fears is to face them.  To this end people have let spiders crawl on them, sat in rooms full of spiders or other insects/animals that the person is afraid of.  Som people have jumped out of airplanes and others have forced themselves into things like Toast Masters.

If you are a somewhat regular reader of this blog, you know my strong dislike for spiders.  I’m not sure if I’m afraid of them because I really don’t like them.  I know I’ve slept in a room where I had seen a spider, once. I know there are far more I can’t see so I probably sleep with spiders on a regular basis.  I’m positive I’ve eaten or swallowed an unfortunate spider at least once in my life.  So I dont think I need to let them crawl all over me, or sit in a room full of them.  I’m okay letting them do spider stuff and me do my stuff provided they keep their space away from mine.

Live jumped out of airplanes, with a parachute and person with me.  Just for the thrill of it.  I enjoyed it, we’ll all of it other than the landing.  The landing wasn’t enjoyable because ground is hard.  I’m not hard, I’m soft so hitting hard ground was not so much fun.

i don’t mind speaking, heck it’s how I pay some bills.  So I’m not overly afraid of that, although like any person I have insecurities around judgements and such.  I try to ignore them, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Most times it is because my speaking isn’t as good as I want it to be.

I have silly fears.  Fears like moths.  I know they can’t hurt me, I’m not wool so they won’t eat me, but I’m scared of them, same with butterflies, crickets, grasshoppers and such.  I’m scared to death of cockroaches, but a lot of people are I guess.  I’m not about to let any of those bugs sleep with me, or crawl in me and I’m most certainly not willingly going to eat one either.

I’m afraid of sharks.  Mostly because in the water I’m sure I look like easy prey.  A seal of sorts, that can’t swim as good as seals swim.  I can’t imagine what it would be like if a shark decided to “taste me” because let’s face it, they have big mouths filled with sharp and pointed teeth.

Face a shark?  No thanks, I can keep that fear.  Sure ive seen sharks, touched on once, in a special aquarium.  But hop into the water, the open water with sharks?  Hungry sharks?  No thanks!

I have a massive fear that when I die (I’m not afraid of being dead, worried a bit about the actual method/pain level) I will leave behind a horribly messy house for some poor soul to contend with.  All of my worldly possessions up for scrutiny and such.  What impressions and opinions will those make I wonder.

Of course I could get rid of the knickknacks now I guess and then the whole messy house, lots of stuff to sort out fear goes away or shrinks a bit.

I suppose I should be afraid of flying, because if there is an issue in the air, it normally doesn’t end well.  But I’m okay with flying, enjoy it for the most part.

Most of my fears are silly really.  Silly because when am I ever going to encounter a hungry Nile crocodile in North America? I guess to people who do not share our fears we seem funny to be afraid of what scares us.  But part of being human is to be scared.  And to learn from those fears and over come them.  It’s way to see just how strong we really are.



Dirty Water?

Swimming with dolphins is supposed to be fun.  People pay large sums of money to swim with these animals.   But me?  I will stay out of the water thanks all the same.  I’ve never really understood why people want to do this.

Sure dolphins are amazing animals, intelligent and majestic, but the same can be said about sharks. Again, I don’t have a huge desire to swim with them either.

A friend’s partner came back from swimming with whales. He was raving about how truly wonderful this experience is and how everyone should do it.  Still desire for me to join him.

Before you think I can’t swim, I should set that aside.  I’m very capable of swimming, I actually have nothing against swimming.  But I prefer swimming pools.  Not because the water is calm, or warm, although those are added bonuses in my book.

No my friends, the real reason why I have no desire to swim with sharks, Dolphins, whales etc is because they are in the ocean.  And the ocean is not clean.  And im not talking pollution either, although there is tons of trash in the water.

The ocean is where these animals live, they swim in the ocean, they play in the ocean, they sleep in the ocean, they give birth and die in the ocean.  And they eat and poop in the ocean.  So you see I have no desire to get into all that dirty water.

And then there is jellyfish to deal with.  Sneaky creatures, trying to be no-see-ems.  Sneaky and willing to hurt you if you get in the way of their tentacles.  The tentacles that can become mesmerizing as the trail in the water, but pure pain if they touch your skin.  So now you have an injury while you are in dirty water.  How can this even sound like anyone’s dream vacation?

instead I will stay comfortable on the boat or what have you and view things without dealing with dirty water.  Yep I’m not swimming in the sea creatures’ toilet and grocery store.

You Know How…

You know how some people say sleeping on the floor is great for your back? Yeah, I’m pretty sure those people are crazy, or jealous of those of us with good mattresses.

Maybe this came about to make people who don’t have nice mattress feel good about sleeping on the floor. Where the bugs are. Where it’s hard an unforgiving to sore joints etc. Where it’s cold and hard to snuggle into. Then again, maybe that’s just me! 😉

You know how they say that which doesn’t kills you makes you stronger? How come they never put a timeline in this? Like if experience X doesn’t lead to immediate death, but creates some health challenges that wear you down and eventually lead to hastening your death? Is it the result of your death at that point? And why can’t we say that sure it might not kill you, but it isn’t going to be of any benefit either. Why not see it in the stark light of grey instead of trying to paint all rosy?

You know how they used to say you have to wait at least an hour after eating before you go swimming? Of course they’ve now changed that, but why did they say it in the first place? Were they afraid the sharks would become fond of food filled people? 😉

There are oddles of sayings like the ones mentioned above. Do you ever wonder why they came into being? Have you ever let your creativity kick-in and find a reason for these sayings? What’s your favorite saying? What’s your explanation for some of these sayings? (Not the real ones, but the fun and creative reasons/logic.)

Swimming Fish

He suggested a tiny swim, with the fishes. He said it would be an amazing sight, once in a lifetime chance to be among some brilliant colors and amazing fish. At first, the thought of it seemed to be okay, but them those words, swim with the fishes made me change my mind.

Swimming with the fish means that I’m out of my element. You see I’m a land dweller who doesn’t mind water, but am not a person who needs to be submersed in it to appreciate it. A little here and there is fine. A chance to see a whole other part of life, sure for a brief moment.

The biggest reason this whole idea of swimming with the fishes disturbed me is that I have this habit, a little something I’m rather addicted to…it’s called living. Funny thing about living and humans is that oxygen is required, to breathe. Apparently humans like to breathe. Apparently breathing underwater is umm, not conducive to my habit of living.

Sure you can do it via a snorkels or tanks, but there are limitations to both of those. And those limitations could be easily missed, ignored etc.

The other reason I’m not a fan of swimming with the fish is that some fish have great big, sharp, pointy teeth. All the better to take bites with. This may shock you, but my skin isn’t armored, there really isn’t protection against those types of teeth. And let’s face it, even if a shark were just to take a “small taste” of me, well that could be fatal, to me, not the shark.

So no I opted to not swim with the fish and in the end he didn’t either, something to do with the movies about the mob. Instead we enjoyed watching the fish though the plate-glass window in the viewing area. Nice and dry, free of fish poop and shark bites. Seems like a win all around if you ask me!