For The Dogs

After a visit with new company, the four-footed one decided that once the company left it was nap time.  Not the slowly settling down to nap like she usually does either.  Oh none of that today.  Instead she basically picked her spot, flopped down and was a sleep right away.

I should also say the four-footed one is usually a light sleep easel as being one to slowly drift off.  But today that was not the case.  The noises that usually wake her up had no impact on her sleep after the company left.  I could have out a block of cheese in front of her face and shed sleep through it.  Normally the simple act of something be unwrapped or opened up has her wide wake and ready to see what’s going on.

im not going to lie, there is a part of me that is envious of her for being able to do that.  You see, I too was a bit tired after comoany, but I’m not a nap kind of girl.  I’m more a go until you collapse kind of girl.  And I’m not a heavy sleeper.  Maybe I napped vicariously through the dog.  Boy I hope so, because I’m tired.



While I Was Working And While She Was Sleeping

The four-footed one likes to play.  While she will occasionally play on her own, her favorite thing to do is to find a toy and insist that a human join her in the fun.  She isn’t too picky about having rules, and chase is always a great game.

Today, while I was swamped doing far too much work, she kept bringing me toys to play with. I would throw the, and shed run after them and get them.  No she didn’t bring them back for me to throw again.  That wouldn’t be much fun by her standards.  Instead shed wait for me to look for her.  If I failed to do so in a timely fashion shed bark until I came.  And of course the minute I got close to her and her toy, she would take off running.  Yes she wanted me to chase her to try to get the toy back.

Due to my lack of attention and dedication to the game,it resulted in toys being stashed pin window sills, under beds, at the bottom of the stairs and in a cupboard that wasn’t fully closed.  This doesn’t include the countless toys left strewn across her general playing area, which happens to be the living room/entertaining space.  It appears she is a love ’em and leave ’em kind of girl if no one shows interest in the toy she currently is with.

So on top of working long hours, I spent another couple of hours searching for and then storing all the toys away again.  As for the dog?  She was sleeping when I was cleaning up the mess.

Curiosity Layered Cake

Someone told me that if we all went back to the lessons we learned when we were little, everyone would be better for it. The idea is that if we learned to share more, nap when we were tired, get plenty of play time and find a way to be curious about things it would be better.

While I’m sure nap time was required, as was play time. I think I struggled with this whole concept of sharing as a young child. To be fair I still struggle with this concept even now, especially when it comes to cake, my technology, time with Beloved and space in the bed. And that’s just off the top of my head!

I think the one thing I’ve held most dearly to suggested list is the concept of curiosity. I think to go through life not getting curious about things, not learning and experimenting would be a rather boring existence indeed. I’m not sure a person could go through life with no curiosity, but perhaps there are a few people who can.

I cannot fathom being so bored, so disinterested in everything in life that I just kind of float through it all as it goes on around me. But is curiosity enough to make things better? I’m not sure. It gives me energy as well as exhaustion. Curiosity opens doors to me, but sometimes the timing of me walking through that door wasn’t ideal either.

I think we should add snack time to this list by the way. Cake specifically. Then with the power of cake and curiosity it might be the trick. For me.

A Wee Rest

I’m not one to nap.  Not normally.  If the sun is up, I tend to be up. Actually these days I find myself up to watch the sun start to lighten the horizon.  I remember, many years ago, my mother telling me that as a small child I gave up on napping early on and was basically on the go.  The down side of all this is that I would get horribly tired, but refuse to go to bed because there really is no sense in sleeping.

These days, I nap if I’m truly sick and my medication basically puts me to sleep.  Or if Beloved happens to catch me at a rare moment where he can see the crash coming and he will send me off for a nap, with some medication and a story.  But today he wasn’t around to catch the crash and to be honest I didn’t really feel it coming as I was focused on other things that needed doing.

Naturally the great crash came as I was in the middle of something important.  And no the crash is not me just falling asleep where ever I happen to be.  I wish it were that straightforward and simple because then when I wake up all would be fine again.  Instead the great crash is a rapid increase of a lupus flare.  And when it hits, its not something cured by sleep.  It is an intense amount of exhaustion, pain, frustration and a million other things.  And yes I know it could be avoided somewhat with rest.  I tend to miss that part, which is where Beloved comes in, when he’s around.

Like I said, I was alone today when it happened.  However he phoned when I was knee-deep in frustration at this latest setback.  And as his usual style, he did not remind me that this could have been avoided.  He did not scold me nor tell me I must take better care of myself.  Instead he started talking about the stuff he was working on, the history he is researching right now with a soothing voice. He was gentle when he suggested I take my meds now rather than later on.

And now, hours later, I feel slightly human, not great.  No where near recovered, just a bit more prepared for the rest of the flare.  Because somehow he managed to soothe the beast that is frustration within me and I managed to get a bit of a nap.  An hour or two, just enough to shake off some of this and start to get things set up for when the flare gets worse, because there is no way it isn’t going to get worse this time around.

A Sting Of Sorts

I’m a fan of wide porches and rocking chairs.  There is no better place to read on a warm day, gently rocking and enjoying the coolness of a wide porch.  Beloved is not a fan of wide porches.  He is a fan of cool room so it has fans and climate control if not air conditioning.  Just when it’s getting to where I’m enjoying the warmth, Beloved is getting ready to melt.

So I find myself enjoying the porch and the chair by myself by mid morning.  Early mornings will find Beloved out here with me (I’m the one wrapped up) both of us enjoying a book or conversation and a nice cup of coffee. But as it gets warmer he will retreat into the house, cooking, cleaning or reading.

Today the four-footed one and I had plans to enjoy the porch the whole day long.  Except wasps have come to discover the joy of our little haven so we opted to stay inside and read/rest by the open window, staying in the shade.  Or so I thought.

Judging from the rash that has formed I somehow found the sun, which never happen so no the porch.  So there will be no porch tomorrow for me. Instead there will be a call to my specialist,probably another adjustment of meds and a knowing look from Beloved when I see him.  Oh and there will be a call tomorrow as well.  That all will be to have the wasps removed before someone gets stung.  Right now, after sun exposure it feels like wasps are attacking me, but I know that’s not true.  It’s just lupus kicking into a higher gear, fed from the sun.

A Trip Indeed

A trip to the countryside was in order, or so well-meaning friends and Beloved thought.  Really I was rather content for a lazy day around the house, relaxing with a book and watching the four-footed one get up to her usual antics.

But friends had decided I needed out of the house after spending a gruelling 12 hours working on a paper the day before.  Beloved fancied getting out of the house as the four-footed one needed a change of scenery.  And so we all plied into the vehicle and headed to the countryside.

Everyone has their own idea of a trip to the countryside.  Beloved thought he’d take the four-footed one for a short walk down by the water. He suggested I might enjoy it as well.  Our friends were determined to hike along the meadows for a bit.

So my choices were an at least slow walk down to the water’s edge or a long and somewhat sped up hike through the meadows.  Both required being in the sun.  Not what I wanted.  So I opted to travel down to the water, going slower than Beloved and the four-footed one.  I allowed lupus to dictate the speed I went.  For once this week I was fine travelling with lupus at the slower pace.

Because lupus knew exactly what I knew, the day wasn’t ideal for an outing in the countryside.  The day was perfect for sitting and reading while Beloved pottered around the kitchen.  That would all have to be put off until tomorrow, if lupus would be agreeable to that.

A Happy Mess In The Zoo

The four-footed one goes from zero to one hundred in a second flat.  And the. She can shift back down again in the same time frame.  She can cycle back and fourth throughout the day the same way you would flip on and off a switch.

Today has been no exception and it’s why there are green eggs scattered throughout the place.  It’s also why a pink dinosaur is perching on the edge of my coffee table while an orange salamander is hanging ever so precariously on a shelf.  There are three red birds in my kitchen and two squirrels in the hall. I found a grunting hedgehog in my bathroom and a pig with wings hanging out by the bedroom.

As for the four-footed one, she has flopped down on one of her cushions in the middle of the floor.  Resting  ever so innocently and peacefully while I take in the chaos. And while the notation of cleaning it up crosses my mind, I know better. Just the slightest sound, the mildest of squeaks from one of the toys is enough to flip that switch to full throttle again.  Which is not ideal when it’s basically time to sleep for the night and you know it will take her an additional hour to go from full throttle to peaceful rest again.

So for now I will leave the zoo as it is and because in a few hours she will rearrange it all over again.  Probably a million times before the day is done.