Have You Tried…

It’s been a rough few days, heck a rough few weeks if I’m honest about it.  It isn’t all lupus though, despite what you may think.  Although I’m not going to downplay the role lupus has played in making things more rough than they should be.  But I haven’t been much of a help to myself either because I bit off a bit more than I could possibly chew and instead of just spitting it out and breaking into smaller pieces, I opted to continue to try to chew.  Not smart.

So when I phoned my specialist and got his assistant on the line I was in a pretty bad place pain wise and ability wise.  Now I should say this up front, I love this assistant.  She is a no-nonsense, straight talking, tell it like it is kind of woman, with just the right dash of empathy.   Normally when I phone and I’m as far down the path of pain and mobility issues that I was she offers up suggestions such as ice packs or heating pads; oatmeal baths or episome salt baths to try and get things down to a more manageable level.  But not this time.

This time she got on the phone and said “have you tried shutting down, unplugging everything, plugging it back in and starting it up again?  You should do that five times at least!” and then she laughed.  She said she always wanted to say that to someone and never had the chance.  And honestly with lupus, I wish it were as easy and shutting my body down, unplugging and then re-plugging stuff back in so that when I start back up it’s all good.  But lupus isn’t that simple.  I told her if I could do that or jiggle the handle it would be ideal.  But it wasn’t, so could I please get in to see the doctor.   After a bit more of a laugh she made my appointment and told me she’d jiggle my hand when I came in for the appointment so that the blood would be easier to draw.  True to her word, she did jiggle my hand a bit; it didn’t affect the speed at which my blood flowed though.