I’m Dreaming Of Food…Or Channeling My Inner Chipmunk

Today I’ve been dreaming about food.  Well dreaming is probably the wrong word, lusting is probably more accurate.  I have been lusting after food today.  No don’t misunderstand dear friends, I love good food and I love sharing it with people I enjoy so it’s not unusual for me to think about food.  I’ve been known to plan whole menus as a means of pleasantly passing time and I’ve no shame in this either.

However today I’ve been running on the see food, think food, desire food sort of cycle.  I blame my medications partially for this shift in my food relationship.  I also blame people sharing delicious ideas and placed with me all in a very short period of time.  This sharing lead me to feel like I need to try it all, right now.  Not that I’m complaining about people sharing these things with me; whether we break bread together or separately but shared experiences I think is a wonderful thing indeed.

The thing is, though, between my medication, my lupus flare and the insane hamster on the wheel that is my brain, I fee exhausted just trying to figure out what to do and try and when.  And of course this makes my health teeter totter a bit more.  Again I am not complaining for I am blessed, truly blessed to have wonderful people to share food with and more importantly to not having to worry about where the next meal comes from.  I just need to tame the lusting of said food into something more manageable so food isn’t falling off my plate!


Invasion Of What?

My house has been invaded recently.  Oh I’ve not caught even a single glimpse of the invader(s), but all the same I know the house has been invaded.  Spoons, forks, and plates are missing.  Socks too, but I understand that there are laundry elves in on that.

Now there are a limited number of people in my house which means a limited number of people who could misplace or lose these items.  I know I haven’t lost any myself and Beloved is not one to take plates or cutlery out of the kitchen.  We’ve had a few friends over, but I doubt that they come just to take our stuff.

The only conclusion I can come to, and I’m sure you will agree, is that someone or something has invaded the house and taken these items.  I’m thinking its a case of naughty elves or such.  Maybe some fairies or sprites.

At any rate im down two spoons, three forks and one plate.  Granted if it is elves, fairies or sprites these utensils and such will be a bit too large for them, so maybe it’s a team of them.  Not that it matters because at then end of it all, I’m still down these items.  And my home is still, well, invaded.