Sleeping Dogs Indeed

While in the kitchen I dropped a slice of banana on the floor.  The four-footed one was faster g thing to the dropped fruit than I was.  She happily consumed the fallen slice and waited for more.

Large, hopeful eyes followed my every move as I sliced strawberries and a pear.  With no more items falling, probably her version of mana from heaven, she wandered off to flop on her current favorite spot on the floor.  She looked as if she was asleep by the time I brought my bow, of fruit to the table.

Looks can be deceiving. This I already knew, but she decided to remind me of  this anyway.  The phone rang and I got up to get it.  By the time I came back the four-footed one was in my bowl of fruit.  Eating out of it.  Not even using the spoon!

So much for leaving sleeping dogs where they are!  Because not all sleeping dogs are actually sleeping.  And some have apparently learned how to climb onto the kitchen chair in order to reach the food on the table.

And those eyes that were so large and hopeful earlier didn’t even hold the tiniest bit of shame.  Just love and a knowing look that she had gotten one up on me.  And my fruit.


In The Cards or Reminders For Living

she turned over the cards, the first one was to give me an answer for what I should be doing for my greatest good.  She said that it was important to find the greatest good, which she quickly pointed out did not mean greatest wealth.

The second card was provide further information and the third card was to answer if there was anything else I should be aware of.  Once she read the cards, she looked up at me and told me that there was great things to come out of the chaos currently happening in my life.  I needed to remain open to possibilities and finally I needed to remember not to be too cautious.

she wasn’t wrong, there is chaos in my life, but basically that’s life in a nutshell.  And yes if you remain positive and look for the good positive things will come from it.  In order to remain positive you need to be open to new opportunities and take risks.  Not taking risks results in not changing or finding new opportunities,

she did not provide the same type of reading for my friend which was interesting.  But the reading she gave my friend was also vague and yet incredibly applicable for my friend’s situation according to my friend herself.  Because we take these messages to mean what we want them to mean.  We take the vague statements and see how they apply ourselves and either  accept them or discard them.

I won’t be discarding what the woman at the coffee shop shared with me free of charge because it is important to remain open to possibilities, to be able to find the positives in life and take the risks worth taking.  I won’t, however, see what else she can read because things will unfold as they will, adventure by adventure.