Lending A Hand

I’m not a left-handed girl naturally.  It isn’t that I have something against my left hand, it is rather a case of being one of the many folks who happen to have a dominate right hand.  That’s just the way I am.

Recently though, I’ve had to learn to make dI with my left hand.  On account of my right hand met heat.  Searing, burning heat.  From the oven.  Enough of an issue to require medical intervention.  End result, oddles of medication and such applied to oozing blisters and my right hand now resembles a wrapped mummy hand.  Which hurts at the slightest movement or touch.

Evidently mummy hands aren’t meant to get wet.  Nope, it must remain dry.  Which has resulted in interesting gloves and wraps.  And a whole new way to adjust doing things.  In some cases it has meant not doing things, like elaborate hair or precise  eyeliner.

Thankfully, Beloved has two perfectly fine hands.  Hands that can wash dishes and slice fruit.  Hands that can make pastry and wring out damp clothes.  Even more lovely is how he just doesn’t mind either.  He just pops up to lend a helping hand with no questions asked.  I’m truly grateful for all of this, I really am.  But I’d rather he not feel the need to cut all my food for me right now.  I mean some food can be managed by a fork, even if it is being held with an unwieldy left hand.

In The Way or Way Over Here

Some days you just got to get out-of-the-way.  Sometimes it’s a case of getting out of the way of others.  Sometimes it is getting out of the way of vehicles or access lane.  Because some days, no matter way you do, you always seem to be in the wrong place.  Unless you were aiming to always be in way of someone or something, if that was the case, carry on!  You are doing an excellent job!

Some times though what you need  do is just get out of the way off yourself. That’s right.  Sometimes you are in the way of your own growth, potential and such.  It happens.  It happens through self talk and self-doubt.  It happens through ready-made excuses and overstated sense of self-importance.  Sometimes it’s just a mood or state of mind.  It doesn’t really matter how it came to be that you are in your own way of growing to full potential or greatness.  It just matters that you step out of the way for yourself.

And I bet, if you are like me, you have no problem stepping up of the way for other people, and struggle to get out of your own way.  It isn’t easy because first you have to realize that it is in fact yourself that’s in the way.  And then you have to negotiate with yourself about getting out of the way.  But when you do, oh boy, look out!  A whole new avenue of possibilities and ideas await your exploration.  So next time you feel stuck, do a quick check to see if that shadow of someone in your way is your own shadow.  If it is, step aside.

My So Called Fairytale Life

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived, quite naturally in a castle. The castle was, of course, located in a beautiful setting where there was never any “bad” weather or fearsome animals. The princess wasn’t lonely, not exactly, but she sensed something was missing from her life, that is when she was awake. You see not only was the princess trapped in the castle, but she had been poisoned with a sleeping potion that left her much like a narcoleptic.

At the same time, in a distance land, a prince had come back from a quest just as he had many times before. Only this time he came back feeling as though something was missing. Perhaps questing was becoming too routine, which would never do. So he sought the advice of a wise-man who was also the keeper of secret knowledge. The wise-man told the prince that he needed a more challenging quest, as he had mastered slaying dragons and finding lost treasure.

The wise-man, after a few drinks, pulled out his magical sphere to consult with the All Knowing One to find out what the prince needed to do next. The All Knowing One told the wise-man that the prince had to rescue a princess of course. Once he rescued a princess the prince would be complete and much happily ever after would ensue.

So the wise-man consulted with woodland friends to learn about princesses in need of rescuing. He heard of a princess who lived in a beautiful land far far away. This princess was trapped in a lovely castle with no way to get out on her own. She, the wise-man discovered, was who the prince needed to rescue.

So a GoFundMe page was set up to help finance the prince’s latest quest (the celebration from the last quest had resulted in the found treasure being lost again…to bill collectors this time) and when the amount was reached the prince set off to rescue the trapped princess. Along the way there were many obstacles, such as construction, one-way paths and a spotty magical positioning system. But the prince would not be deterred from his quest.

Meanwhile back at the castle the trapped princess awoke again, and once more started to search for a way out. As she sat down wearily on the floor to see if there was any trapped door the potion took hold once more.

By the time the prince overcame all the obstacles and arrived at the castle, the princess had managed to fight off the potion, which had clearly been placed in her tea and now that she had finished all the tea and it was no longer in her system she was wide awake. The princess was able to shout down to the prince that the door was stuck in the jamb and she couldn’t get out.

After a few shows of strength and a million uttered unpleasant words, the prince was able to get the door unstuck and rescue the princess.

And…well that story is the same as mine, minus all the sleeping and the whole castle thing. Well unless you accept that a person’s house is his/her castle. And the prince didn’t consult a wise-man. Okay so the doors have needed fixing for a while and today the decided to get stuck while I was in the house. Beloved had to come and force the doors open and the happily ever after? We are getting new doors! 🙂

I Call It A Mountain, You Call It…

Not to brag or anything,m up I climbed a mountain today.  Without my assistance thank you.  I carried my own pack of stuff up that mountain too.  And not to be to annoying, I did make it down all on my own too.

Along the way there was slippery conditions to manage, gusting winds and uneven ground.  But I did climb it and come back down all in one piece and most importantly, I lived to tell about it!

Okay so I didn’t really climb a mountain today, it just seemed like it.  Some days the stairs I climb into my workplace feel like a mountain.  There are days it seems like a climb up Everest, only I seem to have failed to hire a Sherpa.  Or maybe that’s due to lupus.

Okay so maybe a combination of lupus and an active imagination! 😉  But who hasn’t had days where it seems like you’ve  climbed a mountain or walked a million miles to get to work?  And then you have to work only to climb back down the mountain or walk a million miles again to get home.

So you see, even if you don’t have a chronic illness like lupus you have those days.  And I say, if it feels like you climbed a mountain then who am I to say it was not the stairs at work?