Mindful Awarenss and How Things Aren’t As We Think

I’ve always found reading to be a calm, soothing and relaxing activity.  Yes this includes reading technical prices and textbooks.  I’ve just always assumed it keeps me calm because it normally makes me smile.

So imagine my surprise to see the activity of “calmness” or “peace” displayed on my cellphone as a wavy line with massive peaks and valleys.  Sure reading engages the imagination and it is possible to become emotionally involved with what one is reading.  But I honestly had no idea how much it impacted me.  Of course now that I have this mind and body tracker by Spire, I can see for myself how things are playing out.

Focus to read?  Sure I expected to see st, especially with technical material or textbooks.  But to find that I’m not as calm as I’ve always assumed myself to be?  Well clearly the device must be defective.  No other logical reason exists, surely not.

Since Beloved has the same device, I asked him to see what happens when he is reading. His chart shows even more moments of “less calm” than mine.  And like myself he had always thought reading calmed him.  He admitted that he has even read just to achieve a portion of calmness.  So like hydrofoil he was curious why the kind should things other than calm.

A friend of his, a neurologist stopped by for drinks with Beloved and shared some research about this curious little thing.  Apparently in some people reading instills a huge sense of calm, brain scans show a slow down in certain areas being active.  His friend went on to say that for some people reading induced a huge sense of clam and that moves into something else that renders the person able to sleep.  These people, according to the study, seem to never get beyond the surface of the reading material.

people who have more brain activity while reading tend to not always be as calm.  This can be due to an emotional involvement with the written work or emotional response to difficulty/ease of comprehending the material.

further work on these studies indicated people who tend to become emotionally responsive to the material tend to have richer imaginations.  It is possible that there is a connection between the imagination and emotional response.  A portion of me wonders if it is just how different people have different likes and dislikes.

either way I’ve obviously fooled myself into believing reading makes me calm.  But in another sense I’m still calm, it’s just that my mind or thoughts aren’t as restful as some other people’s when it comes to reading.  And you know what?  That’s okay with me!  Why should everyne’s mind and process