Orange You Surprised

I had been hearing a soft thudding noise for the past fifteen minutes, while I finished off the edits. The noise was coming in random bursts. Sometimes it was thud, thud and other times it was thud, pause, pause, pause, pause, thud, thud, thud.

It had caught my attention when if first started, but not enough to tear me away from the editing work. I hate editing to begin with, and for me the closer I get to being done, the longer it seems to take me. I had to discipline myself to not go and check out any distraction or potential distraction years ago. It was that discipline that kept in from checking out the thudding noise now.

When the four-footed one came running past me, head low and turned away, I decided I should check it out. Normally the four-footed one will come running to me, head high. She likes to make eye contact. The fact she wasn’t meant she had something she wasn’t supposed to have.

The thudding, it turned out, was a neighbor tossing carrots into the yard. Carrots are a favorite of the four-footed one. She can have them, but in moderation. How many she had consumed already I didn’t know. But I decided to collect the carrots and bring them into the house, after thanking the neighbor, least someone eat more.

I warned Beloved that we may see an orange output for the next little bit, depending upon how much had already been input into someone’s digestive tract. Even with this knowledge, Beloved seemed to be puzzled by the first orange surprise when he took the four-footed one for a walk.



The four-footed one is a thief.  And she has no shame in her thieving ways.  (I’m not talking her stealing my heart.  That’s a given that she’d do that and to be honest, I have basically offered it to her.)

Friends this wee companion of mine steals from me.  She manages to steal the blankets and covers at night when we are sleeping in the bed.  Okay so she sleeps on top of my bed, but some how she still steals blankets and covers.  I’m pretty sure if given the chance she would steal the pillows too!

She steals my favorite chair and claims it for her resting spot, regardless of whether I am home to sit in the chair or not.  And yes I know I’m bigger than her.  I can pick her up.  But did I mention she is a beast with teeth?

She has stolen my socks as well.  Not to chew on, but to give to her babies (stuffed toys) because they clearly need my socks to be happy.  And when you take the socks back, she waits and bids her time to do it all over again.

She has no need to steal any of these items.  She has been provided with blankets and comfort items for her toys.  She has been provided many dog beds and a lap to curl up on.  And yet she continues to steal from me.

Secret To A Good Life

The four-footed one decided that today was a day of rest, play, eat and exploration.  It started with sleeping in.  As in we didn’t get up until 530 this morning rather than 230-300 each morning.

After we got up, it was important to go outside and heeding the call of nature before returning into the house to okay with a pink dinosaur, a purple dog and green egg.  Great fun was had for at least 45 minutes before the court–footed one decided she needed to be fed.  Yep just like that play time was over.

Now technically I may have gotten things a bit mixed up in that after she was done eating, and begging didn’t get her anything from our food, she needed a rest.  While she rested we got some work done and when she woke up, she was ready to go exploring.

Exploration, as a long walk in an area we hadn’t visited in a while.  Chasing some ducks and rabbits before heading home, happy and pleased with herself.  Naturally at a short rest was called for.  Followed by food.  And play time.

Land after playtime, another adventure was called for.  Thankfully after that, we returned home and she rested while we finished getting things done.  I really need to live my dog’s life!

Shrieks Of…

The four-footed one brought in some presents today.  A multitude of presents to be honest.  She brought them into the house with confidence and a devil-may-care attitude.

I shrieked at the sight of the multitude of presents so proudly displayed on my floor.  Freshly cleaned floor I might add.  And it was, perhaps, a shriek of excited joy as those presents started to crawl on my floor.  Perhaps a shriek of horror too as they were all in my kitchen where she left them.  And they were making their way to my pantry.

I must confess that I’m not a fan of sharing my pantry or its contents with ants.  Or other insects.  I might share my belfry with some bats, if I had a belfry.  Then again I might not.  And yes I know I share the house with a dog, but she doesn’t try to eat everything in my pantry.  She might I guess, if I let her.  But she’s not permitted in there.

So the presents, while a lovely thought, were quickly rounded up in a bin and put back outside.  It’s better for all involved really as they are outdoor animals and I have an issue sharing.  But the gesture and thought by the four-footed one was lovely.

Flowing Water

The four-footed one has found a new source of water in the house.  Beyond her water dishes I mean.  Thankfully not drinking out of the toilets!  Some dogs will do that after all, because it’s a nice fresh supply.

But no that’s not what the four-footed one found, mostly because for her to drink from the toilet, she’d have to basically be in it.  Which means getting wet. And she hates getting wet unless it’s of her own doing and involves a muddy puddle.  So her new source of water happens to be the indoor watering can.

Thankfully it’s not a large thing so it’s basically just her tongue that fits in the hole.  And if she were to knock it over (again) there isn’t too much water to deal with.  And how did she find this new source you may ask.  Probably because someone left it out. At a level she could reach.  After that same someone allowed the dog to drink while that person was using the watering can for the flowers.

So you could say she just figured it out on her own, at least how to get water out if no one is tilting the can for water to come out of the spout.but you could also say a certain person taught her that this is a source of water.  And no dear friends that person wasn’t me!

How The Dragon Lost A Whisker

I’ve never been a fan of obstacle courses.  Not even the ones I’ve made while in a hurry and dropping stuff on the floor.  The four-footed one,however, adores obstacle courses.  She adores them so much she makes them daily.  Repeatedly.

Now I know some people will say she is bored.  Others will say she is spoiled with toys and stuff.  But at no point have I ever said to her to please create obstacle courses in the house.  And certainly not using my shoes, or bags.  And under no circumstances have I asked her to use toilet tissue to create an obstacle course.

Still today, I have removed several obstacle courses which run from the kitchen to the hallway and into the den.  Clean it up?  And she creates another one.  Scold her?  She wags her tail and demands that you admire her skill.

So after what felt like the millionth time of putting dinosaurs, salamanders, elephants, vultures and one dragon all back where they belong I decided to just leave it.  Yep that’s right.  I left the obstacle course of squeaky toys.

I mean what’s the worse that could happen?  Multiple squeaky things being stepped on one right after the other right?  Wrong.  The worst that can happen is the four-footed one deciding she needs the toy being stepped on as it is under your foot. Yep she tired to pull it out from under my foot.  And that my friends is how the dragon lost his whisker.

Energetic Updates

The four-footed one has taken to watching the window for long stretches these days.  When she is seated in her position, nothing seems to escape her gaze.  She announces her new discoveries through a variety of barks and growls.  Strangers walking down the road warrant deep throaty growls that seem to start from deep within her and consume her very being.  Unfortunately most people will stop their walk to look for the source of the noise, which leads to more growling and occasionally her banging on the window.

If there are birds brave enough to land in the yard, they will get barked at until they fly away.  She hasn’t figured out yet that the birds aren’t all that afraid once they realize she can’t get to them from behind the glass.  The birds, once they realize the threat is just a bluff, tend to tease her a bit.  If they get too close to the window, she will start to jump up against it and then, well then the people in the house tend to get a bit upset.  And by the people in the house, I mean my either Beloved or myself.

Now I know she’s being a dog and dogs tend to talk in barks, yips and growls.  I get it. And I know that when you look out the window there are some amazing sights and you just have to share them with others.  I understand all of this, but at some point surely people walking down the street gets tired, even for her.  And yet it would appear not.

I may need to get my hearing checked as today the birds decided the front garden was the perfect place for an all day convention.  And of course this I had to be informed about all of this, repeatedly thanks to the four-footed one’s energetic updates.