Running Freely

The four-footed one thinks nothing of running obstacle courses.  She will run under or over things.  She jumps, and crawls and zigs  and zags with the best of them.  She loves agility courses.  She does not, however, enjoying following others.

Agility classes, she is supposed to love, are a massive power struggle.  If she’s supposed to go over something, she will go under it.  If she is told to stop, she must run flat-out.  Stay means go and on and on it is.  But let her run the course her way and she’s a delight to watch.

I’m not overly fussed by this.  She is a free spirit and I love it.  Beloved wanted her to find a hobby she would enjoy with him.  Except she doesn’t want to do things any way other than her own.  Beloved has been told he must be in command of the dog.

So Beloved and the dog have gone to many lessons to learn to work together.  Alas this hasn’t come out as Beloved hoped.  She listens more closely to him, but she’s a wild toddler in a play ground when you bring her to an agility course.

He has given up on her and him flying through these courses as one.  Instead the go to them for fun, he letting be ready on her thing while he runs in the center of it.  They come home tired and happy and that, to me, is worth far more than any award.


Scenes Of Home

Beloved was reading, out loud, some of the material he was working on.  Evidently none of it was of any interest to the four-footed one as she fell asleep not long after he started!

I was attempting to grate cucumbers, not really that easy of a task if you don’t want to have the strands of the cucumber flying everywhere.  Why I felt compelled to do what the recipe required is a bit beyond me as I never fully follow recipes.  And yet there I was grating cucumber while he was reading he own words.  The four-footed one was snorting away in her sleep.

Not most people’s ideal of perfection, but it certainly feels of home to me and there’s nothing more I’d want.  Well other than not grating cucumbers because it’s just not worth it.  But the idea of domestic scenes like this fills me with a sense of home.  That’s important because when I’m on the road, or in hospital, I can recall those scenes and warmth.  And the same for when Beloved is gone to work, I can feel him from these memories as well.

I will confess though what Beloved was working on was something that would lull most people to sleep, especially when he started with once upon a time there were two chieftains.

Of Ins And Outs

The four-footed one loves to find patches of sunlight to flop down and rest in. As the sun moves across the floor, the four-footed one will happily follow it. If she’s outside, once all the distractions have been dealt with, she will happily find a place with lots of sun and throw herself onto the grass where she will promptly fall asleep.

I am a bit envious as I have had to learn to ignore the sun and all its appeal simply because lupus seems to not just feed by increase in strength by what seems like a million times thanks to the sun. So I will watch her find that perfect spot and settle her self down while I make do with the shade and a million layers of sunscreen.

When she gets too hot, she wakes up, pants, goes to her water to have a drink and then comes to cool off in the shade for a short period of time before the sun beckons her again. She can happily spend all day in this cycle, with short breaks indoors for things like food (she doesn’t like to share with the outside critters) and checking on her precious toys.

If it’s too hot outside for her it becomes a battle of wills between the two of us, she wants to be outside and I know she needs to be indoors to cool off. Usually I win this one because I am bigger than she is. But now and then she will become too set on staying outside. On those times she isn’t afraid to fight dirty, putting teeth on me, pushing hard with her legs and paws to keep me away. And once and a while she will use what I consider to be the ultimate weapon in any dog’s arsenal…flatulence.

Thankfully today she managed to get her fill of frolicking in the sun through walks and lots of play time, so she was good and tired. And thus, I was able to capture her and put her in the house so that the ants can stop using her as a speed bump or their version of Mount Everest (not sure which is more appropriate) and I don’t have to worry about her getting too hot. And this is just the beginning of a long season with her, in and out of the house non-stop!

The Sweet And The Sour, or Eating Sunshine

I love citrus.  I mean really love citrus.  It completes my water infusions, it adds brightness to my meals and us twins me as a snack.  I cannot get enough of citrus fruits. Basically I need a citrus orchard to go along with my peach orchard, which by the way I dont really own yet.  The thing is citrus just doesn’t love me back the same way.

Citrus is like one of those people we al have in our lives.  You know the people that might be fun, but ultimately aren’t that good for us?  Yeah citrus is basically like that for me.  I know this for a fact because after over consuming citrus (I mean when you love this stuff that’s just a natural thing to do) I now have sores in my mouth.

And just like that person who ultimately isn’t that good but we can’t remove completely from our lives, I vow to never do this again while I already know it will happen again.

Sure I could aim for moderation, but that doesn’t work.  Nor does quitting cold turkey.  I just can’t let citrus go even as it wounds me.  I wonder if there is any support groups for those of us addicted to citrus…the sweet and the sour.

Working Lupus

I was recently asked what made me go to work every day. There are a lot of simple answers to this question. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a steady pay is definitely one of the reasons. I’m not independently wealthy so I need a means to pay the bills. But of course I could go elsewhere and get some type of pay so clearly that isn’t the only answer to the question.

Another simple answer is that I love what I do. I know that sounds a bit hokey and fluffy, but it’s true. Now I can’t say that I love it enough that there aren’t moments where it doesn’t feel like work, but on the whole I love what I do. The fact I get paid to do what I love is a bonus. A huge bonus.

However when I look at this question more deeply, the fact is there is far more to it than just a simple answer. Dr. Maneesha Pednekar said it best when she was talking about ensuring a company takes care of it’s employees the same way it does it’s customers. She said:

“Employee experience is as important as Customer experience. Crafting memorable moments for Employees to remember for a life time. Somethings will never go out of fashion. The human connection, trust, empathy, hope, optimism and the opportunity to inspire and be inspired!”

My current work, place of work and people I work with/for manage to fill this and so much more.  This is to some extent what helps keeps lupus at bay.

Through The Window

A lovely day to sit in front of the window, watch the birds and read, Beloved declared. And so that’s what we did.  Reading, writing, marking and commenting while the four-footed one frolicked happily on the floor. That is until Beloved went to see what he was going to cook and opted to make a fast run to the store for much-needed ingredients etc.  He took the four-footed one with him leaving me to carry on where I wast.

A few birds decided to perch on the windowsill near me which is when I noticed it.  Not at first, at first I simply enjoyed the antics of the birds. But I noticed that there was something a bit off about one of the birds, something not right with its feathers, I had assumed.  Until I looked more closely and realized that seemed like a set of messed up feather was in fact a smear on my window.

After more inspection I realized that the smear was on the inside of the window and it wasn’t alone.  The whole window from the bottom to a certain height was covered with smears, whorls and odd marks.  And just above that height was what appeared to be the dried remnants of a spray. Upon closer inspection the odd marks appeared to be very closely matched to someone’s nose.  A specific someone in the house who is vertically challenged and happens to have paws.

Now for the record, I have never seen the four-footed one at this window.  Sure it stands to reason that when the blinds are up she’d be intrigued by the sights out of that window.  I just haven’t seen her there.  When he returned, Beloved assured me that she likes that window.  She likes to bark at the various sights and since the window is rather long as well as tall she has an incredible line of sight.  So when she barks, she is right near the window.  She also likes to press her nose on the window he said.  And the whorls?  Her tongue he said with the tone of a man in the know who was also a man getting ready to wash the inside of the windows.

Around Here

Around here we get up really early.  Not because we want a worm.  Not because we want to see the sunrise, although it is rather nice.  Nope, around here we get up really early because we don’t want to miss a thing.

Around here we stay up really late. Not because we sleep all day, if we did that we’d miss something.  Not because we have wild parties.  Nope, around here we stay up really late because there is a moon and starts to watch in the night sky.

Around here we tend to be a little tired.  Almost all the time. Some of us around here could nap, heck we start to nap, but we fight it.  Because we don’t want to miss anything that happens around here.

And what sort of things happen around here, papers get finished, grades get entered, food gets made and consumed.  Toys must be played with and floors mus be licked. Around here books get read, music is played and conversations happen.  The happening so round here are ordinary, simple and not to be missed.  That’s if you happen to have four-feet, keen sense of smell and vision not to mention excellent hearing.  If you happen to have four-feet, you can ensure that the ones with two-feet follow the rules around here.