Super Powers With Strings Attached

I stumbled into the bedroom, flopped on the bed and for a few brief moments I debated just surrendering and giving in.  There is no shame in giving in, not to the cold that was going around.  After all several of my healthy friends had given in, but I’ve spent far too long always fighting against it.

The funny with lupus is that technically one’s own immune system is in overdrive, happily attacking the body it happens to belong to.  This also means that it should be much harder for me to get sick with mere things like the cold.  But to keep lupus under control I take medication to suppress my own immune system and so suddenly my ability to get sick is ever-present.

Now im going to be honest here.  There isn’t a lot of good when you live with lupus, but one of things that is great is how you can make it through cold and flu season with nary a worry.  While others are using disinfectants and such you can breeze through now all.  For a moment you have a super power.  But you can’t keep it, not if you want to live.

Sure life is about balance, and sure we can’t have it, but there are times that it would be nice to have my super power, with no strings attached!