Soup Time

Beloved’s answer to cold weather, damp weather or what have you is soup.  Home made read to go with the soup if you need extra comfort.

Soup, to me, means I’m sick.  I rarely eat it unless I’m sick.  It isn’t that I have anything against soup.  I just recall it being an item offered when I was sick as a child.  And so I’ve always felt that soup goes with sickness.

When I told Beloved this, he laughed and pointed out I have a chronic illness so basically I’m always sick so in theory I can and should have soup all the time.  Of course he was also on the midst of making a large batch of homemade soup.

He does that now and then.  Make a lot of soup because it’s easy to freeze and thaw as needed.  And, as he has pointed out, it’s warming and comforting not to mention healthy.  Plus, he will always say, it’s utterly convenient for a meal when you are in a hurry.

So when I had a bowl of soup earlier, I smiled.  After all I am sick, and certainly felling the effects of lupus, so of course soup is the answer!



The four-footed one is a thief.  And she has no shame in her thieving ways.  (I’m not talking her stealing my heart.  That’s a given that she’d do that and to be honest, I have basically offered it to her.)

Friends this wee companion of mine steals from me.  She manages to steal the blankets and covers at night when we are sleeping in the bed.  Okay so she sleeps on top of my bed, but some how she still steals blankets and covers.  I’m pretty sure if given the chance she would steal the pillows too!

She steals my favorite chair and claims it for her resting spot, regardless of whether I am home to sit in the chair or not.  And yes I know I’m bigger than her.  I can pick her up.  But did I mention she is a beast with teeth?

She has stolen my socks as well.  Not to chew on, but to give to her babies (stuffed toys) because they clearly need my socks to be happy.  And when you take the socks back, she waits and bids her time to do it all over again.

She has no need to steal any of these items.  She has been provided with blankets and comfort items for her toys.  She has been provided many dog beds and a lap to curl up on.  And yet she continues to steal from me.


Today the four-footed one got n touch with her wild side.  She careful observed the landscape, sight her prey and went after it like a professional.  Of course her prey was already dead.  But still.

Okay so the thing is she found three deceased mice today.  In the yard.  When we don’t have mice.  They were delivered, via air.  Thanks to the local birds.

I’m impressed with her sniffing skills.  And I’m glad I stopped her from actually getting to the poor mice, because heaven knows what disease they may be carrying.  Don’t worry friends, the bodies were disposed of with great respect and care.

Hopefully the air deliveries will stop because mice aren’t really on the menu here.  Although the way the four-footed one behaves, you’d think she’s starved and mistreated.  You’d think she scavenges for every morsel she gets due to no food in the house.

And I know her breed, historically at any rate, was considered to be ideal for getting rid of rodents.  I also know certain things cannot be removed from genetics, nor would I want that as per say.  I just wish she had a fear of mice and such so she’d give them a wide berth.

Something Smells Rotten

There are certain smells that, no matter what you do, you cannot “fix”.  You know what I mean.  You cook fish and that smell decides to take up residence in your house.  And not just in the air.  It nestles into the soft furniture, clings to the curtains and makes sure everyone knows you cooked fish.  (Not that there is anything wrong with this.)

Perhaps you have candles or a magical diffuser to help remove or at least make the smell. Maybe you have a spray that removes the odour, or at least you hope it does.  And if you hope enough, and are desperate enough you can convince yourself it works.

There are some smells that linger in your nose long after you have left the area where the smell was.  And today was one of those days where I was unfortunate enough to have to smell the aroma of a malfunctioning sewer.  In my workplace.  All day long.

And after I left the workplace, the smell seemed to have seeped into my pores, following me everywhere. No spritzing, wafting or lighting of candles could remove the smell.  No amount of washing and scrubbing worked.  Even though I know that the smell was left behind at the workplace, mind says the smell is still clinging to me.  And I feel compelled to let people I encounter know that if I smell, it’s not me!

Spa Wonderful

The four-footed one went to the spa today.  A new spa at that.  She seemed to enjoy her day and according ton the lady who greeted me there were no issues.  Which is a huge relief because the last time at the groomers had the four-footed one anything but calm or relaxed.

But she looked like she didn’t mind her day at all.  She got a nice bath, a new style, a pedicure (well her nails trimmed) and some treats.  So from her point of view I guess the trade-off was worth it.  She wasn’t even in a hurry to come and see me when I showed up to pick her up. Nope she was enjoying the attention from the staff.

Hopefully we’ve found the new spar or her.  One where she can relax, get a massage when she has a bath, have her pedicure and get her coat sorted.  And I can take her there without bribes or anything.

Time will tell I guess, but at any rate today was a win.  And for people who don’t get it, going to the groomers is a big deal to most dogs.  Finding one that isn’t too stressful is a wonderful thing.

Something New

Sometimes you just have to try something new.  Maybe it’s a new place to eat, a new hairstyle or article of clothing.  And then again, if you happen to be the four-footed companion, it means a new place to walk.

Today she was all about going on a completely new adventure, with her leading the charge into the great unknown aka a park she had never been to before.  She was confident and bold as she made her way through the open area. She sniffed and she ran.  She was unstoppable as she headed for the trees.

She dashed about the first several feet into the treed area before she heard something. Something she hadn’t heard before. Something that made her unsure.  I had no idea that hawks were now in this area, but there is was announcing it’s presence with its own voice.  And there was the four-footed one, no longer wanting to be in the trees, or chasing after whatever had caught her attention.

So she came and stood right next to me, pushing me back the way we had come, as if the bird wouldn’t be able to follow us.  Once we were out in the open, she played a little and then pushed to head home.  Because sometimes when you try something new, you realize you like what you already know better than this new thing you’ve found.

Ice Cream Treats

The four-footed one encountered ice cream today.  Dog ice cream.  It wasn’t intentional on my part.  I had to pick up some items for her and she likes to go to this one particular store.  (The owners love her and spoil her rotten.)

Going to a dog store typically means the dog will get samples or treats.  Apparently the human with the dog will then spend money, extra money mind you, on those treats which the dog just sampled.  At least that’s the theory.

Frankly at this store, I’m pretty sure she gets enough treats, if I don’t put a stop to it, to become a full meal or two.

Anyway we went to the store and while I was getting what I needed she was given a sample of dog ice cream.  Which looks like freeze-dried ice cream.  And she, unlike her owner, is an ice cream kind of girl.  She went through all of her tricks, including the hard ones, for ice cream rewards.  She was shameless and proud.  And when we left, she was full of ice cream for dogs.

Much to her disappointment I am sure,  I did not purchase any of this ice cream.  For the cord, it was a new treat and ey didn’t have for sale, so the store owner told me before I even asked.