On Fire

I may have mentioned that I was cold, chilled to the bone.  I may have let that slip, more than once.  I’m not sure how else to explain why Beloved decided to start a fire for me.  A fire in my mouth.  Because who doesn’t want to have a fire in her mouth when she feels cold?

Oh, yes, this girl.  That’s who.  She doesn’t want to have to drink a whole cow’s worth of milk just to tame the fire in her mouth.  Heaven knows what that fire is going to be like in her tummy or elsewhere as time goes by.  I mean some people might like that kind of thing.  It might be a sign of love for some. But for this girl…well no not exactly.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love the fact he cooked for me.  I love that he made something different from the usual meat and potatoes.  I rather enjoyed the rice, chicken and veggies.  And I don’t mind me a bit of spice.  To be fair I like more spice than he does.  But there comes a point, usually the point where your taste-buds are burnt off, that the spice is too much.

The lyrics, “Baby don’t hurt me, any more” comes to mind even know hours after the meal of fire was consumed.  What also comes to mind is the lines “you always hurt the ones you love the most”.  So maybe that’s where Beloved was going with this.  Right now though, my mouth is not a burning ring of fire.  Nor is the rest of my body feeling hot.

How Lupus Colors My Life

My favorite color is not blue.  I also have never called red nor purple my favorite colors.  It’s not that I hate them, they just don’t happen to be my favorite colors.  You’d never know it though by the way my body behaves.

Typically my fingers/hands and feet will be blue or purple when I’m mildly cold.  My hands and feet, during these times, are not mildly cold, they are freezing cold.  As a matter of fact if I place my hand in a freezer for a few seconds on a hot summer day, my hand will remain freezer cold and purple or blue for hours.

My hands and feet will turn brilliant red if I get too warm.  (This isn’t all that common for the record.). When my hands and feet are brilliant red they are also swollen and itchy.

Both the turning blue or purple and the redness are courtesy of a condition known as Raynaud’s.  In my case Raynaud’s was a secondary bit of fun that came along with lupus.

Lupus also adds color to my life, well body through purples and reds.  My charming butterfly rash, when present, gives me red cheeks.  Lupus, when attacking my joints, will turn them a puffy red mess.  As for the purple, well I seem to bruise easily with lupus.

So you see it’s rather interesting that my body thinks that red, purple and blue are my favorite colors.  Granted if my body were to display my favorite color I’m pretty sure I’d end up quarantined!

Summertime Colors

I’m not bragging, but NASA has our number on speed dial.  I know, it takes some getting used to, but it’s for an important reason.  You see when we get glorious “hot”, sunny days, we try to enjoy it.

And by enjoy it I mean we go outside.  Sometimes with bare legs and arms.  Sometimes we even go out on a friend’s boat, at which boat now and then Beloved has been known to take off his shirt.  And that’s when NASA comes in.

You see Beloved has alabaster son.  Well okay it isn’t made out of alabaster, but he is incredibly pale.  We’ve lost him a few times in a snowstorm!  So when you get pale, almost luminous white skin bent hit by the sun it can be blinding.  Add the water reflectng the brilliant sun rays as well and clearly you have created a safety issue for astronauts.

Tofay was one of those days and Beloved couldn’t result the call of the waves.  Board shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops were on the appropriate attire list for board the boat.  Since I wasn’t up for all that brilliance I stayed home with the puppy.

Which means I took the call from NASA.  “Ma’am, we have a problem,” the voice said in a lilting southern accent. “The glare coming back from your partner’s body is a bit much.  The astronauts missed an important sighting because they couldn’t see past the glare of the sun on pale man-flash aboard a vessel on the water.  Please advise your partner and his friends to put their shirts on.  We are doing important work.  Thank you and have a nice day.”  And then they hung up.

Now I meant to call Beloved, but the puppy required my attention.  And then I forgot.  Until a lobster came through my door.  The lobster had been thoughtfully cooked, dressed in Beloved’s board shorts and saying a shirt was too painful.  Upon his crustacean feet were Beloved’s flip-flops.

The puppy was having none of this creature in our house.  Until the creature spoke to the puppy in Beloved’s voice.  And I remebered, so I told him “NASA called.  Again.  An important sighting was missed because of you and your mates.”

He shrugged his briallant red shoulders and headed off for a cool shower.  By the time evening comes around he won’t be a lobster anymore.  He will be a potential threat to NASA once more!


A Walk On The Beach

Beloved took himself down to the beach for a few hours while I talked with a friend.  He came back looking like he saw a bit too much sun, but he didn’t complain about hat.  When he complained about was sand.  Sand, he declared, was the root of all evil.  I had to bite the I side of my cheeks to stop from laughing as he carried on about sand and evil ways.

You see, friends, Belved sat on a rock part way through his walk because the “evil” sand was hot in his delicate feet.  Given that man almost never walks barefoot and tends to have well cushioned shoes, his feet tend to run to the more delicate side.  (No pun intended!)

Anyway Beloved sat for a bit and walked some more and finally came back complaining about sand.  The sand hurt his feet as it was sharp and felt like a million blades slicing into his flesh.  And let’s not forget the wee matter of derma-brasion.  Not only did it remove the top, dead layer of skin, it also went to the soft new skin, the kind that doesn’t want  to be rubbed raw!

Hours later he was still carrying on about the evilness of sand, now having moved to the fact that a few grains seemed to have multiplied.  Sand kept showing up in the most inconvenient of places, such as in between his toes.

as a child he played in sand without any issues from what I’ve been told.  He would sculpt it and mold it into places of fancy and whims.  Family has assured me he has spent hours in the sand without issue.  It seems that as he has aged, he has becomes allergic to sand.  Or is it that the sand has taken end revenge on his control of it all those years ago?! 😉

I guess we won’t be walking in the beach any time soon, not since he is still pulling grains  of sand out of his shoes!

Easy Way

My vehicle has a remote starter, which is rather common where I come from.  It’s not just sheer laziness, although Beloved teases me otherwise.  There are places where it just gets too co,do and care must be started and allowed to warm up before you can drive it.  In other places  it simply gets too hot and you want the air conditioner to kick in and cool off the car before you get in to drive off.  I’ve burnt my hands on overly hot steering wheels and such.

The thing is, even though I have this ability to start the vehicle remotely, I hardly ever use it.  This amuses Beloved to no end.  Even more amusing to Beloved is the fact that I can’t really explain why I don’t use this feature.

I wish it were only with this starter that I behaved this way, but sadly it’s not true.  It’s as if I loathe things that to make my life easier.  As if I need to do th things the hard way whether this is to prove myself or because I feel  I don’t deserve a break, I have no clue.   I hope I’m the only person who does this!

Picking Peppers

I’m not sure how to explain it, I have no idea what possessed me to acquire five super hot chili pepper plants. Who needs that kind of heat in their food all the time? Because let’s face it, with all five plants having at least twenty peppers on them, there is really just too much heat. And it’s not even all on my kitchen yet!

I like spicy food, I adore spicy peppers. And well I’m not the ideal person to cultivate anything in the nature of green, with some hefty assistance I can manage to take the tiny plants to mature fruit bearing wonders. So now I have my lovely plants covered in lovely peppers. What’s a girl to do?

Cook of course, make some lovely spicy dishes. So I set about preparing this and that, and cutting these peppers. These delightful little peppers.

Which is where the horrible truth comes in. Because these delightful little peppers are not a delight. They are beyond hot and spicy. They are burn your fingertips as you cut into the peppers. They are burn and melt your tongue hot.

They may, in fact, be just a hit too much for my cooking, but be that as it may, I cannot rid myself of them. I must cut them, cook with them, garnish with them be yaw elects face it, I managed to grow them. They are survivors, in spite of me. So yes I just keep them and use them. Which means if you need me, I’ll just be over here, treating some minor “boo boos”.

Exercise Of Sorts

“If you tilt just a bit…there,that’s it!”
“Not for me, let me shift this way. How’s that?”
“Nope nothing. Not a thing!”

I was feeling warm and flushed, his cheeks had color to them and the light gleamed off his bare chest.

I have no idea what anyone walking past our open windows would think was going on if they heard that slightly breathless exchange. I can assure you, it is nowhere near as exciting as you think.

Well maybe you know what it was, if you know us. Yep we were rearranging furniture. It happens when you combine two households.

Let’s face it, combining two households means fighting and campaigning to keep your stuff while your partner says goodbye to that old, ratty chair that is his favorite.

Once you get the furniture sorted out you have to look at how to arrange it all so that it works. There are so many things to consider, the visual appeal of it, line of sight issues and then what works for conversational flow and creates an inviting space.

I dare say there is a science and art to this. Something that neither of us studied at and thus we are poor students. This means that we set a room up, and after a period of time, one of us is super annoyed at the layout so more rearranging just be done. I suppose it helps us as a couple, but while we are doing it, I have seriously thought that if I pushed the sofa just so…well he’d be flat like a pancake for a few moments. I’ve considered throwing the cushions at him and heaven knows he has walked out of the room after throwing his hands up in utter disgust. And yet we keep at it, certain we will find THE way, because it isn’t rocket science. We aren’t rocket scientists, but we consider ourselves of average to slightly above average intelligence.

Now I must find a way to have this room look effortlessly thrown together which I suspect is anything but effortless or casual!