Home Sweet Humility

My father always said “measure twice and cut once”. I remember him saying this frequently as a child. I wasn’t sure why he was so set on measuring things before cutting them because let’s face it, cutting is just far more fun.

Sure there have been times when I have gotten carried away with my zeal for cutting and ended up with things a bit too short, but I call that creative license. Well okay it isn’t really, it it’s a way to justify things in a means that fits.

Not that I would ever tell my father that he was right because that’s not how it goes. A child isn’t supposed to admit to being wrong, I’m pretty sure that is in the rule book for children.

And since we are all friends here, I feel safe when I say sometimes if I measure something twice, or even thrice, I keep getting different numbers. I know, it’s a strange thing, but I chalk it up as being a fringe part of the whole Bermuda Triangle, granted a far-reaching fringe, but part of it nonetheless.

Okay okay so maybe not really anything with the Bermuda Triangle, it then clearly it must be a case of defective equipment. You know a tape measure that changes numbers or such. I mean what else could it be?

Yes fine, okay is admit it’s all on me. I haven’t the skills for that stuff, nor the patience. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had someone who had this “handyman” type skills in my life. But I don’t.

Well okay if you count using glue, or masking tape then I guess I do have that covered.

There is nothing like a home renovation to make humble you. Or perhaps that should be, there is nothing like a home renovation to bring humility into my life. It’s just that I could do without a lesson in humility every day. Oh I’m not saying I don’t need it, but well, I’m not a fan of it. I can’t get used to the taste of humble pie, but again perhaps the is the lesson.