Priceless Monkeys

My father used to tell me not to look a gift horse in the mouth. As a child, I kept waiting for the gift horse to appear. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to avoid looking it in the mouth, but I figured I would sort that out when the time came.

When I got older, I came to realize that what my father was telling me was not to question or try to place a value on a gift. I also discovered you could determine the age of a horse by looking in its mouth.

I’ve never been that skilled in evaluating gifts anyway, probably because I considered the person and the gift as one lovely package. You know, if a friend was providing me with a gift, it was priceless, not because of the item itself, instead because a friend thought of me. That makes the thing invaluable or a treasure. The best kind of treasure too, one that is meant for me because someone thought I should have it.

When you have these types of gifts, even something that costs a couple of dollars becomes valuable. That is why I strung a chain of plastic monkeys along the office window, not because I am a fan of monkeys (not get me wrong I like them), but because a friend thought they would make me smile. And they do. And with each smile, I feel my friend wrap her arms around me in an intense hug. That truly is priceless.

From Heaven

Now and then I think instead of manna from heaven, there should be coffee and chocolate from heaven.  Okay maybe not directly from heaven because that might get messy between the liquid coffee and melty chocolate.  That might not be ideal.  Then again, depending upon your tastes, it may be.

So okay not from heaven.  But drone delivery might work.  Say you are stuck because your vehicle has broken down.  Maybe you are waiting for road side assistance.  Who wouldn’t want a coffee and/or chocolate in that moment?  Sign me up for that STAT!  

But you are stuck waiting for help.  Probably a long way from any coffee or chocolate shop.  This is where the drone bit comes in.  Sure I haven’t worked out the kinks on all the pieces, but in time it will happen.

Now I wasn’t stuck due to a broken down vehicle today.  I was stuck on the outskirts of town, in a large, slow moving crowd.  I needed coffee and chocolate in that moment.  As in some I might injure someone if no coffee or chocolate was available to soothe me.  And of course there was neither shop near by.  See?  This is whYes need these items delivered from heaven so to speak.  Think of it as a public safety deal.

In case you were wondering, the crowd had built up due to various issues with transportation.  Which naturally happened while I had already ended up there.  

Bearing Gifts

My father always told me to be wary of anyone bearing gifts that were comprised of my favorite items. Now and then those words come back to me. Usually, when Beloved is bearing gifts I adore.

It is different though, isn’t it, when the person bearing the gifts happens to be someone you love? I mean who doesn’t want to be surprised or wowed by their lovers now and then?

Although I must say, dear friends, I’m beginning to wonder if Beloved isn’t bearing too much these days. The other day he came home with chocolates I just happen to adore, for “no reason, other than that (I) like them”.

A week ago, he came into the house carrying with takeout food from one of my favorite restaurants. His logic is that we didn’t have time to cook, we were both hungry, and needed sustenance. And why not have sustenance that we enjoy?

There is a part of me though that wonders if he’s not fattening me up. You know, like for the slaughter or such. Sure it’s nice and loving how he just comes bearing these lovely gifts. And of course, I enjoy them. But if he continues to do this, I will have no choice but to suspect he is trying to fatten me up for some reason.

Shrieks Of…

The four-footed one brought in some presents today.  A multitude of presents to be honest.  She brought them into the house with confidence and a devil-may-care attitude.

I shrieked at the sight of the multitude of presents so proudly displayed on my floor.  Freshly cleaned floor I might add.  And it was, perhaps, a shriek of excited joy as those presents started to crawl on my floor.  Perhaps a shriek of horror too as they were all in my kitchen where she left them.  And they were making their way to my pantry.

I must confess that I’m not a fan of sharing my pantry or its contents with ants.  Or other insects.  I might share my belfry with some bats, if I had a belfry.  Then again I might not.  And yes I know I share the house with a dog, but she doesn’t try to eat everything in my pantry.  She might I guess, if I let her.  But she’s not permitted in there.

So the presents, while a lovely thought, were quickly rounded up in a bin and put back outside.  It’s better for all involved really as they are outdoor animals and I have an issue sharing.  But the gesture and thought by the four-footed one was lovely.

Out Of The Ordinary In A Wonderful Way

Every now and then something unusual, something completely out of the ordinary falls into my lap. Sometimes other people have brought the item to my lap and other times the item is something I just happen to discover during a course of poking around or researching something unrelated to what I find.

A month ago, Beloved sent home a box of books he came across and thought we might enjoy.  I hadn’t gotten around to doing much with the books after I unpacked them.  At least not until today, when I found myself with some time and a need to sort out the box of books. And by sorting out, I meant to put them all on the shelf for later reading.  Except as I pulled them back out to place on the shelf a thin book caught my attention.

Suddenly I had no time to do anything because I had spent the afternoon deep within the thin book full of a wonderful set of poems.  As I read the poems, I was transported to a better place. A place of flowers and green fields.  A place of waterfalls and bird song.  Not a mess of dog toys or shopping to put away.

Due to the lack of time, the books were quickly put on the shelf, the rest waiting to be examined.  The shopping hastily put where it belonged and a cup of coffee was brewed so I could finish the poetry and share it with Beloved.  Now it is truly out of the ordinary for me to spend an entire afternoon lost in poetry. Certainly during the school term, but there you have it.  I happily lost an entire afternoon and am not the least bit concerned about it.

Survival Boxing

Beloved’s sister has decided that we are once again dying for food, or at least he is dying for food from back home. Two large boxes were dropped off in the post today. Boxes that the mailman carried into my house, one at a time. Boxes that the mailman said were heavy. Boxes that said things like “fragile”, “this side up” and a long listing on the declaration from customs.

I’m pretty certain his family believes that if he doesn’t get food “smuggled” from home he will simply die. As if there is no other country that has food to sustain his health. Judging from the looks of Beloved, not to mention the way his buttons are on some of his shirts, I’d say he is amply sustained these days. (He went on a binge of trying new restaurants and insisted on tasting all their baked items at the same time. He has assured me the next binge he will go on is one called walking.)

I left the two boxes where the mailman had placed the, it was after all, as good a spot as any in the house. Beloved would no doubt open them up, remove the contents and then deal with the boxes once he got home, except the four-footed one was having none of this.

She is not the most patient of individuals in this house. But she lacks things called thumbs, which are crucial to opening boxes effectively. She settled for using something called teeth because she has a fair number of them. I figured the boxes would be safe because of how large they were.

I figured wrong though. Within a few minutes the four-footed one was spitting chewed up cardboard onto my carpet and she was proudly protecting the hole she had made in the first box. It wasn’t a large hole, but enough of one for her nose to wiggle into which allowed her to inhale all the different scents of food. Have you ever tried to keep a determined dog away from the source of delicious food scents? It isn’t easy!

That’s why the second box also ended up getting bitten before Beloved came home. I told him that the four-footed one was helping him by creating starter holes he could rip from. (He was not impressed with my logic.)

Thankfully the boxes have been dealt with, now if next time she could send some more storage space, like a whole other room…

Of Leaves And Jealousy

Beloved’s sister has decided that we must live out in the middle of nowhere with no easy way to get to a grocery store. Or maybe she hasn’t decided that, but it’s the story I’m telling and sticking to. I have no other way to explain how we ended up with several large boxes tea from Beloved’s home city. I mean large boxes. As in it will take us a long time to drink it all up. And that’s if we drink it all day every day.

She also sent us local condiments to enjoy on homemade bread or such. So if a storm should come along and we are trapped in the house for a long time we at least have condiments and tea. I’m sure we can survive on that. No, seriously it was sweet of her to send it and Beloved adores getting packages from home.

I just wish she had spaced it out a little better so that I wouldn’t feel like I’m up to my eyeballs in tea and condiments and no place to store it all. I fear that they will find my body underneath an avalanche of tea and jars. It’s not exactly how I’d like to go if you know what I mean. But Beloved reasons that at least then the responders would have access to refreshments before they cart my corpse off. Always thoughtful that way, so he is.

And yes, truth be told I am a bit jealous of him. No one sends me food from home, mostly because of rules and regulations. It isn’t easy to get the food I want here. So yes jealousy has me a bit green, but at the same time, there surely is a shelf life to tea right?