Carrots, Ceilings And A Confused Dog

Apparently carrots just fall randomly out of the sky, or perhaps the ceiling n my house. I’m pretty sure that’s the theory the dog is working off of.  And it is kind of my fault. Because I dropped a carrot off the counter and onto the floor. which suddenly means carrots basically rain down in my house.

The four-footed one has taken to walking around looking up at the ceiling all the time, just in case.  So far she has walked into one wall and just about hit a door while glancing up.

Now I thought she’d keep this to the kitchen, after all that’s where the carrot fell.  But nope not my  girl.  She is hopeful and eager.  Every room has suddenly come into having the potential of offering carrots from above.

Pperhaps to her it is a bit like mana from heaven. Only n this case she isn’t wandering in a wasteland so much as the house.  And the carrots aren’t falling every day for food because she gets dog food and water all the time.  So wander on my four-footed friend, wander on as you wonder when the carrot will fall next.  Or if it will fall again.


A Box Of Goodies

We went to a small French bistro today, for something light and may have something  delicate to take home.  There was the typical fare of croissants and pain au chocolate as well as baguettes and a variety of cheeses.  And finally salads and sandwiches.

My companion decided to have a classical French sandwiches, their version of grilled cheese.  I opted for a salad because I completely planned on some other, sweet delights for later on.

The food came, delightful  and tasty.  The delicious after sweets were just right and thus required more to be purchased for at home.  One should always do a taste test first before bringing items home for others.  At least that’s the theory I’ve applied and of far have yet to bring home a”disappointment” unless I’m with someone who insists we just get the item to go.

At home, with the precious bag of goodies set down so I could finish brining in the items, the four-footed one decided she needed to investigate.  So she pulled the page to her kennel and started sniffing.  Thankfully  the box remained sealed and the four-footed didn’t bat it around.  So I traded her for the box.  She got a delicious sweet potato piece and I had the box bistro goodies.  No dear friends I didn’t eat them all, they were  for company.  Just the thing!

Flaky Deception

Can I just say that going into a French bakery and choosing some lovely, light and flaky pastures to try can be a bit of a trap?  Just a bit.  Because as light as air, as delicate as those flakes are, somehow they deceive you into just one more bite.  Until you’ve had one more bite too many and you need to just, well, relax.

I may, or may not, have slipped into one such delicious bakery to sample just an item.  Just one friends.  Except how does one make up her mind?  Especially when they offer delicious coffee, to go with their delights.  And don’t get me started on comfortable chairs and excellence ambience for reading.

In other words, friends, I may have found a taste of heaven on earth.  And I may have sampled  bit too much because, well, hello delicious French food.  And who really, honestly can control themselves when they taste something that simply melts in your mouth and becomes one with you?

And I may have had a lovely book with me that was too good to put down which may have encouraged me to take the time to sample a little something else.  I may have done that.  And I may not really feel that bad about it, other than that thought of extra pounds no doubt plan their new landing places on my body.

The Good Life Of Napping

It would seem that the secret to a good life, at least according to the dog, is making sure you get plenty of naps in each day.  She has perfected the art of napping to ensure she gets maximum nappage time while still ensuring she’s present with her cute factor for attention as well.

I was tempted to check if she was wearing a watch or had an alarm clock set up somewhere after witnessing this napping routine of hers. She never exceeds an hour on a nap and she manages to get two naps in before lunch time.

Granted the poor thing is up by 330 every morning and ready with walks and food followed by play.  So naturally around 8 she needs a nap for a half hour to an hour.  After that she’s good for whatever adventure awaits her.  She gets a nap in again around 11 and is ready for her lunch at noon.  By 3 she’s set to nap until 4.

Just to give you part of her day and nap routine.  Granted she does play hard too and loves going for walks that not only include running, but also tend to be long and challenging.  In other words she tires herself out both in need of a nap to refuel her energy as well as food to get more energy.

Change In Plans

I was going to attend a conference today.  Actually, I was going to meet a friend first, attend the conference and meet up with a colleague afterwards.  That was the plan.

What happened is a certain four-footed one got sick this morning.  On my outfit.  Which meant having to change and tend to the four-footed one.  So I had to let my friend know I wouldn’t be able to meet with her.  The conference though, was surely still a go.  Until that same certain four-footed one was sick again.

A call to the vet and the advisement to bring the four-footed one in meant no conference or meeting anyone after.  It turns out the four-footed one is very cuddly when she’s been sick.  It also turns out that she had something akin to food poisoning.  So medication has been prescribed, the garden has been scoured to make sure nothing not dog friendly was present.

Somehow this day still turned out okay. The dog is going to be okay.  We got lots of cuddle time and the garden go a good going over. Which was important because we found moldy peanuts and candies in an area that the four-footed one would love to check out.  (That’s probably why she got sick in the first place.)

Sure my plans changed. Sure I missed time with friends and a conference.  But all in all, knowing the dog is okay and making other plans to meet up with my friend and colleague for another day, has made it all still a decent day.

Secret To A Good Life

The four-footed one decided that today was a day of rest, play, eat and exploration.  It started with sleeping in.  As in we didn’t get up until 530 this morning rather than 230-300 each morning.

After we got up, it was important to go outside and heeding the call of nature before returning into the house to okay with a pink dinosaur, a purple dog and green egg.  Great fun was had for at least 45 minutes before the court–footed one decided she needed to be fed.  Yep just like that play time was over.

Now technically I may have gotten things a bit mixed up in that after she was done eating, and begging didn’t get her anything from our food, she needed a rest.  While she rested we got some work done and when she woke up, she was ready to go exploring.

Exploration, as a long walk in an area we hadn’t visited in a while.  Chasing some ducks and rabbits before heading home, happy and pleased with herself.  Naturally at a short rest was called for.  Followed by food.  And play time.

Land after playtime, another adventure was called for.  Thankfully after that, we returned home and she rested while we finished getting things done.  I really need to live my dog’s life!

A Bit Eel-y

Someone told me that the way you show your lover what she/he means to you changes as you get older. When we are young, this person said, we tend to do the grand, showy things for love. Flowers, hearts, chocolates and all that.  As we get older, this person assured me that we tend to find other ways, more subtle ways to make those same declarations.

And I’m going with that. Because a few years ago I would have never cleaned fresh eel for Beloved and considered it a sign of love and affection.  Given his age, I’m sure he will also see this as a huge gesture of love.  If he doesn’t, I will have to educate him otherwise.  Probably with an eel up the side of his head!

Not only is Beloved a better cook, but he is the one who does the things like cleaning eels.  Except he wasn’t home and a friend brought in fresh eels.  I don’t even eat eels, but Beloved loves eel pie.  Prior to him in my life I had no idea that this was a thing. Now I won’t make the eel pie because I don’t know how.  But I’ve cleaned his eels and they are awaiting his return home.  As are the heads and insides of said eels.  Because surely that all screams out how much I love him.  Okay so maybe it also screams out how much I’m done with the eels.  Oh well.  It’s the thought that counts right? Right?