Not That Unusual

While slicing some lemon today, a small slice hit the floor. Nothing major. Except the four-footed one was faster to reach it, thankfully there was no peel or pith on it. I was pretty sure she’d spit it out after she put it in her mouth, but nope. She ate it. And looked up waiting for more.

Some dogs are like that…they shouldn’t like certain things, it’s not their normal taste, but some of them defy the rules. The four-footed one is a girl to defy the rules. From consuming citrus to insisting on being carried, she never ceases to go against the rules.

It could just be because she doesn’t see herself as a dog. She believes she is a human, or at least does things like a human. From sleeping in a bed to sitting in a chair to not enjoying other dogs. Is that my doing or is that her nature? Sometimes I wonder if I have had that big of an impact upon her. Other times I wonder if she is just naturally prone to mimicking what she sees around her, which for the most part is myself and other people. And then again, maybe, just maybe, she is a bit weird.


Smell That

The smell of something delicious, if you happen to be the four-footed one, can be found in a multitude of places.  From mud found in the garden all the way to up to the neighbor’s tree all house see tantalizing aromas.  Thick, tall grasses seem to hide special orders that can not be resisted despite what your human may say.

For me delicious aromas tend to come from certain places, like the kitchen or a bakery.  Restaurants may tempt me the same as certain stores.  But the neighbor’s tree has never offered me anything that smells delicious.  And no matter what may be in the tall grasses, I’m okay not seeking out a tasty morsel from there.

Sure my attitude probably has me missing out on some things, but I’m okay with that,  the same as I’m okay not eating bugs, at least not deliberately eating them.  And I don’t care if the bugs taste like chicken or chocolate, I am okay on missing out if it’s a deliberate  choice.

So when a friend invited us out to a new place to eat, one that served things like meal worm pizzas and cricket poppers, we did not hesitate. Nope not for me second.  We politely declined.  Because we, after all, are not like the four-footed one.  And yes we know it’s a good source of protein, but we aren’t at the place yet where we can consider consumption of the bugs as an every day occurrence.  And yes I know I eat bug parts every day, but it’s hidden from me.  I’m okay with that. Because delicious aromas aren’t found up trees or in the grass, not for me.

The Sweet And The Sour, or Eating Sunshine

I love citrus.  I mean really love citrus.  It completes my water infusions, it adds brightness to my meals and us twins me as a snack.  I cannot get enough of citrus fruits. Basically I need a citrus orchard to go along with my peach orchard, which by the way I dont really own yet.  The thing is citrus just doesn’t love me back the same way.

Citrus is like one of those people we al have in our lives.  You know the people that might be fun, but ultimately aren’t that good for us?  Yeah citrus is basically like that for me.  I know this for a fact because after over consuming citrus (I mean when you love this stuff that’s just a natural thing to do) I now have sores in my mouth.

And just like that person who ultimately isn’t that good but we can’t remove completely from our lives, I vow to never do this again while I already know it will happen again.

Sure I could aim for moderation, but that doesn’t work.  Nor does quitting cold turkey.  I just can’t let citrus go even as it wounds me.  I wonder if there is any support groups for those of us addicted to citrus…the sweet and the sour.

It’s A Protest, Doggie Style

The four-footed one decided to stage her own form of protest against the injustice of an empty dog food dish. It wasn’t that she wasn’t fed, she had been fed less than an hour prior to the protest. As far as protests go, it was small both in venue and participants. As far as impact goes, sure it’s small and not going to reshape civilization or shake the world; however, it sure got my attention.

And no she did not get more food added to her bowl. She got listened to, and then moved when it became apparent she was digging her feet in. Literally digging them into the floor as she refused to move. Thankfully I can pick her up easily enough and relocate her to another place in the house. (Not without further protest on her part of course.)

Was I wrong to simply step in and assert my physical presence? Perhaps, but she was barking loudly for more food when she had been fed. I knew she wasn’t hungry. She just wanted more because a freshly opened bag of dog food, to her at least, is like heaven. And if I let her, she’d try to eat the whole bag all at once. Which wouldn’t be healthy. And I didn’t want to clean up the end result of consuming a large bag of food.

But I do applaud her for knowing her own mind and not being afraid to let me know what she was thinking. I love these traits in others and thrive on them in my person approach, however I seem to have an issue in embracing them in the four-footed one. And that’s not fair.

Nourishing The Soul

Lovely smells wafted in from the kitchen, a mixture of savoury and sweet.  Tempting me to at least consider trying to eat regardless of what the consequences would be.  This isn’t the first time a lovely person has created magic in my kitchen.  Magic that meted me to at least taste the creations.

This time the lovely personwas Beloved and he created everything from tasty salad creations to soup and a simple, light entrée.  Consuming even just a little bit of any one of the creations would put a huge smile on his face.  But just in case none of those would tempt me he made a simple oatmeal.

I suspect he would have made me anything if it meant getting some nourishment into my body.  He isn’t a huge fan of living off smoothies or smoothie bowls, but some days that’s all I can manage or want.

But today I sampled some of his soup and a few mouthfuls of salad before retreating to rest in a comfortable chair again.  And as I sat down I again gave thanks for all the amazing people in my life.  Especially those like Beloved who ignore my mood being down while lupus is on the uptick.

Discovery Time

The four-footed one discovered where I keep her food.  Well okay she didn’t discover the location just now as the minute I started storing her food in that cupboard, she deemed it special.  She would sit in front the cupboard and gaze lovingly (my perception of if) at the door.  Willing it to open for her.

And then today, well today the cupboard wasn’t latched shut.  Just the slightest bit of it was open, and the four-footed one had all day to figure out how to use that slight opening to her advantage.  And by advantage I mean access to the contents of the cupboard.  Keep in mind this was for her own personal use, not to share, or just check in the inventory.

Somewhere along the lines, she managed to open the cupboard and get into the container where her food was.  Food that needed to be taken out of the container and placed on the floor. And not just one spot of the floor either.  You see if you drag the food container throughout the house you can get maximum floor space covered in food, so no matter where you go, you can find your food.  ;Been playing hard near the bathroom and in need of a tasty snack, no worries.  You have some food clustered just over there.

However, the problem with spreading stuff on the floor is of human nature.  You see if you have a human, that human will clean that mess up.  Putting all your precious food away and then making sure the cupboard is properly secured so you no longer have free access to all that loveliness.

If you are enterprising, like the four-footed one, you will discover other locations, such as where treats are stored.  Hey you have to keep trying because you just may make the discovery of the day, week or even month!

The Lady Does Protest

The four-footed is protesting. Not a full-out riot of one mind you. Just a well-versed protest. It started with her ignoring me whenever I called her. It then escalated to a full-on strike of sorts.

She decided she is not interested in her food anymore. It isn’t a case of not being hungry, or being on a hunger strike. Rather it’s just a case of she doesn’t like her food. At all. Probably because she got a taste of what we eat. Accidentally of course.

You see we had a lovely meal with rice. The problem with rice is that sometimes it doesn’t like to stay on my eating utensil. Sometimes when the rice falls off my utensil, it lands back on the plate. Other times it hits the tables. And then there are times I find myself wearing the stuff that has fallen so of course you know it also hits the floor.

And the floor is the four-footed one’s domain. She’s fast and determined and nothing hits her domain without her inspecting it. And by inspecting, I mean sticking it in her mouth. And eating it if it has a food value to it. So I suspect that this is where she got a taste for something other than her dogfood and decided that protesting would be the way to ensure she got more of what she wanted and less of her usual every day food. She’s probably bored by it to be honest.

I can’t blame her for being bored, she eats the same thing most times so a taste of something new is no doubt exotic. And once you taste it once you can’t help but want more if it! I get it. Except this type of a protest, especially the ignoring me, isn’t the way to go. Snuggling up to me and giving me affection with loads of tail wags will probably work better. Although she does that puppy dog eye thing so well. You know, the big sad eyes pleading for just a taste. Yeah that face. But it’s for her own good, only what’s for your own good doesn’t always taste good.