Orange You Surprised

I had been hearing a soft thudding noise for the past fifteen minutes, while I finished off the edits. The noise was coming in random bursts. Sometimes it was thud, thud and other times it was thud, pause, pause, pause, pause, thud, thud, thud.

It had caught my attention when if first started, but not enough to tear me away from the editing work. I hate editing to begin with, and for me the closer I get to being done, the longer it seems to take me. I had to discipline myself to not go and check out any distraction or potential distraction years ago. It was that discipline that kept in from checking out the thudding noise now.

When the four-footed one came running past me, head low and turned away, I decided I should check it out. Normally the four-footed one will come running to me, head high. She likes to make eye contact. The fact she wasn’t meant she had something she wasn’t supposed to have.

The thudding, it turned out, was a neighbor tossing carrots into the yard. Carrots are a favorite of the four-footed one. She can have them, but in moderation. How many she had consumed already I didn’t know. But I decided to collect the carrots and bring them into the house, after thanking the neighbor, least someone eat more.

I warned Beloved that we may see an orange output for the next little bit, depending upon how much had already been input into someone’s digestive tract. Even with this knowledge, Beloved seemed to be puzzled by the first orange surprise when he took the four-footed one for a walk.


Mama Knows

My mother once told me one of the worst things I could ever do was go grocery shopping while I was hungry. Yep, out of all the things I could do that would be horrible, to my mother, shopping on a empty stomach was right up there in that category.

For whatever reason, I have heeded this advice without question. I have no clue what, I mean it isn’t as if I actually have gone out of my way to ensure that I have no gone shopping while hungry. It has just sort of happened that way.

So yes I’ve always kind of found it funny that this was something that my mother felt to be very important information to carry in my life. But today it was tested and proven true. Not by me though.

You see, friends, Beloved was supposed to go grocery shopping. He also was meeting a friend for lunch. Naturally he decided to do the shopping and bring it home to be put away before he went for lunch with his friend. Especially since they had opted to have a later lunch.

So he boldly went out and did the shopping. And came home with items which weren’t’ on the list. In fact he came home with more food, extra food, if you will. Food that was beyond what we need.

When asked why, he claimed that all the food looked so good, and other food called to him that he couldn’t resist. His empty stomach demanded that he consider all the food options. And then he had the nerve to leave me alone to try and find spots for all this food while he rushed out to the restaurant to meet his friend.

I guess mama was right.

Healthy Appetite Or…

Beloved announced he was hungry. Not just hungry, but really hungry. As in he could eat a whole cow. Of course he couldn’t, not really. After all there are some parts of the cow that aren’t really palatable or edible.

So he made a huge sandwich. The kind that could feed more than one person. I figured he would eat part of it, become full and then wrap up the rest of the sandwich for later, when he was hungry again. Instead he cut it in half and decided that I obviously needed to share it with him. Or at least part of it. We both ended up eating some and saving the rest for later.

So why do I tell you this? Not because I was surprised at the size of the sandwich he made or the fact he said he was that hungry. Nope, not for any of those reasons.

Instead I tell you this because I’m absolutely confused by competition eaters. You now the people I’m talking about. The ones who eat like 35 hot dogs in 10 minutes or whatever. Or those people who eat like 400 chicken wings in an hour or what have you.

I understand you can train your stomach, but honestly, how can you eat that much? Well eat it and not get sick? Anyone have the answers?

Went Out

I went out last night. A few drinks and a nice meal was the plan. I am, after all, somewhat grown up and mature. Somewhat.

The menu had a little of everything on it from local food to strange fusion food. Anything basically to tempt you into wanting something. I guess the chef may have started with one type of cuisine, and somehow that one thing led to another thing and suddenly there was a menu with a bit of everything for everyone.

It wasn’t the sort of place that I’d normally go to, but a friend suggested we try it for something different, and so we found ourselves there. Out at night, like the adults we are. Giggling over the names of food as well as some of the combinations. We may have giggled over a few of the more dramatic guests at other tables too. (There may have been some adult beverages involved.)

I used to go out at night, not to eat, but drink and have a good time. What I recall of those days, my misspent youth if you will, is that time either slipped away too quickly or lingered way too long before I could leave. I also seem to recall meeting little bit of everything as well as people and their careers. Just enough to get you interested, but not enough to really understand any of it. Besides that wasn’t really the point I don’t think.

So we went out last night, for some drinks and a nice meal and after the shock of the menu, we enjoyed ourselves without the huge hassle of a million people and some wolves dressed as innocents.

Those Eyes

A pair of bright eyes peered up at me from under the table as I was eating.  The eyes were begging me to give their owners food, some of the food I was eating.  It happens just about every meal, these bright eyes in an eager, pleading face peer up at me.  Hoping for a small scrap, perhaps a bit of fall out or such.  And it’s not entirely out of the question for stuff to fall where the owner of those eyes can race to gobble it up before I get to it.

But the owner of these eyes wasn’t just  watching me, oh no, she was also watching Beloved,s hand as it moved to and from his mouth.  Double the odds for her to get some fall out, or even better, to try her puppy dog eyes to plead with someone for food.  And when it comes to Beloved, she stands a much better chance of acquiring the odd morsel.  

She also knows that if she enters the kitchen when he is cooking, she stands a good chance of sampling the goods.  And I know this is to be a true fact as I have watched him toss bits of Apple, carrot and cheese where she can get them on the floor.  He has also offered her lettuce and cooked squash.   If he doesn’t give her food while he is cooking, she will sneak up behind him, stand on two legs and bat at his bum with her front paws.  Just in case he forgot about her.

So as she peered at me under the table tonight, I knew she would get bored and go to his side.  And then it would be a question of how much fish he gave her and if she got any veggies.  I knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist feeding her berries later on.  She’s made about all berries and the blackberries were so sweet, she’d be climbing on us to get her share.

Not much gets past those eyes of her.  Not much at all. 

Oh The Choices

The four-footed one likes to flop down in pools of sunshine when they appear on the floor.  She simply settles down and rests, even if she just work up not that long ago.  Thr four-footed one also likes to hear the sound of a knife on a cutting board as she believes she will get food.  The four-footed one also likes the sounds of food being unwrapped, in hope that some food could come her way.

Why am I telling you this?  Because today the trifecta of sun, sounds and more sounds all came together in one moment.  She found sound and settled down about the same time as a bit of food was being unwrapped and then cut on the cutting board.  She was torn between leaving the valuable patch of sun to see if she could get some food or staying in the sun and potentially missing out on a sample of something delicious.  She would open her eyes wide, lift her head and get ready to go to the kitchen only to be lulled by a moment of silence and the warmth of the sun.

No we weren’t teasing her, it was all simply a case of perfect timing or such.  And in the end the sun won out.  After all even though she tends to live in the moment, she recognized that the sun would be more fleeting and we were more likely to offer her food later on.  She wasn’t wrong on either case.

There may be something calculated in her behavior I think.  Beloved says not calculating at all, she’s just learned the routine well enough to know which is more likely to wait around.  

Delicate DancingĀ 

Now and then someone will recommend a restaurant or a meal or even a recipe for me to try.  And every once an a while I will try the recommendation.  Sometimes it was a good idea and sometimes it is a complete flop.  Let’s face it, if the recommendation was good it’s easy to provide that feedback to the person, however when you didn’t have the same conclusion?  Yeah that is never as easy or fun.

Today was one of those days where I treid something at a restaurant I had never been to before.  So I tried a new place to eat and a specific meal which had come highly recommended by a trusted friend.  She has never steered me wrong before. I was comfortable and confident that this meal, heck this place, was going to be another success.  Except it wasn’t.

The whole experience of getting seated, getting a menu to placing an order was just wrong. The hostess struggled to find a place a place for two even with open seats and not a huge amount of reserved signs on the table.  She may have struggled because whatever was on her cellphone was more interesting.  The menus were thrown down on the table as if she didn’t care.  

The waiter, when he came, also appeared to not want to do his job,  it was an effort for him to take our orders or deliver the food. And I kind of understand why he may have struggled with the delivery of the food.  It looked less than appealing.  It tasted worse than how it looked.

My companion?  The friend who recommended the food.  I lacked the ability to say anything other than “I assume your experience was not like this at all before”.   Thankfully she wasn’t upset, but she said if she had not been with me and I had reported back my opinion she would have been a bit upset by my response.  And that’s always the delicate dance isn’t it?