Feeding Time

It’s always a bit of a puzzle to me how nations have managed to feed themselves of generations using chopsticks or such as their only utensils.  The puzzle is they manage  to get enough nourishment into their bodies with these two sticks.

You see friends, on the best of days I have some issues using chopsticks.  On bad days I have no skill with chopsticks at all.  Unless tossing food around counts as a skill.  Yes dear readers I am that person who is always offer fork or such in restaurants that normally provide chopsticks on the table.  And I’m not alone either, Beloved also will be offered a fork because he is in fact as bad or worse than me these days with chopsticks.

And yet small children manage these utensils with no issue.  They can pick up the smallest bits of food deftly with those two sticks.  If I had to feed myself with this,ethos let’s just say I’d never worry about diets again.  I might, instead, worry about having enough food in myself to survive!

Thankfully there is stuff known as finger food! 😊


Chipmunks And Me

When I was younger, I used to feed animals bits of crackers and such. If you were a duck or a goose, chances are I would throw the cracker your way.  If you were a squirrel or a chipmunk I would place the bit of cracker somewhere near me for you to come and nibble on.  I might also have nuts or seed grass pieces to hold out to you if you were cute and fuzzy.

My all time favorite to feed was chipmunks, you see I loved how they would pack all the offered food into their cheeks which would get chubbier and chubbier.  I guess back then I adored chubby cheeks, and to a degree I still do, just not on me.  And unfortunately as part of my lupus treatment I take a steroid called prednisone which just happens to give me chubby cheeks.  Well actually what it does besides giving me chubby cheeks is an incredible appetite, which results in the desire to eat all the time.  Eating all the time can lead to more than chubby cheeks.  And chubby cheeks on me are not cute, not like they are on chipmunks.  Thankfully I do not stay on prednisone all the time!

Care and Feeding Of Imagination

There is something magical about that happens to a sandwich, the everyday ordinary kind, when you slice it into triangles and serve it on an ordinary sheet spread out on the floor.  Don’t believe me?  Try it sometime, especially if you have young children.  It becomes a picnic inside!  And the kids don’t need to know the sheet is there to protect your floor!

There is something magical about taking that same sheet and draping it over some chairs to form a tent.  Again, don’t  believe me, try it.

the magic isn’t in the sheet, it’s in the power of the imagination.  Somewhere along the line, as the power of our imagination seems to be weaker, as though it isn’t being nourished properly.  The best way to nourish it is to get lost and allow it to run wild on its own.  Borrow a friend’s child if you must, but feed your imagination.  Why?  The world is a better place with a dash of magic and a pinch of belief in it all!