It’s A Protest, Doggie Style

The four-footed one decided to stage her own form of protest against the injustice of an empty dog food dish. It wasn’t that she wasn’t fed, she had been fed less than an hour prior to the protest. As far as protests go, it was small both in venue and participants. As far as impact goes, sure it’s small and not going to reshape civilization or shake the world; however, it sure got my attention.

And no she did not get more food added to her bowl. She got listened to, and then moved when it became apparent she was digging her feet in. Literally digging them into the floor as she refused to move. Thankfully I can pick her up easily enough and relocate her to another place in the house. (Not without further protest on her part of course.)

Was I wrong to simply step in and assert my physical presence? Perhaps, but she was barking loudly for more food when she had been fed. I knew she wasn’t hungry. She just wanted more because a freshly opened bag of dog food, to her at least, is like heaven. And if I let her, she’d try to eat the whole bag all at once. Which wouldn’t be healthy. And I didn’t want to clean up the end result of consuming a large bag of food.

But I do applaud her for knowing her own mind and not being afraid to let me know what she was thinking. I love these traits in others and thrive on them in my person approach, however I seem to have an issue in embracing them in the four-footed one. And that’s not fair.


Learning To Find My True Voice or Surprising Myself

I love words.  I love reading them, speaking them and hearing them.  There is something magical about words.  Just as there is something magical about our voices.  No two are exactly alike!

I’ve never felt a need to find my voice or set my words free. To me these have always been natural acts, no different from something like breathing.  But I know some people struggle to let their voices be heard, to allow their words to be given a voice.  It seems to me that I might be able to help others.

And so it was with these intentions I signed myself up for a course so I’d be able to help others find their voices.  Imagine my surprise when the first assignment was all about myself and my inability to use my voice!😮  It was, of course, to be expected, looking back.  We always see how others may need help while being blind to ourselves!  But that is all hindsight.

What I learned about my intentions and myself is that until I am willing to be vulnerable and confront those times when I am afraid of using my voice, how can I invite others to use their voices?  It would be hypocritical to put it simply.

Now humans normally do not like to be made to feel vulnerable.  It makes us feel naked, scared and open to judgements.  But when we use our authentic voice we have to shed all those layers of protection  and barriers to set our voices free.  Is it scary?  Yes indeed.  But when it comes in, your authentic voice and messages, it is the most liberating thing.  Suddenly you get what it means to not care about others judgments regarding you or your messages.

I’m still working on the path of finding my fully authentic voice, and I’m there will be more surprised to learn about myself!  And it’s always a little unnerving to learn about yourself by looking at yourself, but the reward of the discovered Liberty is amazing!