Sandwiches, Medical Interventions, And Sun Protection Oh My!

Different things make people excited.  Just today I overheard a woman say she was super excited to be putting together all of the ingredients for her sandwiches.   Now I cannot say I have ever been in a place in my life where putting together a sandwich would make me super excited; eating a sandwich however might be a different story!

Of course how many people would be excited about having a port put in their body as I was when my doctor finally agreed it would make the most sense given the state of my veins.  Hey when you have lupus, you tend to find if you don’t have to walk around with deep bruises and such all the time when you are getting treatment, well, it’s exciting.

I’ve also been excited about injecting medications (yes I know, weird) and even sunscreen.

Had you asked me years ago if I could ever see myself excited about any of these things, I would have laughed at you. See a few years ago I was afraid of needles so the whole injecting meds and getting a port would be more of a horrible thing rather than exciting item.  As for sunscreen, well no I can’t say that I would have been excited about sunscreen either.

Today, after judging that lady who was excited about together her sandwiches I came home to discover that my special detergent, the one that adds sun protection to your clothing for 30 washes had arrived.  Now you want to talk about super exciting?  Yes this delivery is most certainly that!  People who need to avoid the sun for a variety of reasons will understand this.


Discovery Time

The four-footed one discovered where I keep her food.  Well okay she didn’t discover the location just now as the minute I started storing her food in that cupboard, she deemed it special.  She would sit in front the cupboard and gaze lovingly (my perception of if) at the door.  Willing it to open for her.

And then today, well today the cupboard wasn’t latched shut.  Just the slightest bit of it was open, and the four-footed one had all day to figure out how to use that slight opening to her advantage.  And by advantage I mean access to the contents of the cupboard.  Keep in mind this was for her own personal use, not to share, or just check in the inventory.

Somewhere along the lines, she managed to open the cupboard and get into the container where her food was.  Food that needed to be taken out of the container and placed on the floor. And not just one spot of the floor either.  You see if you drag the food container throughout the house you can get maximum floor space covered in food, so no matter where you go, you can find your food.  ;Been playing hard near the bathroom and in need of a tasty snack, no worries.  You have some food clustered just over there.

However, the problem with spreading stuff on the floor is of human nature.  You see if you have a human, that human will clean that mess up.  Putting all your precious food away and then making sure the cupboard is properly secured so you no longer have free access to all that loveliness.

If you are enterprising, like the four-footed one, you will discover other locations, such as where treats are stored.  Hey you have to keep trying because you just may make the discovery of the day, week or even month!

Under Cover

The four-footed one has taken to needing a soft blanket on her when she’s going to go to sleep.  She also needs a soft blanket to make a nest with, but without that blanket covering her she will fight sleep, no matter how tired she is.

This is a fairly recent discovery and/or trend with her.  One that may last  only during the cooler weather periods of the year.  And then again it may be her mimicking now we sleep at night, under covers in our beds.

So far she hasn’t asked for a pillow, or has she tried to make her own.  I guess if she moves down the path of pillow seeking I will have a more concrete answer about her sleeping habits.

It hasn’t caused me any concern, it’s just something new that she’s decided to do.  The vet has no clue why four-feet is doing this.  She said it could be along the theory of her Thunder Jacket, where its offering a nice secure weight sort of like a hug.  And then again it could just be something she now does.

Who am I to judge given at I have my own strange quirks?  As long as it isn’t causing her harm or such I will let her have her wee blanket on her when it’s time to sleep.  Besides, there are times we all need to crawl under the covers to be comfortable.

Spring Training Of Sorts

The four-footed one has discovered the joys of spring, since we are just now coming upon her first birthday it occurred to me that she hasn’t experienced this before. Those small signs, when the bugs aren’t too large, but there seems to be a sudden infestation every few feet. The bees just starting to find swarm for a new place to set up a hive, which means swarms of lovely noisy things that surely must be bitten, at least I suspect that’s how she sees things.

Mud is an old friend, a dear one that she is very intimately reacquainting herself with, by rolling in the thick, sticky variety. And in the mud are all those tender green plants which must be sat on or chewed upon or at the very least tugged out of the earth. (There is a part of me that wonders how nature copes with the curiosity of the young chewing, rolling and basically destroying so much new growth that surely everything decides why bother, but of course it does bother so we still have green and flowers and such.)

Probably the most exciting, or frightening discovery she has made is bunnies. Baby bunnies left alone while their mother goes off in search of whatever it is that mommy bunnies go in search of. Sadly the four-footed one wanted to play with the couple of babies she stumbled across while looking for some nice sticky mud to roll in. Sadly because play for the four-footed one is not always gentle and the best way to get someone to play is to pounce on them. So you can gently nibble on anything that happens to not be tucked away safely. (To date the only animal/person which has walked away from play attempt completely unmouthed was an unsuspecting tortoise.)

Now for the record the mud frustrates me simply because it means bath-time which means really why not wash out the whole house since that’s what needs to happen during bath-time anyway. But what made the discovery of spring less exciting was realizing that for the first time the four-footed one would be in a position where she could actually harm innocent bunnies if left to her own devices. (Again how can nature let something like that happen to such cute little critters?) So we must learn to look with our eyes only, which really means it’s training time and training time means I’m the one back in training. Springs training this go around.

Petite Palace Uncovered

Now and then you read of a “lost” city, hidden force furies perhaps.  Some person stumbles across this amazing lost treasure and suddenly lots of flurry, activity and work must be done.  For a piece of history we never even knew was missing until that moment  it  found.

And now, dear readers, it seems a palace has been found within the walls of my garden. It isn’t large, not by the size of most palaces.  It isn’t full of intricate carvings or amazing architect, but rarely can you see that kind of beauty when you first see something which has been hidden for so long. It needs some cleaning up, this discovered palace, but you can see it’s something special.

And we have the puppy to thank for finding it.  You see she was digging around when she found the first wall of the palace.  As she nosed around, she dug out more and more of the palace, complete with the former inhabitants.

It seems at some time in the past someone built a palace for tiny beings, gnomes I think.  It’s hard to tell with what’s been left as most of them have degraded to the point it’s hard to tell.  The palace was made of tiny rocks set built one on top of the other, complete with a tower of sorts, from what I can make out.

Someone must have had a reason to cover this up and keep it safe.  Safe until the puppy came along.  She was hunting for mushrooms and bugs, two favourite pastimes of hers.  Beloved is taking pictures of the find while I’ve kept the puppy occupied.  I don’t hold out lots of Hope that we will learn much about the find, but it’s worth a try.  As clearly at some point, someone took a great deal,of the to painstaking create this palace and then place little beings in it as well as around in the landscaped areas just outside of the palace.

Peaceful Chaos Amid Harmonious Discomfort

Some people seem to be born natural peace keepers.  Some people seem to work within a world of creating and maintaining harmony.  Some people seem to be born as natural debaters.  Some people seem to work within a world of chaos, clashing view points and devil’s advocate to get the best result.

Most people work within a balance of these two places, seemingly capable of switching as the need arises.  But some people cannot switch, as if they only have one setting and find a way of making do with it.

Beloved is very much a peace keeper, holding of harmony and working to consensus.  Oh don’t misunderstand, he can and does move to devil’s advocate if he just, but it is awkward and uncomfortable for him.  Where as I seem to live far more in the that world.  I love to see a situation, and turn it around and around to see where the potential problems may occur.  This drives Beloved up a wall and around a few bends on account of the fact that, to him, it is me searching for the negative.  But I’m not.  Not really.  I’m just trying to view it from several different vantage points and seeing how it can or cannot work.

Now I will admit I’m rather happy out asking the questions people don’t like to ask.  I’m happy pushing people to answer beyond the pat or accepted answers society or culture has set out. Beloved doesn’t like this as much because to him making others uncomfortable is not ideal.

Does this mean I’m not a peacemaker?  Does this mean I have issues with harmony?  No of course not, it just means I like the discomfort of the questions.  Granted most often I’m asking those questions to and of others.

When the shoe is on the other foot, I tend to take my time…probably because I’m still viewing all the positions as best I can.  Sometimes I do that because harmony might be needed, but most often I am taking my time to scan through view points and determining which one pushes what I’m trying to say.  Because deep down, as much as I believe in peace, I also great joy out of chaos provided no one is hurt and we all learn from these discussions and such.