Of Sharks, Dinosaurs And ?

There dinosaurs on the television earlier.  I’m m not sure what exactly Beloved was watching, I just noticed dinosaurs with tiny little arms and apparently several bony protrusions in its is dinosaur was colored yellow and purple and had what appeared to be feathers on its back legs.  Granted this was an artist’s interpretation of a dinosaur, but why it was on my television was a bit of a mystery.  Just not one I needed to actually solve.

However the little bit I saw made me rethink the four-footed one.  Not rethinking keeping her, oh heavens no not that!  But the past little bit we’ve been referring to her as a shark.  Basically since the week of non-stop shark shows, we’ve come to notice that our sweet little companion resembles an ambush attacking style of large, toothy sharks.

Now I’m thinking perhaps we were a bit quick on calling her a shark.  There appears to be a fair amount of an artist’s idea of a dinosaur in our four-footed companion.  There are days I wish she’d just get a little more in touch with her inner-sloth.  Not completely, but a bit.  Just enough that she’d settle down here and there.  But of course if she were to get in touch with her inner sloth I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be the slow part as much as the tree climbing part.  Maybe it’s better that she just stays as she is and we stop trying to compare her to other animals!


Waking Up To Someone New

I woke up face to face with a pink dinosaur with a yellow horn on her nose. Peeking around just behind her was a green and purple dragon, his red tongue resting on her head.

I didn’t climb into bed with either of these two.  As a matter of fact I climbed into bed alone, the four-footed blanket weight had curled up against on the bed, but not in the bed with me.  I haven’t slept with any stuffed animals in a number of years.  Perhaps my four-footed companion felt I need additional company.  She managed to sneak them into bed while I was sleeping thanks to medication and such.

Needless to say I was a bit surprised to discover my sleeping companions.  Waking up to someone new in bed who,wasn’t there when you crawled into the bed is shocking and disorienting.  Waking up like that while dealing with the side effects of strong mediation to tame lupus was enough to keep me in my bed a little longer.

Of course when I got out of bed the four-footed one decided the dinosaur needed to come with us.  So we moved into the comfortable chair to do some reading/resting, the three of us.  The four-footed one on my lap with the dinosaur resting on both of us.

Some days you just need a little dinosaur in your life, and if you are lucky, a four-footed companion takes care of this for you.

Flying Objects or What The Heck Is That Thing

A strange thing happened on the way to the airport today. An object flew into the open window of the car while we were driving. A pygmy pterodactyl to be exact. So not the full sized kind, just a much smaller version of the ones that are flying around everywhere this time of year. Just flew into the car to hitch a ride I guess. Maybe it was tired of having to glide or whatever it is that they do and decided the car was a better option.

It landed on my in-law who was sitting in the front passenger seat. Beloved was behind the wheel doing the driving and I was in the back seat, with the puppy. Because you need to know these things. The puppy was with us because we don’t leave her home alone yet. Only because we are found of our possessions and house in the condition they are currently in.

Anyway this pygmy pterodactyl flies into the car which makes my in-law start screaming. Probably out of surprise and shock. After all a pygmy pterodactyl doesn’t typically end up in vehicles that are driving the speed limit down a major road. Okay so what I’m really saying is lets not judge as to why the in-law started screaming, lets just stay with the story? Okay? Okay.

The in-law’s screaming, almost deafening screeches if you must know caused Beloved to swerve. Thankfully his idea of swerving is to go to the side of the road, pull over properly and park the car. I know, he’s rather practical that way. Once he had the car safely stopped, he turned to see what caused the screaming, I guess because he didn’t’ believe her when she said there was a pygmy pterodactyl in the car so he had to see for himself. Anyway he ends up laughing. Laughing so hard he is crying while the screaming is carrying on.

He gets out of the car, almost doubled over in laughter and opens the door. To let the pygmy pterodactyl out of the car. Only it was a dragonfly. Granted a larger than usual one. But not really a pygmy pterodactyl, which is a shame because I was all set to take photos. Just you know so we had proof or what have you.

The in-law is now shrieking about how Beloved is being disrespectful, and well the puppy is barking because that’s what puppies do when there are all sorts of commotions going on and the puppy had been just relaxing up to that point. And Beloved has almost stopped breathing from laughing so hard.

This is when the law officer pulls in behind us. To see what is wrong, or if we have a very ill person with us (I suppose he assumed Beloved would be the person in distress given that he was doubled over and a rather reddish plum shade) or basically if he could be of help. Anyway there was this very nice law officer, there to help us. And of course he has to ask what is the “problem”, while trying to see if Beloved is okay when the shrieking about a pygmy pterodactyl begins. Again.

Now this poor officer had no clue what to do, offer assistance to someone who is an odd color and clearly having difficulty breathing and is unable to speak. Or does he check out the wild claims of a pygmy pterodactyl? He opts to call for back-up. And ask me some questions while we are waiting.

The plane will of course take off as scheduled, minus the in-law, who now is carrying on about the fact it’s not safe at all. Not with pygmy pterodactyls flying around. And thus, my friends, did I end up at the hospital. They assessed Beloved and found he was fine, just laughing too hard so it appeared he couldn’t breathe (gee go figure). They have decided to keep the in-law in for a period of time. Just in case she needs to come off whatever substance she may have taken because how else can you explain her odd behavior?