Age-Old Relationships

A subtle swaying of the hips, a slightly arched back, and a simple yet sultry walk was how she made her entrance. Not that we needed to see her confidently make her way across the sun-dappled ground. Oh no, the four-footed one took care of announcing her arrival as no one else can!

Every day around the same time this confident cat decides that our garden is her ideal stalking ground. She sashays her way into the open spaces without a care in the world. She struts around the edges of the garden with the confidence of a girl who knows her heart.

All the while, the four-footed one goes crazy in the house. She shakes with excitement and something else while she watches the cat invade the space. We keep four-feet in the house because the cat, while beautiful, is mean. We just aren’t sure what the two of them would do to each other if they got together. We also aren’t in a hurry to find out what the outcome would be.

So the four-footed one watches and announces, while we try to keep the barking to a minimum. Is this a case of an age-old relationship playing out daily in the garden? Or is this a case of the dog simply not liking the cat upon sight?

Making It Harder

Do you have one of those people in your life who always seems to do things the hard way? It isn’t necessarily that they enjoy making things tougher on themselves, however, their decisions result in doing that very thing.

I knew a woman who was exceedingly talented and could have managed work in several different fields. Her issue was her ex-husband who was less than pleased that she had left him. He would try to sabotage her at her various places of employment and for whatever reason, she decided that this was why she should be only able to work low paying jobs.

I was curious why he always managed to find where she was working and create such issues for her. She updated her Facebook page, and while she may not have him as a friend, they had mutual friends on social media. Those mutual friends, no understanding the issues, would share information with him as to where she was working or living.

When I asked her why she didn’t keep things private, or not post things on her social media, she said that she wanted other people to know where she was and what she was doing.

She’s a nice lady and very talented, but she is also stubborn and refused to follow advice such as keeping things private. I’ve heard that she has recently had to switch jobs again because her ex-husband found her last place of work. I worry that this will be her future state of life since she won’t change how she does things. But I also wonder if she realizes how frustrating her behavior is.

I Wonder…

I wonder what it would be like to be in charge of making the rain or the sunshine. I wonder what it would feel like to see the results of what I manage and know that people appreciate it. With that, of course, is the flip side, knowing that there are times people won’t be so happy to see that what I manage.

I wonder if I could manage the sunshine being produced and delivered. Or ensuring the rain had just the correct amount of freshness and coolness. It’s probably for the best that this isn’t my job.

How about you? Do you ever dream or wonder about something and in your heart know that you aren’t suited for it? Do you get curious about it all the same? Or do you know yourself well enough to know what is and what isn’t right for you?

If this is the case, I am in awe of you. I am in awe of how well you know yourself and what your limitations are. Perhaps at some point, you would be so kind as to share your secret or talent with me. If not, that’s okay, only please make sure we have more sun than anything else. If you don’t mind that is!


Beloved has a friend, I shall call Tim, who reminds me of a haunted house.  Not because he is exceedingly large or rectangular, or has a pointed head.  It is his personality that makes me think of a haunted house.  

He isn’t scary or creepy, and in fact I have been assured he has the sunniest of personalities.  Except I’ve never seen it.  Of course I’ve never seen a true haunted house either.  In my mind a haunted house is empty, left to elements.  It looks like an ordinary house on the outside, but inside it carries a forlorn weight.  A heaviness that cannot be blamed on shadows or neglect, I suspect, would fill the air.  Even on the sunniest of days, there would been a sadness or such mingling in the air.

In the few years I’ve known Tim, he reminds me of a man who wears a mask out of duty.  Sure he smiles and laughs, but it never seems to come from his heart.   It is as if a part of him is haunted by something so sad that he can no longer fully experience joy or happiness.  

I mentioned this once to Beloved.  Beloved said that Tim had experienced a lot of loss in a short period of time, but that he was bound to come back to his sunny personality.  It hasn’t happened yet.  

Some people say with haunted houses they need a cleansing or an exercising of sorts to adjust the energy.  To allow the sorrow and heartache to leave.  A blessing can be provided to help as well, so I’ve been told.  I know that same can be done for people, but I don’t think this will help Tim any more than I think it helps the house.  

The act of the blessing or cleansing is more for the people who move into the house than it is for the house.  And I suspect the blessing for Tim would be more for those who care about him and love him than it would be for helping him.  Whatever haunts Tim, it is in his very core and until he can finish letting go,of those he has lost, I fear he will remain a haunted man.

Healthy Appetite Or…

Beloved announced he was hungry. Not just hungry, but really hungry. As in he could eat a whole cow. Of course he couldn’t, not really. After all there are some parts of the cow that aren’t really palatable or edible.

So he made a huge sandwich. The kind that could feed more than one person. I figured he would eat part of it, become full and then wrap up the rest of the sandwich for later, when he was hungry again. Instead he cut it in half and decided that I obviously needed to share it with him. Or at least part of it. We both ended up eating some and saving the rest for later.

So why do I tell you this? Not because I was surprised at the size of the sandwich he made or the fact he said he was that hungry. Nope, not for any of those reasons.

Instead I tell you this because I’m absolutely confused by competition eaters. You now the people I’m talking about. The ones who eat like 35 hot dogs in 10 minutes or whatever. Or those people who eat like 400 chicken wings in an hour or what have you.

I understand you can train your stomach, but honestly, how can you eat that much? Well eat it and not get sick? Anyone have the answers?

Enlightening Flushes

Growing up, my mother had a thing about water during an electrical storm. She wouldn’t wash clothes during a storm, which I sort of understand due to electrical equipment. She refused to wash dishes during that time, saying that water would conduct electricity and she had no plans of being zapped.

When I was older, I would ignore my mother’s warnings and take showers during electrical storms because why not. I had never heard of anyone experiencing anything horrible with storms. And most houses were grounded so what was the harm. My mother would be mortified if she knew I had a shower during an intense storm just a few weeks back!

However now I see there may be something to this. After seeing a news cast about exploding toilets. Yes that’s right. A toilet exploded after a lightening strike. Thankfully the toilet was not in use at that time. And yes technically the toilet was struck, rather it was the septic tank that took the strike.

As a result of the strike, methane gasses caused by feces trapped in the pipe, caused the explosion which resulted in the toilet going boom.

Now we don’t have a septic tank, however I don’t think I will ever view the toilet as an innocent thing again.

Does Barking Lead To Sore Throats?

I decided to try meditation again. Just to see if I couldn’t tap into some of the benefits of the practice. In the past, every time I aimed to stay in the peaceful moment and allow my mind to stop working, all sorts of lists, like to-do lists, would immediately pop into my head.

This time, as I went to attempt to meditate with teacher, I let her know that my mind gets super busy while trying to settle into peace and nothingness. She assured me that it happens to everyone, but in time the mind will settle down and you can do it. Anyone, she assured me, can do it.

Naturally today’s session went the same as always, with crazy ideas floating around in my head. Only this time, it wasn’t a to-do list or all the things I should look into. Nope, instead it started with me wondering if a dog ever gets a sore throat from barking. The four-footed one had spent a good part of the day earlier on barking at, well, the children running back and forth. This is how she used play with other dogs. They would run up and down the area together, barking with joy. But it never lasted long.

The children don’t do things exactly the same way. So there was a lot more barking, probably out of frustration. And as I sat there in the meditation class, all I could wonder was, did she get a sore throat from all that barking. Was barking like talking too much or too loudly? If so surely her throat would hurt.

After my mind had played with the angles of this, I wondered if dogs ever had bad hair days. Like truly bad hair days where their fur wouldn’t do what they wanted no matter what they tried. And from there it just kept going on and on through the whole class.

At the end of it, I can’t say that I was more calm, but I was a bit more energized, with all these ideas and thoughts. Although I can’t say that was the point of this. Oh well.