Healthy Appetite Or…

Beloved announced he was hungry. Not just hungry, but really hungry. As in he could eat a whole cow. Of course he couldn’t, not really. After all there are some parts of the cow that aren’t really palatable or edible.

So he made a huge sandwich. The kind that could feed more than one person. I figured he would eat part of it, become full and then wrap up the rest of the sandwich for later, when he was hungry again. Instead he cut it in half and decided that I obviously needed to share it with him. Or at least part of it. We both ended up eating some and saving the rest for later.

So why do I tell you this? Not because I was surprised at the size of the sandwich he made or the fact he said he was that hungry. Nope, not for any of those reasons.

Instead I tell you this because I’m absolutely confused by competition eaters. You now the people I’m talking about. The ones who eat like 35 hot dogs in 10 minutes or whatever. Or those people who eat like 400 chicken wings in an hour or what have you.

I understand you can train your stomach, but honestly, how can you eat that much? Well eat it and not get sick? Anyone have the answers?


Enlightening Flushes

Growing up, my mother had a thing about water during an electrical storm. She wouldn’t wash clothes during a storm, which I sort of understand due to electrical equipment. She refused to wash dishes during that time, saying that water would conduct electricity and she had no plans of being zapped.

When I was older, I would ignore my mother’s warnings and take showers during electrical storms because why not. I had never heard of anyone experiencing anything horrible with storms. And most houses were grounded so what was the harm. My mother would be mortified if she knew I had a shower during an intense storm just a few weeks back!

However now I see there may be something to this. After seeing a news cast about exploding toilets. Yes that’s right. A toilet exploded after a lightening strike. Thankfully the toilet was not in use at that time. And yes technically the toilet was struck, rather it was the septic tank that took the strike.

As a result of the strike, methane gasses caused by feces trapped in the pipe, caused the explosion which resulted in the toilet going boom.

Now we don’t have a septic tank, however I don’t think I will ever view the toilet as an innocent thing again.

Does Barking Lead To Sore Throats?

I decided to try meditation again. Just to see if I couldn’t tap into some of the benefits of the practice. In the past, every time I aimed to stay in the peaceful moment and allow my mind to stop working, all sorts of lists, like to-do lists, would immediately pop into my head.

This time, as I went to attempt to meditate with teacher, I let her know that my mind gets super busy while trying to settle into peace and nothingness. She assured me that it happens to everyone, but in time the mind will settle down and you can do it. Anyone, she assured me, can do it.

Naturally today’s session went the same as always, with crazy ideas floating around in my head. Only this time, it wasn’t a to-do list or all the things I should look into. Nope, instead it started with me wondering if a dog ever gets a sore throat from barking. The four-footed one had spent a good part of the day earlier on barking at, well, the children running back and forth. This is how she used play with other dogs. They would run up and down the area together, barking with joy. But it never lasted long.

The children don’t do things exactly the same way. So there was a lot more barking, probably out of frustration. And as I sat there in the meditation class, all I could wonder was, did she get a sore throat from all that barking. Was barking like talking too much or too loudly? If so surely her throat would hurt.

After my mind had played with the angles of this, I wondered if dogs ever had bad hair days. Like truly bad hair days where their fur wouldn’t do what they wanted no matter what they tried. And from there it just kept going on and on through the whole class.

At the end of it, I can’t say that I was more calm, but I was a bit more energized, with all these ideas and thoughts. Although I can’t say that was the point of this. Oh well.

Expressing Expressions

I innocently asked about this whole “top o’the morning t’ya” statement. Mostly, I was curious as to what the top of the morning really was. I mean does the morning having a top or a bottom? Where is the middle? So you see, I just asked an innocent question.

What ensued was something I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams, or nightmares as the case may be. The lovely person I asked this question to settled down with her cup of tea and went into a long discussion about how it’s really an offering of the best of the morning or day to you.

But what if you are having a crappy day and you know the whole day is going to be less than the best? Is it really ideal to offer someone a lovely sentiment like that when you don’t know what’s going on in their lives etc?

According to Beloved, I am reading too much into a simple, nice greeting. And not because of the greeting itself as much as the fact it took two and half hours to get the full lesson about the expression. And there may be a bit to that, but honestly I have more questions. Such as what if it’s someone you don’t like. Do you still smile and offer them this greeting or do you offer them a bottom of the morning greeting? Is there even such a thing? And what’s wrong with saying good day or something to that nature.

Love And Lupus

I was listening to Beloved reassure one of his sisters that he was perfectly fine with things the way they are.  A little further into the conversation I became aware of the fact that what his sister was concerned about him being in love with someone who has “an unfortunately horribly chronic condition that won’t ever get better”.  

Sure he didn’t set out to love someone with lupus, but I also didn’t set out to have lupus.  Lupus just sort of happened to me the same way we just sort of fell in love with each other.  And just like being in love with someone calls for compromise and adjustments, that’s life with lupus too.  

But it did give me pause, this conversation he was having.  I mean I know he’s giving up a lot to cope with my health ups and downs.  He’s cancelled outings and had to alter travel plans due to my lupus flares.  He has carried me when I’ve overdone things.  He has held my hand at the hospital and read to me when I couldn’t hold my book.  

So I wonder how there is an upside for him in all of this.  But there is…and apparently it just happens to be me.  

How do I know you may wonder.  Because I asked him.  And he told me.  He actually said it was no different than when I was there for him with his health issue.  Except it is.  Because his condition was cured.  Mine is just sort of kept in some form of check or balance.

He also said no one is perfect and lupus is just a minor imperfection in my life.

That Point 

I’ve come to that point in my life where I start to question aches and pains.  Before I’d brush off things, linking them back to activities from earlier in the day.  And then after that I could easily point things to lupus.  But now, now I question things like why do the insides of my forearms feel weak and burning?  Is this a sign of another illness or something else, something spinster and threatening?  

I’m pretty sure this happens when we reach a certain age, but I don’t see it in my friends or Beloved.  Some of them are older than I am and yet they seem to be okay with things.  I don’t hear them question odd aches or pains or strange sensations in their necks and wonder if it’s a heart attack.  Oh no these people aren’t there yet.  But they will be.  And I will be waiting.

Maybe I will tell them it’s nothng, or to go see their doctors.  Perhaps I will suggest they relax.  Or maybe I will kindly point out that they aren’t that old yet.  Not yet.  Of course we may never get that old.  Not because we don’t live long lives, but because we just never see ourselves as that old.  Who knows.

I’d ponder more on this, but I’ve got to google burning pain on my inner knees and twitching  eye.  This could be serious, but I doubt it.

Many Things

There are so many things in life that just sort of happen.  Some of them happen without us really noticing and other happen under our watchful gaze.  And some of those many things are things we dream of, hope for and wish for.  Other times we don’t even recognize these things until long after.

Today th four-footed one tried puppy icecream as it was called.  She throughly enjoyed it.  Well until she suddenky made an odd noise, flopped on her back and started thrashing about.  I picked her up, held her upright and suddenly she coughed up some puppy ice cream.  It was just one of those things.  A simple thing.  A dog enjoying a safe, normal dog treat.  

And it was another of those things that just sort of happened. The ordinary became anything but.  The Adeline kicks on, the panic following close on the heels.  The fear or anxiety that refuses to leave after things go back to being, well one of those ordinary moment to enjoy.  That was it.

There are things that, but for the blink of an eye or a minor change, would just be an ordinary thing.  And there are things that should be ordinary and straight forward, yet they become anything other than that.  My four-footed companion just sort of happened into my life.  A joyous thing!  Also something that I easily take for granted.  Until something  like today happenes and then it’s not an ordinary thing or just a thing.