Waht Is It Worth To You

I would have gladly given up my kingdom for coffee. I know, shocking when you consider what my kingdom consists of. And I would have gladly given it all up for one cup of coffee. Thankfully they accepted cash instead and so I kept my kingdom.

The collection of books are worth far more than a cup of coffee, however when a girl is in desperate need of her coffee, she will do foolish things. Things like trading all her books for one cup of coffee, which she wanted in the first place to enjoy while she read one of her books. Listen, I never said it would make sense.

The four-footed one is worth even more and certainly part of my kingdom. While okay technically she runs it all and just let’s me think it is mine. And maybe it’s not called a kingdom since I’m not a king. But those are all minor technicalities which surely we can ignore since we are all friends here.

I cannot explain to you just how much I wanted that cup of coffee. I knew it would help the pounding headache cease to be so pounding. I knew that my taste buds would dance awake as the dark, velvety taste rolled over them. Even my eyes wanted coffee so they could see the world more brightly.

The problem was, I hadn’t stopped to consider if I had brought enough cash with me when I made my mad dash to the shop. I had just dashed out for coffee, with Beloved’s laughter following me. I knew he’d be trailing behind me a bit, but I didn’t know if the nice keeper of the coffee would understand just how much I needed to sip that magical drink regardless of how far behind Beloved (and the wallet) was.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was when I found enough to cover the cost of the drink, plus a few coins to spare, before Beloved ambled through the door. I mean I was half way finished my first cup when he made his way in to buy the rest, sparing me from having to part with books, him and the four-footed one.


Risking It 

A wise person once told me that you can basically risk assess anything from big decisions to the little day to day things in life. And there are times that I can see I’ve informally assessed risks, such as large purchases, packing up and heading some place new and so on. You may even say that to a degree I did the same with Beloved.
But how on earth does one risk assess chronic illness? You can’t. Not really. What you can do though, as a chronically ill person, is to assess the risk or the cost of doing something. Such as walking the dog on a hot, sunny day. The risks for me are sun exposure, over doing it, and of course not being able to keep up with the dog. 
So how do I manage the risks? For sun exposure, I wear long sleeves and a hat. For added protection I slather on sun screen. I even tend to walk the dog on the shady side of the street. If I don’t do this, I risk making my lupus stronger, which means it’s more likely to cause harm.
Not being able to keep up with the dog will lead to an unhappy dog and a less than pleasant walk. So again, I have to asses how far I can go, how I feel as I go and how to convince the four-footed one it’s time to turn back. You get the picture.
This is something I do on a fairly regular basis when I look at what I may or may not do. But I’d rather not do it. There is something to be said for living in the spur of the moment. And that just doesn’t happen often when you have a chronic illness like lupus. Even if you never wanted to manage risks or costs, even if you were horrible with budgets, you still end up doing this when you have a chronic illness.  
Oh sure some of you will be brave and say you’ve just thrown caution into the wind. I know. I’ve been there and I’ve done it and had the hospital stay to prove it as well. And it’s not really a stay one wants to repeat so once you’ve done that one time, you tend to wise up a bit on that.

The Fright Long After Halloween

Beloved can be, well, unusual at times.  In fairness we all can.  So when he came into the house and declared someone was going through our trash I just kind of shrugged my shoulders. It isn’t like we have exciting trash.  Mostly just food stuffs and dirty paper napkins.  The odd wrapper and lots of dog poop.

We tie out dog poop up in little baggies once we pick up after her.  Which is right after she’s decided to do the deed.  So I mean honestly if someone were to go through our rubbish, have at it.  But to Beloved this isn’t good enough.  First he wanted hard proof someone was going through the rubbish bins and secondly he would want to know want they were looking for.

Beloved being Beloved, he set up a covert camera and trained it on the trash cans.  Within a few days he had his proof, there were two individuals going through the bins.  They were not successful in finding whatever it is they wanted to find as they walked away empty-handed.  And while they did go through the trash, they sort of tidied it up when they were done.

Still I was unnerved that someone felt s need or desire to go through my trash so we called local law enforcement and shared the footage with them.  And that’s why we now have law enforcement do random checks throughout the day.  It’s also  why Beloved has someone with him at work now too.  Just until we know what’s going on,  because free speech and the right to associate with who you wish is never really free.  People will try to exact a cost, such as a career or a life if need be.

Part Of The Wedding Party

Beloved was invited to be part of a wedding party recently.  The invitation was extended to include the dog as well as me.  Actually the invitation started with asking Beloved if he would attend the wedding, be a part of it so that our digit could be a ring bearer.  No you read that right, he was asked to be part of a wedding party so our dog could be the ring bearer.  Basically Beloved and I were after thoughts, or rather tag-a-longs.

Now in order for Beloved and of course the dog to attend the wedding there was a wee bit of travel and a hotel involved.  Which of course means money must be spent.  Not that Beloved was against spending money to see a friend, but he was a bit taken aback at the request being for the dog first.

So Beloved and the dog  will  be attending as wedding party attendants and dates I guess.

When I mentioned this to another friend she said she hates being invited to weddings now that she has a family.  For her it’s the cost and the struggles of trying to keep two under 10 years old occupied and not creating issues.  She has done this three times  and each time she wishes she’d said no and not just because of then o and hassle, but also the intrusion and disruption in her family’s life.  She says that as she gets older she doesn’t see weddings as an honor any more.  She has been to enough of them and sometimes multiple one’s for the same friend that to it’s rather too much.

Beloved and I don’t see it that way, although amused is how we see it.  Beloved and I are amused that our dog, more so than us, is the real guest at the wedding.  And maybe, just maybe, that’s fitting, as im sure the dog will be better behaved than Beloved!

The Phone

A colleuge of Beloved’s recently dropped his brand new iPhone in the toilet.  He had barely owned it for fwo weeks when the wee accident happened.  Evidently the phone slipped out of his back pocket as he was leaving the “throne”.

A very gallant effort was launched to rescue the now wet, expensive toy.  A toy that, upon rescue, was now rather useless.  A paperweight, not a super heavy one, but instead a very pricey one.

Beloved was rather horrified for his friend because of course the man had gotten the highest amount of memory in the phone.  In other words, wha had once been a bragging rights deal was now just a real shame.

i was horrified that his colleague had the phone replaced within a day.  Just went out and bought the exact same thing, so of course surely the man has learned the lesson about phone in the pocket,  but from what Beloved said, this isn’t the case at all.

it really wasn’t that long ago that what this man paid for his phone could have been considered a rather large monthly or so salary.  And yet now?  We don’t even blink, we just say a couple hundred dollars is nothing. How realistic is that when ere are still places on this world where that sum of money is considered to make a person exceedingly wealthy.

Obviously we need to reconsider something; is it that money isn’t worth much, or our immediate gratification/toy fixation is far more valuable than cash in our pockets or bank accounts?